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Posted by Edge767 | Sep 07, 2011 @ 04:23 PM | 5,951 Views
The maiden was filled with more excitement than I bargained for, but I can say that the plane is down in one piece and it flew GREAT! So what happened? Well, it all started off normally enough. Control checks, slow taxi with gradual power applied until WOT reached. Tail came up quickly and when I pulled back on the stick, it pulled up way more than I expected. I needed some down-trim to make it fly level (I will readjust the linkages later to re-center trim) and a little trim to the right and then she was tracking straight and true. I didn't use low/high rates, but I will be next time. This is the first plane I've flown that really needs low/high rates as the elevator has A LOT of authority!

As for the flight itself, the Spitfire is much faster than I expected and much more aerobatic. The loops can be VERY TIGHT in this plane and the wings flexed on mine. Speed comes up very fast, but it slows down very fast too. I did some basic aerobatics and then decided to try some gliding to see how slow it could go and to get a feel for it's best glide speed/rate. I then applied power and immediately knew something was wrong; I wasn't getting any power. It seems I forgot to turn on the timer on my transmitter and I got carried away with the time and flew to LVC. This is the first time this has ever happened to me (hitting LVC) and I immediately put the gear down and set up for a landing. Just as the plane was about to touch down, a gust of wind came out of nowhere and put the plane...Continue Reading
Posted by Edge767 | Sep 06, 2011 @ 03:04 PM | 6,458 Views
I keep track of all the planes I own on a spreadsheet where I log time flown, landings, maintenance gripes/resolutions, and notes about the flight. Each plan has a serial number, starting with the year I purchased the plane, and then the number plane that was purchased that year. In other words, the Parkzone Spitfire IX is the 8th plane I've bought or received this year. While that seems like a lot of planes to some, I've only just gotten back into the hobby full-bore this year, so I had to replace a number of planes that are no longer airworthy for one reason or another.

As for the Spitfire, it's a beautiful plane and has always been one of my favorites right alongside the P-51D (yes, the over-popular D and not the RCG darling the B) and the Corsair. As a teenager when I was building on the average two or three plastic models a month, the Spitfire was always a favorite. Of all the plastic models I made as a kid, the only one that survived and is still in my home to this day is a 1/48 scale Monogram Spitfire.

When I heard that Parkzone was making an updated Z-Foam Spitfire, I jumped for joy. When I read later that it would sport the lovely green/blue camouflage of Jimmie Johnson's Spitfire IX, I was ecstatic. You can only imagine how pleased I was to be the first to get the Parkzone Spitfire IX on the North side of Houston this past week.

Here is a photo of the Spitfire I had a little fun with.

I immediately purchased the retracts and pre-bent struts and got...Continue Reading