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Posted by Patton_Racing | Today @ 07:39 PM | 16 Views
When I was a kid, RC was pretty new. When the Grasshopper was huge and my more well-to-do friends had one, I had a Nikko CHipmunk.. which I think was like a 20 scale. All I remember was them having a blue and red version, and not a single replacement part. They ran on 6 or 8 AA batteries and a 9V in the radio.

30 something years later and after buying so many various cars over the years, I never did end up with a Grasshopper.. Until now. I ordered it last night. I will put the 18 pinion, bearings, and a Joel Magic Speedworks motor from the same era. For the time being, I'll put a cheap chinese ESC on it.

I have a few boat projects happening, but I haven't been all that focused on my projects lately. I'd like to find some locals who enjoy Vintage and reissue.

My next purchase may be a Radio Shack Golden Arrow.. Another car I wanted and never got.
Posted by JamDan | Today @ 05:53 PM | 83 Views
My Mini Talon build log so far.

I laminated everything first with regular office laminate and then covered over that with Hobbyking coloured film. Very happy with the results so far. Feels very strong with the double layer.

*Still need to add film to the wings.
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Hi guys,
If you wear a dioptric lenses and also fly fpv with fatshark googles I can recommend these glass well made dioptric lenses. You can send prescription from your doctor or quick comunicate more datils with that company to make order. Everything is quick, well made you wil be very satisfied, for sure

Here you can see my short review of these lenses. There is also possibily of some refund- ask company.

My new dioptric lenses to fatshark googles (0 min 29 sec)

Thanks for watching. Please like & subscribe & comment
Posted by Absaroka | Today @ 04:10 PM | 130 Views
Had the Black & White out today. Here's a low pass during Mission # 28.
Posted by Micubano | Today @ 03:59 PM | 134 Views
I bought a Roc Hobby MXS V2 from HorizonHobby.com. I love the way it looks. I'm told it is twitchy as and the CG is tough to nail down. I'm hoping to get lucky with all that on the maiden. As long as I don't break the nose off it like I did with the Pawnee, I'll be happy.
Posted by phil alvirez | Today @ 03:41 PM | 161 Views
it all started when i began to loose signal or facing erratic response. at the time i was flying early in the morning at a field near radio towers. tried changing everything, and was adviced to try another field. there the problems were gone. but they didnt allow to fly until 10 am.
then i realized that i was having false contacts at the individual cells of the radio, so replaced with welded packs. so i decided to try at the 1st field, and for some time all went well. and suddenly the problems began again. now i was facing fog for several days, so that made me think that it could be the reason. checked at the net and some confirmed that radios are sensitive to high humidity. and as at the other field i was not allowed to fly until 10, by then there was way less humidity. so it was why there i couldnt face the humidity-and the problems.
so now i know that:
1-radios that use single cells connected by pressure are prone to false contacts.
2-high humidity blocks signals.

i hope this experience will make your life easier. just remember if this happens to you. or try to avoid this.
Posted by basslord1124 | Today @ 03:03 PM | 344 Views
Here's the maiden flight and crash of my Flitetest FT Super Bee.

FT Super Bee (Zipper) maiden and CRASH!! (1 min 11 sec)

Posted by Aerospacer | Today @ 02:40 PM | 409 Views
This is a followup to my build post of the Eachine Micro SkyHunter FPV.

To date, I have about 15 flights (all LOS) on the SkyHunter. I started with the stock 6x3 prop and 3S-1000mAH battery. Flight times are 8-10 minutes which consumes about 55-65% of the battery capacity. Cruising is done at 50-75% throttle with full throttle reserved for up-line portion of aerobatic maneuvers. The CG is at the recommended marks on the wing. It seems to fly neutral with respect to nose or tail heaviness.

Initially, I had too much gain for roll stabilizing by the Lemon Rx receiver so it would oscillate the wings at high speed. After some adjusting, the SkyHunter is now very solid in roll and pitch for 10-15 mph winds. The wind does still induce some tail wag (yawing) even with the extra sub fin surface I built into the tail booms.

For my flaperon setup, I have two notches of flaps, 10 degrees and 20 degrees down. Flap deployment caused a slight down pitch which I offset with some up elevator mixing. There seems to be no appreciable drag added at 10 degrees and only a minor amount at 20 degrees. But additional lift at lower flight speed isn't as plentiful as I'd hoped it might be. Even though the flaperons are positioned on the outside half of the wing, the stalls don't produce any snap roll tendency, only an occasional mild wing drop. Using the 10 degree flaperon setting at 3/4 throttle for hand launch does seem to afford a steady climb out without requiring constant control...Continue Reading
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Hi guys, we are having an end of summer sale at the Weekender Warehouse!

Select Kit and Receiver Ready airplanes are on sale now, and receive FREE SHIPPING site wide for all Continental United States buyers!!
Click the banners below to check out the deals:

Dogfighter RR $124.99

Rockstar RR $199.99
...Continue Reading
Posted by Dave Eichstedt | Today @ 01:51 PM | 452 Views
Things are about to get real. Yesterday afternoon I talked with my bank about options for financing the tooling and purchasing inventory for my first run of kits, and this afternoon I'm meeting with the director of the local EDC to get the scoop on filing articles of incorporation, which I'll take care of immediately thereafter. Then next week I should be able to hit "go" on getting the tooling started for all the vacuum-formed plastic parts.

