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Hi all I'm not a noob to flying I started out with a $40 quad then jumped up to the phantom 3 standard, so I'm experienced with flying. Spending some big bucks on a build is not a problem with me.
What I'm looking for is a quad that can hold a gopro, Hover when needed, really stable and possibly be able to see the video feed at the controller.

I just need to know what components are recommended, because this is my first scratch build I'm not aware of all the names.
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Had a blast this evening flying a couple of my brushed motor quadcopters with fpv setups around the little park out back of my place.Brushless fpv is a thrill no doubt but you need space to really open them up but brushed quads with a little aio fpv camera are great when you have limited space .Most of the time I take my brushless racers elsewhere to let em rip but when I can't get there and my little park is occupied the brushed motor quads are great for fpv .I really like the Eachine all in one EF-01 camera ,it works very well for my needs ,a tab of velcro and a little battery ,stick it on top of most of my brushed motor quads and it is awesome.took a bunch of video ,hope it is all there haha,going through it later,had a few cameras recording at once so video coming soon.
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This DIY converter takes brushed motor output as input to a brushless ESC. The brushless ESC uses modified BLHeli firmware to interpret the signal coming off of the Delta Ray receiver.

Previously I posted a brushless conversion of a DR receiver with burnt mosfets (motor runs without throttle input). Rather than replace the mosfets, signal was taken from the input to the mosfets' original location. Also posted was a build summary of a new brushless DR build using that receiver.

However, the goal of this build is to go brushless WITHOUT modifying the original DR receiver.

Imboeschi published a voltage divider schematic with his modified firmware as one of several ways one may convert the signal for use with brushless ESC and motors.

My concept is to make this circuit with connectors so that it is plug and play to the Delta Ray receiver. The RX is not modified and can be returned to stock if one wants to do so later - (why?) - this would allow for removing the receiver at a later time and replace or use it for a scratch build, or to keep the motors and ESCs and sell the original plane.

This is a very inexpensive project, components being <$4 dollars per motor. See Imboeschi's hardware documentation for resistor and diode specifications

1 Servo Y or 2 extension cables
2 Resistors (1.5k used)
2 Diodes (BZX55C3V9 used)
2 JST-RCY connectors with leads

Above, the parts are laid out roughly as they will be soldered.

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A stumbling engine on takeoff, the joy of taxiing without a tail-wheel, an aborted landing attempt, for me, it's all part of flying RC planes.

Sopwith Flight (5 min 53 sec)

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Ready for the local pond!

A2212 1000kv outrunner
1300mah 3s lipo pack
Tower Pro 9gm servos
Hobbyzone (Super Cub) floats
Econokote covering
...still need to add water rudder...
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I will be assisting tppower on updates to their products, if you have any questions feel free to ask. Currently the 90 millimeter units are in a transition phase. They may not be in stock until next month.

They will also be coming out with a 64 millimeter version. I am pushing them to come out with the 50 millimeter 80 millimeter plus a 105 millimeter.

This is the link for the 90 millimeter v2 unit review...
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So the new Graphene packs are all the rage as of now... I got some 1s 950 packs for my Easy Sky Mini B-17 and they have brought what I thought was dead and dying back to life!! It is a brushed motor set up and it made me think that the motors had begun to wear out. NOT EVEN!!! It was like a brand new plane! Not to mention being able to fly for almost 20 mins and never hitting LVC... So when the 4s 45c 2200mah packs went on sale for $23.99 I had to try them out as well.

So this isn't a scientific test but will be an overall impression of how I think it felt in flight. I used my hat cam with a Run Cam to record the flights. i normally fly the plane with 2 different packs. it draws 50amps so I use a 4s 25c 2200mah Gens Ace pack and a China Hobby Line 4s 30c 2200mah pack. While the Gens Ace pack has a lower C rating it is light with very low internal resistance. They actually behave like they have a much higher C rating than 25c... The China Hobby Line packs have been really good as well! They are a tad heavy for their size but the performance is very respectable! Especially when you see how little they cost... so here is the Graphene pack first...

Graphene 4s 45c 2200mah
F 22 with Graphene packs (3 min 43 sec)

Here is the Gens Ace 4s 25c 2200mah
F 22 with Gens Ace pack (4 min 58 sec)
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Thought id start a blog.
I had done some cliff sailplane flying some 15 years ago. So 4-5 years ago. I bought a parkzone Corsair which i crashed right off. Then joined a club and bought a parkzone t-28 and learned to fly. No safe technology, just a simulator and some buddy box flying.

