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The Hexacopter frame YD6-1000S comes with many great features.
Its one-time forming carbon fiber reduces weight while still keep the stiffness,which makes it stronger and lighter for long time(up to 50 minutes) flying tasks.For instance,equipped with a small camera like Gopro,the firefighter is able to monitor the fire scene for a long time which is crucial for the fire fighting.Also you might use it for 3D mapping and other long time aerial photography tasks.
Furthermore,with a glass fiber canopy,the GPS signal will not be blocked.Its detachable frame arm makes YD6-1000S very easy to carry and easy for maintenance.
Another very useful feature is its waterproofness and dustproofness,which enable the drone to fly under most weather conditions,like rainy days.In this case,it is an idea tool for police security monitoring,fire fighting,emergency research and rescue.
1)1200mm axle diameter
2)8KG payload capability
3)50 minutes flight time(no payload)
4)Frame weight:1.9KG
5)Motor capatible:T-Motor U5/U6,DJI E2000
6)Max propeller size:22 inch
7)Battery compatible:1pcs 22.2V 30000mah or 2pcs 22000mah lipo battery
8)Completely waterproof and dustproof
More information
Check this link for more information


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Timothy Hart passed away on Jan 28, 2017. He started foamy factories in 2003. He's truly missed.

"Too many planes not enough time"
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This is the Outdoor Flight Review for the Syma X5UW WiFi FPV RC Drone Quadcopter with HD Camera.

Outdoor Flight Review - Syma X5UW WiFi FPV RC Drone with HD Camera (4 min 17 sec)

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In desperate need of the MACH 80 mm EDF that was sold by Efflux RC.
I'm not concerned about the condition of the impeller,as I will not be using it.
The shroud must be in excellent condition, No DENTS,DINGS,Scratches,DEFORMITIES OF THE SHROUD.
I will consider a complete unit with motor if the price is reasonable.

Please contact me at this email address
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Hi has anyone got any first hand experience with quality / detail of scale castings made by
This would appear to be the only source of 16th scale weaponry - unless anyone out there in Blogisphere can point me to another source.
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Managed to get the ESC up to 16khz without resorting to assembly language, while keeping the software UART functional enough for testing. The trick was making a longer table of events with simpler operations to perform in the interrupt handler. Each event contains a value to copy to the timer & a value to write to the PORT. The long term plan is a 2 wire SPI with the ESC as a master.

At 16khz, the motor was super inefficient. It had to be reduced to 8khz to get any movement. At 8khz, it was still taking a lot more current for a lot less power than before, but it was much quieter than the previous 6khz routine. The only difference was the ability to have multiple FETs in the deadband between P & N, simultaneously. The table still goes from N to P without a deadband.

Discovered the MOSFETs were getting extremely hot, even below 3A. It was a Supersimple 18A but it overheated under 3A. Somewhere during the 16khz upgrade, all of the MOSFETs got fried & were intermittently short circuiting, despite the power supply being limited to 10A. We all know about current spiking when a motor is stalled, but whether stalled or short circuited, these were limited by the power supply to much less current than when they hovered a quad copter.

So for motor testing, the power supply needs to limit time more than current. Besides burning up a bag of ESC's, the next step would be a smarter power supply which shut down if the current limit LED stayed on too long. Even better would be not relying on the LED but a table of times vs current. Unfortunately, it's not clear if the LED was on when the MOSFETs blew.
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I decided it was time to retire my old Dynam SR that I had since 2011 and transfer the guts over to an Airfield/FMS 182 Skytrainer kit that I had picked up a number of years ago. I plan on using all of the electronics (9g servos, 40A ESC, radio receiver), but I plan on using a new motor. The motor from the SR is pretty much work out.

The new motor will be a spare Detrum 3720-650kv brushless outrunner that I have on hand. It was just a spare motor I had in case I needed it for one of my other Dynam planes that use the same motor. With that being said, I plan to run this plane on a 4s 2650 to 3300mah battery as those are plentiful in my battery cache.

