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Posted by Stephan8 | Dec 13, 2006 @ 05:08 PM | 2,890 Views
I used to fly nitro rc growing up. I got bored with it all when I got a car... sold my stuff and 12 years later, here I am.

IMy wife bought me an air hog for fathers day over a year ago. She gave me so much grief about it sitting on the shelf, I finally took it down to fly it. Well it was a brick. I started looking on line and found the AA forums. Bought and destroyed about four of those before I started building with fff.

Note...I don't have clue but these forums are awesome for findin out what you need to now.

Included is a picture of a hover machine(although I can't quite hover yet) I built. Actually, it is the second one. The first on shattered after hitting the ground a few times. I had some likage problems. Rookie mistakes.