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I have been doing this for a while and it is super exciting and exhilarating! Here are a couple videos of me flying with friends after sunset....

F-15 formation after dark with Frank at LFE (4 min 22 sec)

Hawk formation with Frank after sunset at LFE (6 min 44 sec)
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My buddy got his bird in the air this past weekend. What a great flying plane! He has a new afterburner set up and his own custom edf unit installed. Take a look at the flight and all of the specs are listed at the end of the video.

Freewing 90mm F-22 sunset flight (10 min 57 sec)

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It is common for me to spend 30 minutes or so with the Dremel tool making holes and removing weight from the backside of the LE or underside of a top spar to balance a wing, but this time is unique. I've removed all the weight I feel comfortable removing from the left side of the Taube wing, but it remains a full quarter of an ounce heavier than the right side. Looked at differently, it balances about half an inch to the left of center. I'll either have to live with it or (shudder) add that quarter ounce to the right wingtip.
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Combat Day at Topsail Electric Flyers Association
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NC Inlets (13 min 26 sec)

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Packed up the Giant E-Flite Carbon T-28 Trojan and had a super Sunday with it along with a Tower Sport 60 (Balsa) RC Model.

The E-Flite Carbon T-28 Trojan performed just amazingly. I was able this time to really test the Main Gear Retracts and they work perfect.

Nothing really in terms of Modifications, however, I did take the time to measure the Current Draw of the Retracts during DOWN / UP Operational Cycles and I have recorded these within the following Video:

E-Flite Carbon T-28 Trojan Sunday 12-16-2018 (8 min 8 sec)

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Looks like a 140mm version of the tyro99, priced at $79 and available in January this looks like a nice budget friendly mid sized quad for the backpack.

Eachine Tyro79 140mm 3 Inch DIY Version FPV Racing RC Drone w/ F4 OSD 20A BLHeli_S 700TVL Camera 5.8G 40CH 200mW VTX

1. This is the DIY version that comes unassembled.
2. Comes without battery, charger, receiver or remote control.

Item Specification
140mm Racing Frame Kit

Wheel base: 140mm
Frame arm thickness: 3mm
Upper plate thickness: 1mm
Side plate thickness: 1mm
Frame kit material: 3K carbon fiber & CNC 6065 aluminium

1607 2800KV 2-4S Brushless Motor

KV: 2800KV
Lipo cell: 2-4S
Weight: 17.8g (includes wires)
Output shaft length: 14mm
Maximum pull: signal 630g (4S 3030 4-blade propeller)
Maximum power: 350W
Configu-ration: 9N/12P
Mounting holes distance: 12*12mm
Mounting holes: φM2
Bearing: NSK
N52 Strong NdFeB Magnet
Recommend propeller: 3 inch

4 IN 1 20A BLHeli_S ESC

Continuous current: 20A
Peak current: 25A (10S)
BEC output: no
Input voltage: 2-4S
Main control chip: 48mhz EFM8BB2
Firmware upgrade: Supports Dshot600/BLHeli_S/Oneshot125
MOS: 3*3
MOS type: vs3610ae 30v64a

Customized F4 Flight Controller

Main control chip: STM32F411
Sensor: ICM20602 6-axis
Integrated OSD
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So my last two blog posts have been about the character of many of the folks on this forum and how they post. This one is not much different. In the last 2 weeks some 'upgrades' were made to something here on RCG. New server, reconfiguration of the forum, etc. I was not privy to that information, nor to I really care. However I have read numerous posts about sections of the forum not working while the supposed upgrades were being done. Pictures size limitations, pictures not being posted, local search function inop, The list of stuff goes on.

What I personally have noticed is that the site is SLOWER, connections are harder to make. I will often get Internal Server Error when I try to open the forum page or log in. This is not just on one platform but from multiple PC's and my phone.

Well RCG if your 'upgrades' were a way of screwing this place up even more than the narcissists do, then job well done! This forum has fallen into the same garbage category that RCU did years ago. So it is very easy for me to just stop even trying to read or shop here. Not only is the glow engine industry in shambles the forums representing the hobby are too.

So RCG you make it all to easy to just say, goodbye crap house......
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This is my Avios Spitfire Mk Vb Super Scale 1450mm RC Warbird Unboxing & Build. This is the newest plane from HobbyKing and it a highly detailed RC Plane version of the Supermarine Spitfire Mk5.

Here are my review notes:

- Big and beautiful with tons of scale detail
- Lots of bright lights
- Scale split flaps
- The huge motor that runs on 3300 to 4000mAh 6S power
- Pan and tilt FPV hardware is included
- The sliding canopy and scale door is the ultimate in scale detail
- Ball link servo connectors
- Hidden control surfaces for a more scale look

- I don't have any cons currently, but I will update this after I fly it and note any I come across.

