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Posted by jbourke | Apr 13, 2010 @ 07:45 PM | 59,066 Views
Our staff is too busy to follow up on all the great suggestions we receive, so I guess it's time to bring in some new blood.

I need someone who can take vague ideas (like "make the blogs cooler" or "set up a wiki" or "make a mobile version of the site") and run with it.

Required technical experience:
- Linux
- Apache
- Photoshop

This is a contract opportunity with potential.

We need someone who can create both the art and the code, so if you are a pure coder or a pure artist this probably isn't the opportunity for you. The best candidate is someone with experience designing elegant web user interfaces.

If you want to separate yourself from other candidates, consider doing a few mockups to show how you would redesign some part of the site.

Email me at "jbourke" at the obvious domain name. Send along whatever you think I need to believe in you.

Posted by jbourke | Apr 06, 2010 @ 12:44 PM | 52,897 Views
This weekend I will be in Toledo, OH, USA, for the Weak Signals R/C Expo.

Don't forget to stop by the ETOC if you are in the area that weekend. If you aren't familiar with the Electric Tournament of Champions its a great event run by Ohioan Tom Krogel, owner of TNT Landing Gear and all around R/C ne'er-do-well. It features amazing piloting of lightweight indoor foam models set to music.

However, I must warn you that we will be shooting t-shirts into the crowd using our slingshot, which I've dubbed the "Rubber Fist of Doom".

Last year the Rubber Fist of Doom took out several allegedly innocent attendees with t-shirts right to the solar plexus. I've attached a photo from right before such an incident. The photos immediately after are sequestered.

This year we will adjust the inclination and remove the lead ballast from the shirts, thanks to your many suggestions.