2nd plane, another corsair. 1st it was painted dark blue. After a crash I repainted it in the light grey, white and blue of the later versions.

All foamys but now moving into balsa

Ill post photos when i can. But if interested, you can click on My Attachments and view what ive posted.

Note: these past few years, i've crashed so many times that ive gotten good at repairing foamys! 1/2-1 hr i can reglue, touch up and paint a foamy back to flight ready. Sometimes so good that you can hardly tell where it broke. Im not so sure that i should be proud of that! Ha!


Parkzone T-28
Parkzone Corsair (note 1)
Parkzone P-47 (best flying foamy! Crashed at friends home made runway in NH) note 1
Parkzone BF-109 ( distroyed early on never could fly it well)
Parkzone FW-190 ( great flyer, poor lander until i added flaps. ) note 1

Note 1: upgraded to 4s, 60 amp ESC, P-25 motor. 2 with 4 bladed prop, 1 with 3 blade

FreeWing Mosquito ( flys poorly when out of trim. Currently in pieces)
FreeWing Sabre Jet ( awesome looking and sounds even better in the air. Slow flying, easy to fly, but i have problems landing. I break nose gear a lot)

UMX Beast ( a hoot to fly)
UMX Spitfire ( very easy to...Continue Reading
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The satellite broadcaster is making the investment in the Drone Racing League (DRL) to bring competitive flying to its new Sky Sports Mix channel. The league specialises in "first person-view" drone racing, which features pilots flying custom drones through complex three-dimensional racecourses. One of the first events will be the DRL 2016 world championship.
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I need a replacement for my Gyro Bee that I killed a few months ago.
I'm trying very hard to build this one simple, cheap and lightish.
Target weight is 30oz.
Build Specs:
Bee II cores
Std Hitec servos: HS 425's.
4 cell AA Sanyo Flat pack.
upgrade to .25" Fiberglass rod to replace the std carbon tube spar
.080" fg rod arched I-beam in stock location.
5mm x 1mm carbon ribbon sub TE spar.
Strapping tape: approx 2 full layers of standard 3" Bee tape.
thinned goop
spackle used sparingly
Oversized 2mm coroplast winglets
balsa wingtips (not winglets)
Orange Gyro/Rec'r
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Price $49.99 / £38.79

Like it or lump it those dark evenings are drawing closer in , pretty soon for a lot of us the dark evenings mean we either find somewhere with flood lighting or move indoors to get our adrenaline fix.
Over the last couple of months as ive flown more and more FPV the approaching dark nights have been sat at the back of my mind, a couple of weeks ago i was still able to fly at 10:30 but now its 8:00 soon 6:00 so now is the time to grab an FPV cam that can replace my current one and give me more of a chance to fly later rather than be cooped up , if i grab it now i still have at least a few weeks were i can tune the image to my liking whilst still keeping a reasonable amount of light.

There are a couple of models around but im going to grab the Runcam Owl Plus, the price is pretty good and its a proven model so it makes sense to me.

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kingkong 2300KV
Seriously Pro SP3 F3

+super fun to fly
+good frame
+easy to build
-interior of frame too narrow for sp3 board, frame does not have clearence to close as designed.

Could be that there is a way to fit the board inside, but i didn't figure out the way..without modification of the frame.
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Electric Scramble! (5 min 57 sec)

Posted by DutchRC | Sep 20, 2016 @ 10:01 AM | 4,657 Views
Halloa people

yes! The Excalibur has finally landed.. Picked me one up as well.. A few years back I had me a Dynamic-S as well, which flew very well..
Let's see if the new version lives up to it's hype..

First.. An unboxing + build report on this warmliner:

DutchRC - HobbyKing / Durafly Excalibur 1600mm Warmliner - Unboxing + Build! (22 min 48 sec)

Wing span: 1600mm
Length: 1010mm
Flying weight: 1250g
Controls: 4 Channel (Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder (V-Tail), Throttle)
ESC: Aerostar 60amp brushless ESC
Motor: 3542-800kv brushless outrunner
Propeller: Aerostar folding carbon fibre 13x7

Minimum 4ch Transmitter capable of V-Tail mixing
Appropriate 4ch receiver
1800~2200mAh 4S LiPoly high "C" rated battery
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I have been nervous about flying my Timber off water, because although I live an a state and area where there are many lakes and rivers, there are not many locations for flying off the water near a beach or open land area so as to keep the plane over land. There are too many high trees and / or structure near the waters edge keeping the entire flight over water. My boat is not in working condition right now and if the plane goes in the drink, that is where it is staying. It's not like the mid west or down south where there are wide open flat lands along the waters edge.