Avios Spitfire Mk Vb Super Scale 1450mm RC Warbird Unboxing & Build (19 min 33 sec)

Link to the plane:
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Some of you may not know this of me but, I decided to share it with you and some of my close friends and family members that visit my Blog......

Okay, back in Miami, Florida during 1979, I bought (by mistake) a used 1973 super bug (Semi-Automatic).

Needless to say this Super Bug was fast as there was no Clutch in the traditional manner. All shifting was done by Vacuum assist with the Shift Stick and Three forward Speeds plus one reverse.

I was a struggling Student attending College and had to work UPS facility at Miami near the International Airport (That Facility still exists) and had to work the grave yard shifts. Needless to say I had a couple of Drunks rear-end me and that's where theses Large Vacuum Tanks were located, at the underside of the rear fenders! Without them you could not shift, period.

One Drunk Driver rear-ended me and I went after him in 2nd Gear at 50-MPH and he almost eluded me but, I found him by his Brake Lights. I was crossing North West 22nd Avenue Bridge (Over Miami River) and as I saw him with the excitement, I made the mistake of turning too soon to continue and give chase and went off the bottom end of the bridge and the car went AIR borne 5 feet off the ground and landed going 40-MPH, the VW Super Bug continued and I was able to catch the SON of BEECH! He was SOOOO DRUNK that I had to reach in and Turn OFF his car and get the Car Keys from him. We both Struggled in the dead of the night and perhaps woke up the entire block.

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Use foam made wingspan 750mm pilot :
1. Draw side view of pilot template,
2. Cut 5mm foam x 1,

3. Draw side view of pilot without nose template.
4. Cut 5mm foam x 4,
5. Glue PART 2 each side 2 piece.

6. Draw hat template,
7. Depicting the hat edge on foam,
8. Cut and sand to creative face as you like,

9. Draw earmuffs template,
10. Cut 3mm foam x 2,
11. Glue PART 8 each side 1 piece.

12. Draw clothes template,
13. Cut 5mm foam x 2,
14. Glue PART 8 each side 1 piece,
15. Cut and sand the collar.

16. Draw shoulder template,
17. Cut 5mm foam x 2,
18. Glue PART 15 each side 1 piece,
19. Cut and sand shoulder.

Pilot size:
H. 58mm
W. 46mm
D. 39mm

Weight: 2.23g
Glue: UHU por
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Avanti s just about ready for test flight
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Wow , where the heck did the year go ?

8 Days till Christmas Folks ( Xmas to some )

And here we are with another Christmas ( Xmas to some ) bearing down on us like a steam train !
I hope everyone took advantage of the pre - Christmas ( Xmas to some ) sales period .

Oh Goody !
Something arrived before Christmas ( Xmas to some ) .
This year , I was a little disappointed with the Sales ! ( What Sales ? )
But one company was playing the game and they got a large chunk of my Christmas fund ( Xmas to some ) .
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This is how I learn DJI iOSD Assistant software :
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Well I just got my 4th Arrma Big Rock. This ones on the nice side so I'll be robbing the electronics from a piece of caca Big Rock that a former friend dumped off on me. More on that later. I'll part out the POS Big Rock and either keep the one I just got or sell. I'll prolly sell it since im already in the process of building another Big Rock with carbon fiber frame plates and etc.

I used to have approximately 5 new in box Snap On X Maxxes. Also had 3 Snap On M41 boats. Shortly after they sued Arrma I started selling everything Traxxas. I've now replaced the SO X Maxxes with nib Arrma Nero, Fazon & Big Rock. I've sold pretty much all of my Traxxas rigs and will NEVER buy anything new Traxxas again. They remind of grade school bullies, smh. I had enough of that.
I know it's sucked not being about to pick up one of those new Bronco trx4's, lol.

I like what I've read by a Bill DeLong. Traxxas is a Patent Troll. Theres no 2 ways about it.

Back to my Arrma Nero infactuation, lol. I'm up to 4 BR's, 3 Blue Neros, 3 Nero Fazons. I only want to keep one of each nib and my carbon fiber BR. So I figure $500 for each?

Back to the former friend. This piece of caca owed me $1150 from September to recently. I told him finally Id take rc rigs in trade and a $500 half lb. of cannabis. He fought with me, didn't want to finally agreeing.
Well the day came and he dropped the 2 rcs off at the front door and was gonna leave without saying anything. Those 2 rigs equal "maybe" $900. He done it cause I"m paralyzed and he can get away with it. I guarantee I would have knocked him on his FAT ass!

So I'm telling as many peeps as I can. Avoid doing deals with Stephen Fendley. At least get everything in writing!, smh.
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I got this frame from a friend so I decided to make a hybrid drone. I already had the pixhawk from holybro so I thought I would try it.
This is as far as I have gotten so far. Anyone who may see this please tell me what you think and suggestion are welcomed.