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Posted by jbourke | Apr 12, 2016 @ 12:48 PM | 27,663 Views
Some great happenings with the RCG Extra 330LX.

First off, we are now fully logo'ed! I left the plane in Florida for the winter so some minor issues could be addressed and while it was there we had a vinyl art team dress it up. The attached pictures show it off in all its glory.

Training with Patty Wagstaff
While I was down in Florida I took some time to train with Patty Wagstaff. She was a delight to work with. She taught me about flying at low level for air shows. By the end of my training I felt comfortable doing low inverted passes and she even wrote up a nice air show routine for me which I'll be using this year. I've attached a couple of pictures of us together. I signed her hangar wall in the place reserved for air show pilots, which was quite an honor.

Won an Unlimited contest
Last weekend I entered in the Unlimited category at the aerobatic contest in Borrego Springs, CA. I came in first place and also won the freestyle event. Here are some videos:

2016 Hammerhead Roundup Unlimited Known (7 min 13 sec)

2016 Hammerhead Roundup Unlimited Free (4 min 45 sec)
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