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The 3rd LG Tribute disintegrated during a romp in the canyon. It lasted only a few weeks. Single women may have high medical bills, but their lack of exercise probably saves a lot on phones. Thus ended 3 years of Lucky Goldstar being the bottom end. They once adorned the Target shelves at $40. The Goldstars are now high end. The new low price leader is the $50 Kyocera at Target. For $10 less, there are Alcatels online only.

The low end reduced all their processors from 1.2Ghz to 1.1Ghz. They reduced all the cameras from 1920x1080 to 1280x720. It's 1 of those phases of economic stimulus where lower performance is rising in price to keep everyone employed. Mercifully, the Kyocera doesn't turn on when tapped. That bug definitely pushed the limits of millenial debugging ability.

Sadly, there's no way to get the contacts off the Tributes. Once their screens cracked, all the data was inaccessible.

Tehan falls (1 min 54 sec)

What a cracked LG gets you.
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Flights for last week were very challenging. Winds were in the teens gusting to 20. On Sunday the 15th we got gusts at the field at 35 mph. So what was I doing flying? I had to get some stick time.

The first day, was a slight crosswind and the Flash in windy conditions can practically fly backwards. I ballooned up trying to flare and it was almost hovering when it finally came down hard and chipped the 13x6. No spares and no more flying. Tracking in wind was ok. I was kind of fun to fly in, and I was the only one out at the runway.

I visited the field this Saturday, numerous pilots, crosswinds and no tables to set up. I split.

Sunday's weather said 6mph down the runway at home. In 20 minutes much can change. Got there and wrestled with assembly. Fueled it up and taxied out. Windy but there were other pilots, two others. I took off with the runway to myself. I had installed a 12x10. Unbelievable performance. It's the prop for the plane for windy conditions at least. The wind was blowing down the runway, so high that it was flapping my pants legs like flags. I aborted two approaches a couple of feet off the ground. The third time it greased in as the wind died down at that moment. No damage, so I left. I had a spare 13x6 that took 2 hours to balance the night before. I bought it thinking that the 12x10 was going to bog the .70 Magnum. Nope.

The front came down that eve and in the morning, there were tornado warnings for Fort Bend County.
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I ordered a multirotor mania switchblade to replace my strictly racing 6" and the switchblade looked good. I get it all set up and no dice with 6" props. I've sent them 2 emails with my order number, one 12/27/2016 and figured due to Xmas may he late response. Sent another 01/01/2016 and still no response a couple guys from my group Prop-Bustas out of Hampton roads va have stretch reaper and scythe and honestly I've liked their frames, I even love my switchblade as a 5" right now but I really wanted 6" as advertised. I'm using zmx x25 fusion 2300kv motors and 6045 dal trio props and the tips hit the standoffs in the front and back. Anyone else have this issue?
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Built this custom for a local LEO

1/18 Toronto Police Ford SUV with working lights (0 min 35 sec)

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Had the guts of a micro P-51 that needed a new home. This fun little build is a Bob Selman (BSD Micro) kit. Lots on fun to build. Will need a REALLY calm day to try it out.
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My third King Kobra in 6 years. Sadly, the first two are gone. I'm using E-Flight electric retracts so no finding a place for the tank. Also I will be installing the aileron servos in the wing.
First day of work on it.
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This video, one of the grunts videoing it drops the F bomb a couple of times... as one would watching seven or eight hummers fall out of cargo planes onto the ground So please only download the video if no kids around and have the sound down.... I have only posted the link, I have not embedded in the thread.... so if you choose to open the link, which I thoroughly recommend.... it is a hoot ..... but that is up to you

Remember... turn sound down to begin with if anyone easily offended within earshot..... enjoy

Woops!! it embeds automatically.... I cant just place the link.... The naughty words aren't terrible... but if grandma is sitting nearby she might swallow her dentures ,,,, so, sound down

Raining Humvees! Military Vehicles Fall To The Ground In Failed US Airdrop (2 min 26 sec)

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I have to stop spending money !

The last straw is the 9xr Pro I just ordered ( Ok I have wanted the Pro for a while - since it came out )

Frsky module
Multi protocol Module + Case
Walkera Quad
Some engines ( HB and Rossi 15 )
OS 80th anniversary glow plug
Taps and dies
Watt Meter
Spyderco C81
Baofeng GT3 TP
Baofeng Battery ( the big one )
LR44 Batteries
Dial Caliper ( cheap one )
Digital Caliper ( Cheap one )
Hardwire kits x2 for Dash cameras ( low voltage cut off ones to save car battery )
USB Charge doctors
Dummy loads
5 in 1 Battery meter
Torque tube mod for one of my 450 V2 copters
Power Bank
2s Lipo for my Crawler

Seriously , Xmas is over !!!!
I need to stop spending .......

Enough stuff to keep me busy for a while .... Butt !!!!
There are still a few things I " WANT ! "
There is this cute little FPV Micro
There is this 250 FPV quad
The DLG glider

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I am looking for a cheap but working four stroke for my plane. 8.5 cc.
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It was bound to happen. DJI has announced the discontinuing of the Phantom 3 Series. While it is predictable, the reality can be hard for some who may of just bought the recent Phantom 3 Pro or Advanced. According to the official website DJI discontinued Phantom 3 Professional, Phantom 3 Advanced and Phantom 3 4K production. Basically all Phantom 3 models except Standard have been discontinued. You can find this kind of notice if you follow the Phantom 3 Pro link:
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A Turkish cargo plane flying from Hong Kong has crashed into a village in Kyrgyzstan, killing all four crew and at least 33 people on the ground. The Boeing 747 operated by ACT Airlines crashed as it was about to land in fog at Manas airport, 25km (15 miles) north of the capital, Bishkek. At least 15 buildings were destroyed in the village outside the airport and at least 33 people were killed.
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My plans for a 2m bagged wing have been on hold for a while.
I've decided to make a built up plan on the same planform, but before that, build a built up 60" built up version.