This place is no different as you can see in the video. No Where to bring the plane down accept in the water.

That's why i am more comfortable flying with the wheels at large parks, fields, or RC airfields.

But I have to force myself to use the floats sometimes because i have them, although even after 20 or so flights off land, I am still just getting the hang of the stabilization modes (this plane is Plug n Play with an Eagle Guardian system).

So here is the link for the river flying video and a few pictures taken of the Timber on her floats in my shop.

My first water takeoff and landing with the E-Flite Timber (5 min 52 sec)

Posted by Pierre_de’ Loop | Sep 20, 2016 @ 08:33 AM | 7,030 Views
I finished sheeting the left wing tip last evening. Sanding will have to wait for the weekend when I can get outside in the day light hours.
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This past Sunday, I took out both of my E-Flite Mustangs for some great flying. The 1.1m and the 1.2m Mustangs both saw lots of action. The winds were only 2-5 mph, but crosswind directly across the runway. This proved to be no problem for the smaller Mustang, but the larger one weathervaned a lot on takeoff due to the combined crosswind and p-factor. I will need to add more rudder throw to this plane before I fly it again. On landings, both planes were stellar performers, but at slow speeds, the larger Mustang has a hard time staying on center line.

As for flying, both planes were true champs. The smaller of the two is faster and feels more nimble, but the larger Mustang carries with it a more scale flying appearance. With the external tanks, she's very stately and beautiful.

I did lots of low flying to allow some pattern guys to work up high, and the Mustangs were up for the task. They were stable and looked great making low passes. Once the pattern guys were gone, I was able to really let the planes stretch their wings and do some aerobatics. Both planes do great, but the little one definitely got faster on the power dive passes.

Both land great, although the little one requires a little more speed for the landings to stick, otherwise she bounces. The larger of the two settles down nicely and I heard lots of congratulations from the pilots behind me as I landed these planes. They really make you look good when you pull off good landings.

I'm hoping for good weather again this coming weekend. I think I need to bring out the Corsair sisters for the next trip.
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To date I've managed to grow significantly in the hobby beginning first with those favs, the toy quads...Syma, Fy326, MJX..ect..
Then I discovered micro brushed quad CF frames, a new dimension opened to me, I began switching flight boards around into different frames, 120, 130, 150mm..
Some worked some did not, the learning curve I guess, and though there were some obstacles, conquering them is part of the Hobby, eh...

Well, I've come to a plateau you see...learned much in the three years of flying these quads, even Deviated a Devo7e, to help with having so many controllers...
I wish to move on into the realm of Hobby Grade....So, will be seeking any assistance I can get....
Oh, Forgot to inform that I'm an"Ol Gent", and I would appreciate the assist along the way...
That said, purchased a Taranis, arriving today as a matter of fact, and am anxious to fiddle with it, also looking to purchase and build something in the 150-180mm micro hex region, and suggestions would also be helpful...
Even purchased the Goebish Module for Taranis as well, I think I'm ready to move up.

So, my dilemma is.... These damn FC, there are so many to chose from, though as I stated I'm a bit knowledgeable, though would defer to the right correct direction...
RC Groups....Thanx
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TTSAutomate is a tool that allows you to generate MP3 (and optionally, WAV) files with spoken voices based on phrases you enter.

Download the latest version of TTSAutomate here

You will need Microsoft .Net 4.5.2 or later to run this tool

The tool allows you to specify a folder to which to output the voice files, and each voice may optionally be in a subfolder of that output folder.

Transmitter firmware such as OpenTX and ERSKY9X support playing these voice files in response to various stimuli.

Getting Started
On the main window of TTSAutomate, there are a number of items that need to be specified or selected, in order to begin generating voice files. These are:
  1. The output directory, in which to store the voice files,
  2. A filename to name the voice file
  3. A phrase to speak
Once you have selected an output directory (using the 'Select Output Directory...' button or Ctrl P), and have specified a filename and a phrase to speak, you may note that the 'Preview' button for that row becomes available.

Generating Voice Files
When the 'Preview' button is pressed, the tool will generate the voice file, using the entered phrase, and the selected voice.

Additionally, once one or more rows are ready to generate, the 'Go' button (Ctrl G) becomes enabled. Clicking 'Go' will generate any voice files that have not been created yet.

The tool will save the voice file in the output directory specified, in an 'MP3' subfolder, and then in any subfolder specified in the '...Continue Reading