I'm not working on a website yet, since I still have a little design work to do as well as building the first prototype. Can't wait to get that done! But, regarding websites, can anybody here provide a good recommendation for an affordable web platform that can handle e-commerce transactions? I also will need to handle videos, so I don't want to get locked into a platform that has heavy bandwidth charges, else I'll need to find a way to maybe provide links on the website to a YouTube channel.

There's no shortage of stuff to do to get this thing off the ground. I'm generally working pretty hard at it, although a couple days ago we had to put down our black lab, which took some steam out of me for a couple of days. But, I'm back at it now, and pressing forward.
Posted by archerfpv | Today @ 11:55 AM | 527 Views
Hey guys and gals. I have finally finished my 210 build inspired by the $99 build from uavfutures on YouTube and some help from a few people here on the forum.

And here's a quick vid of me in horizon mode trying to g t a feel for her. And I'm editing some acro practice vids as well.

LS210 Budget Build (4 min 56 sec)

Posted by papadave418 | Today @ 10:46 AM | 562 Views
I got my floats out again and got my Tundra up to 7500' ;D
It was dogging at that altitude on my normal 3s pack so I put my 4s 2200mah 65C Graphene in it and it certainly lifted out of the water just fine. Haha. Babied it around so I didn't blow my ESC. Such an epic day then mountain biked around the area as well. My lungs hurt!

Durafly Tundra Soaring at 7500' (4 min 18 sec)

Posted by craytech | Today @ 10:03 AM | 571 Views
Cheap DIY Race Gates (2 min 46 sec)

Hello everyone welcome back.

Todays video is to show you how to build really cheap race gates.

All I used in this video was a 4' 1" dowel and a pool noodles. These can be found locally very easily and for a great price. Right now the price is about $3-$5 dollars depending on where you buy your supplies.

I hope you enjoyed this video. Stay tuned for more videos coming soon.

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Fly Safe and Fly Often.
Posted by MD_Mogge | Today @ 09:51 AM | 614 Views
I really enjoy building Depron airliners!
Next up is the 737-500 in scale 1/15! Maybe followed by a MD-11 in 1/x scale. And as soon as Skyline paper model release the Super 80 plans, I will return to the MD-80 in scale 1/20. This winter might be too short!

These 1/200 models are good to use as a reference for livery and scale!
Posted by flyboygaac | Today @ 08:49 AM | 892 Views
Aeromodeler since 1988 in control line and radio control
FPV pilot
UAV integrator and operator since 2010
Posted by Tazkiller85 | Today @ 05:26 AM | 1,040 Views
E013 Eachine FPV Review Test Démo / Le Pack d'initiation par EXCELLENCE (26 min 48 sec)

Le voici enfin ! Le pack FPV E013 Eachine est enfin arrivé .. Je m'en doutais un peu en lisant ses caractéristiques techniques et c'est confirmé, ce pack est destiné aux débutants qui désirent s'initier aux joies du pilotage et à l'immersion. Le drone est facile à prendre en main, tres stable, résistant et équipé d'une caméra 1000TVL d'une netteté impressionnante pour un engin de cette taille. La radiocommande est un peu plus grosse que les radios généralement fournies avec ce type d'appareil et les sticks rallongés en alu permettent un pilotage beaucoup plus précis qu'avec les "radio-mogettes". Le petit masque VR006 est un des plus petits actuellement mais propose un très bon rendu final et des options suffisantes pour le vol en indoor . Bref, si vous êtes un pilote confirmé, vous risquez de trouver ce pack un peu "light" niveau puissance et portée, mais si vous cherchez un premier pack pour l'initiation, le Eachine E013 est fait pour vous !

Les produits présentés sont visibles ici :

- E013 Eachine Pack : https://goo.gl/MvFLzN

- Batteries 260mAh 30C : https://goo.gl/Q4CEg8

- Batteries 150mAh 45C : https://goo.gl/4NHVtz

- Radio JUMPER T8SG : https://goo.gl/i4aQ1q

- Batterie 2S pour Jumper T8SG : https://goo.gl/jwQyjJ
Posted by Tazkiller85 | Today @ 05:24 AM | 1,034 Views
Eachine EV100 Review Test Démo. Alors, Bien ou Pas Bien ? PERSO JE VALIDE !!! (21 min 26 sec)

J'ai fais aussi vite que possible ! Sitôt reçue, Sitôt Testée !!!
Voici donc les nouvelles Lunettes FPV de chez Eachine, les EV100 .
Nous avions tous hâte de vérifier ses performances car elles sont tellement MOINS chères que des Fatshark ou Omway que ça avait presque l'odeur d'une bonne blague ... Et bien NON ! Ce n'est vraiment pas un gadget tout pouilleux ! Non seulement elles fonctionnent plutôt bien mais en plus elles proposent des options de réglage que d'autres, 3 fois plus chères ne proposent pas. Je vous laisse découvrir toutes ces Options en vidéo mais en ce qui me concerne, je les ais adoptées .
- Lunettes EV100: https://goo.gl/XaZBaf
code promo de réduction de 10% : EV10010 ( valide de 14 sept. à 24 sept )
- Antenne Pagode (RP-SMA Male) : https://goo.gl/PLM68d
- Antenne Plate ZRC (RP-SMA Male): https://goo.gl/vwR28N
- Antenne plate LANTIAN (RP-SMA Male) : https://goo.gl/wdsgnL
- Page des Antennes prenez ( RP-SMA Male) : https://goo.gl/AXi9Gd
- DVR EV100 : https://goo.gl/Hhkot3

Ventes Flash Banggood : https://goo.gl/TgJXQD