I have a Wristocrat kitted in the 80's, but I'd like to build something new for Woodcrafters 2017, June 3-4, 2017.

The plan is 60", with a larger cord (7.5" center section), REF, s3014-095-85 airfoil, 5 panel wing with a flat center section.

I scaled down my 2m plans to 60" and adjusted the poly breaks for a more even 2in. rib spacing.
I used the Sailplane Calc spreadsheet from Curtis Suter, of Tailwind Gliders, to figure sizing:

S3014-095-85 airfoil from:
Their airfoil plotter allows you to enter a "halo" value that draws the line for skin thickness, allowing me to draw the inner rib shape, allowing for 1/16" D-Box and cap strips. Making the X Grid 1/10th the cord makes handy 10% stations :

There are several RC Soaring Digests from the 80's that cover grenade launch HLG's that have been useful.
There are also a couple articles about Minitermicos (small thermal) contests in Argentina. (04-2010)
They seem to fly diverse designs.

I extended the cords by 1/4" to get a finished length with about a 1/16" trailing edge, instead of a knife edge.

I don't have access to CNC, so I'm hand sanding templates and will sand ribs between templates.
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Hello. First, let me introduce myself. I am Jananne Settle. I am Greg Settle's daughter. My dad died in July 2016 after a courageous battle with lung cancer. He died peacefully so I find comfort in that.

My dad was an excellent engine machinist and Control Line enthusiasts. I am going through his workroom (the entire basement) and have a lot of new and used items ranging from parts, engines, accessories, tools, etc.

I will be posting classifieds and would love for these items to end up in the hands of those who will value them. It's important to me that my dad's legacy live on with others making use of his inventory.

If you have any suggestions, questions or comments I love to hear from you. If by chance you knew my dad and have a funny story to share, please do!

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Royal Icing Valentine Forgiveness Cookies for that new toy you bought

Pick your color and design

$20.00 a dozen

Flat rate priority shipping $14.00 per dozen shipped

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Royal icing decorated sugar cookies

Pick your color and design

$20.00 a dozen

Flat rate priority shipping $14.00 per dozen shipped

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Having a blast with this truck

Redcat Everest 10 Rock Crawling FUN! (3 min 23 sec)

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i got this and used the DX6i with it.
it worked great, so am going to bring notes and details for whoever is interested on using the receiver, be with the DX6i, or with any other radio.
keep posted and search at the end for new details.
there is a thread here:
will start with the field test to show what i got:
weather is full of surprises-some rare times good. today was 1 of those. i noticed that there was almost no wind so was able to field test the plus with my new 2 meters e sailplane (air intakes sealed to keep the motor and battery from cooling too much). near freezing, ice on the grass, but little wind at ground level, not much turbulence, but up there was some. enough to show the difference with or without gyro. i had the pots at 2 o'clock. also arranged to have the flaps switch set to some down elevator to compensate for too much tendency at climb. climb without it at start. once at enough height tried it. the figure was 25 (about 1/16" elevator). learned it is not enough so will increase it. switches were gear ON, mix switch on gyro at climb so gyro was ON. once at cruise as it seemed stable, gear OFF-no gyro nothing. i could notice the difference. the turbulence up there made the plane shake a little bit, but could keep without it. another day with more wind will compare again. then turned mix switch ON to auto level for landing:...Continue Reading
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Mini revolution is coming - Frsky M9 - High Sensitivity Hall Sensor Gimbal For Taranis X9D & X9D Plus

We all know how Taranis is very popular and widely spread among RC pilots.
Its known it has great SW, but now it could also get great high resolution M9 Hall Sensor gimbals.
Hall sensors are highly sensitive, they will not wear out quickly. Gimbal has an extremely smooth feel with the quad ball-bearings and the metal outer construction. Thicker 4mm stick ends give you a solid link to your controls. Fully adjustable tension and easily disable the self centering axis with one screw.
From specs they look like great 40$ upgrade for old Taranis as they are plug-n-play. Looking forward to try them.

  • Supply Voltage (VCC): DC 3.0 ~ 0.5V
  • Sensitivity: 2.50 mV/G
  • Linear Output Voltage Range:
  • 0.1 ~ ( VCC +0.1) V
  • Quiescent Output (TA = 25C, B = 0 G): 0.5 VCC
  • Noise (no load): ≤40mVpp

  • Hall sensor
  • 4 ball-bearings
  • Adjustable tension
  • Can be enable or disable self centering on both axis and ratcheting on the Y axis
  • Special material quality that wears well

Installation video:

FrSky M9 High Sensitivity Hall Sensor Gimbal Installation For Taranis X9D Plus (3 min 58 sec)

Frsky M9 can be ordered from Banggood of from HorusRC.
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The Veron Impala has been successfully maidened on the reeds transmitter.
Flies great.
Link to build log


Veron Impala on Reeds (5 min 1 sec)