Hope to pit this one together over the next month or so in time for spring

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New to this type of stuff. Anyway, I have been in and out of the hobby since I was 15. A few years ago I purchased a JR XG8 transmitter. As I now have the time to concentrate on building and flying RC planes I went into my local hobby shop yesterday to purchase JR servos and receivers.

Not happy! I was told that JR are going out of business. I did some research and all I could find is that they are shutting down in Japan but relocating to Malaysia and that there will delays and all those other things?

Can someone please tell me what is exactly going on and should I go to another brand before I start outlaying money on a brand that is closing down?


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Built this for around $40. Very fast and fun flyer. This could be a new affordable class of racing quad. In high rate it's a rocket. Takes off at about 45° pitch.

Q100 frame
King Kong Camera
8.5x20 motors
Switched to Hubsan props after a crash destroyed a motor. Ladybird props don't protect the motor if you hit the ground upside down.
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The latest development in an ambitious effort of the Marine Corps is to use unmanned aircraft to resupply troops in the field. This demonstration tests what the military calls a “pilot in a box.” It will allow Marines to convert manned helicopters, including Vietnam-era Hueys, into remote-controlled aircraft that can deliver supplies to dangerous places without putting pilots in harms way. The technology will allow the Marines to reduce the number of troops in logistical support, freeing up more for combat, said Loren Thompson, a military analyst at the Lexington Institute.
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Yay! my computer is back up and running here,and without further ado,here is my maiden flight of the MJX Bugs B3

MJX Bugs B3 Drone Maiden Flight And First Impressin (18 min 33 sec)

I will definitely have more to come featuring the Bugs B3,this is a excellent quadcopter and I feel for the price you get the most bang for your buck with this quadcopter

Be sure to pick up a MJX Bugs B3 here
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I just recently bought a Walkera Rodeo 110 Ready To Fly I'm under the impression that comes with the Devo 7. I also purchased a almost ready to fly eachine wizard x220 My question is can I use the Devo 7 controller with the eachine wizard x220 and if so which receiver do I purchase thanks in advance for any help
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At the start of February I took a 10 day road trip to the northern section of Patagonia with my trusty Jeep and my drones. It was a great adventure with some good hikes, a flat tire, and a sprained ankle as a result. It was definitely worth it to experience this little section of epicness nestled in the fjords of southern Chile.

First up - the overview video of the whole trip:
Patagonia FPV 2017 (5 min 8 sec)

Next, three parts of pure FPV awesomeness
Patagonia FPV Tour 1: Chaitén, Puerto Cisnes, Parque Pumalín (3 min 1 sec)
...Continue Reading
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Last year I maidened my Skywalker... In Feburary... In a heavy snow fall - because it was the only day that had lights winds for weeks. It was also my first time flying anything. Oddly it didn't crash.

I went out a few days later, when the winds were much stronger, for my second flight ever - and the plane's too. Things didn't go so well that time.

FPV - Winter Skywalker Maiden In a Snow Storm + Crash (4 min 40 sec)

Check out some of my other videos They only get better from here!
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I purchased an Enya 46-4C on Ebay.
I have been dreaming of going Nitro; single, twin, & 3 cylinder radial
nitro engines, mounted in RC airplanes, are often on my mind. Thier lazy engines puttering along, bringing smiles as onlookers smile gayly sipping the world's best coffee.

Ah, the smell of Nitro in the morning! Lol...

It was lightly used. Did not turn over well--felt gummy.
I am glad i took it apart, it was gummy and dirty inside.
Oil helped free it up. The crankshaft and piston rod were stuck together--i used oil, a rubber mallet, and wiggly-hands to eventually free the fron assembly.

I did the same for the rear valve case.
I ordered some front case gaskets on Ebay.
I plan to make the rear gasket by hand using thin cardboard like in AA battery blister packaging.

I soaked the parts in LA's Totally Awesome Cleaner i found at Dollar Tree for $1 a bottle. For a few hours.
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This is video from my vacation in November, but it is still my distance record.

FPV flight to 1.3 km (2 min 25 sec)

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FPV in Alps (2 min 8 sec)

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