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Posted by RC4x4 | Mar 27, 2012 @ 09:09 PM | 34,557 Views
Sad, but the Edge went in May of 2013. The motor stalled in a inverted harrier about 15 feet up. I gave the airframe to a friend inwhich he is gonna try and rebuild. It was a great plane!

My newest plane of the year for 2012. I bought this off a flying buddy that decided it wasn't for him. I was excited and jumped on it. He designed the scheme and ordered direct from Pilot. I have a one only scheme plane that no one else has.
Graphic's will be redone from what is on the plane. I will update the pictures once the graphic's are on.
I maidened the plane on March 4, 2012. I was blown away at how well it flew.
My first Pilot plane and I'm very impressed with the construction and the way it flies. Looking forward to owning more from Pilot!

Here's the equipement I used:
DA120 with stock mufflers
Vess 28B prop
Smartfly EQ6 board, ignition regulator, pin flag
Futaba 9157 digital servos
SWB servo arms
Fiji water bottle for fuel tank
Custom made baffles
GP 38% pilot / repainted
Bad Brad graphics will be applied

It's a killer scheme and looks great in the air. I will post more later and update this.

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Posted by RC4x4 | Sep 25, 2010 @ 06:19 PM | 36,493 Views
This another nice flying I like to fly at is MAS. Serving the Northeast Denver Area the Miniature Areo Sportsters (MAS) flying site sits on 48 acres with a 500 foot paved runway. The club is open to all who have a current AMA membership. MAS has a really nice paved and striped runway. Really nice covered picnic area and small storage/ office room. Another great place that has really nice people to fly with. Hope you like the pictures, and I will add more as I go.

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Posted by RC4x4 | Jul 07, 2010 @ 10:40 PM | 37,739 Views
Finally got me a trailer to transport my planes in. It's a Haulmark 6x12 V-Nose. It's 79 inches tall so it can fit into my garage. Put the TorFlex axle under it, brakes, side door, double doors on rear, flow thru vent and the thicker plywood on the walls. I made a custom shelf for the top planes to ride on and lined it with carpet. I used the same on the floor of the trailer. I coated the walls and the floor with Glidden Porch and floor Paint. Mines kinda of a light grey. I stapled the carpet to the top shelf and used carpet double sided tape and aluminum wall strips to secure the floor carpert. The top shelf is rests on 2x4's and are locked into E-Track on the walls. I made the shelf into two pieces and all can be removed by undoing the bolts that lock it all down. It's super easy to remove. I still need to make a custom cabinet in the front and hook up a power source. The cabinet will house the radio box, battery boxes, fuel conmtainer and tools. As of now I have 6 airplanes in there and can easily add a few more 40-70 inch size range. I secure all of them using small bungees wrapped around the gear and one on the tail wheel. I put that foam pipe tubing around the gear so the bungee won't slip. The planes are locked down really well. More to come......Continue Reading
Posted by RC4x4 | Sep 26, 2009 @ 12:13 AM | 39,024 Views
My home flying field is LAMA in Dacono Colorado. Just north of Denver about 45 minutes. The runway is 800feet long by 65 feet wide. Plenty of room. I just love this field do to it's size, open space feeling, and the best is the people that fly there. I will add more as I go and post pictures.

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Posted by RC4x4 | Feb 28, 2009 @ 08:45 AM | 40,016 Views
UPDATE: See below

I looked at getting a Aeroworks gas plane about two years ago. I went out to the Aeroworks shop and checked out the planes before the end of the year in 2008 and was like a kid in a candy store. A couple of my friends fly the 75cc Extra 260, so I had to have one. The 75cc uses a Desert Aircraft 85cc gas motor. The 85cc is a power house. Very Nice flying plane. The quality is top notch.

WOW! It's been awhile since I wrote in here. Aeroworks has been workind on some planes and they look great! This is a new addition that will help with training and I thought it was very Cool. The GT Trainer. 88'' Wing Span. It's big for a trainer. Intended for a gas motor I decided to go with a electric setup.

Aeroworks has some new excitiong planes coming out and I grabbed one of the 92'' Extra 260 60cc Freestyle planes! Awesome flying plane and have been having fun Throw'in this guy around....Continue Reading
Posted by RC4x4 | Jun 29, 2008 @ 11:52 PM | 39,914 Views
As of January 2013 I only own the 78'' Extra. The other's have been sold.
Info for reference only.

When I first saw these I was amazed at how awesome they looked. I just had to have one. I got the red white and blue one before 2007 christmas. Awesome plane to fly and just have in the hangar. Very scale looking planes and the Pilot, instrument panel and decals are what make this plane stand out. I get alot of lookers and compliments when flying it. The Torque motor systems is just insane in these planes on 5s.

The newest addition to my Extreme Flight planes is the 48'' Extra 300EXP. Awesome flying plane!

Latest addition is the 78'' Extra 300.4-2010
What a awesome plane. Super floaty, Big Power on 10s! The plane tracks so well, and will 3D just as well as any.

New Extreme Flight addition as of 2-1-2012
60'' Extra 300 EXP. Great flying plane and really loving it. Not much time on it due to the winter weather, but will out soon for more flying.
Torque 4014/ 570 motor, 15x8 prop, 5s 3800mah packs, Hitec digital servos.

Here's a video.

Extreme Flight 78'' Extra 300 (5 min 58 sec)
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Posted by RC4x4 | Jun 29, 2008 @ 11:18 PM | 39,483 Views
7-2013 I still have this plane. Crashed for the third time last november. I did rebuild the lower landing gear area and added a new cowl. I will keep flying it till
it is totally destroyed! 6 years of flying!

I have had several of the Eflite planes but have sold them all off except the Eratix. They just don't 3D that well and fly as well as my 3DHS Planes.
I like the Ertaix for the floaty feel and is my practice hovering plane / 3D Plane. I run 4s and a Power 32 in it. It'll stay around until it probably winds up being a bunch of toothpicks?
Posted by RC4x4 | Jun 29, 2008 @ 11:06 PM | 42,167 Views
Here's my Hangar of planes. I had several smaller planes over the years since 2001. They are all gone. I had been looking for something around the 45-49 inch span. I got my first 3DHS plane back in early 2007. I got the 47" Yak 54 first. I just could not believe how awesome it flew! I have had other brands of planes also, but I think the 3DHS planes fly the best. I will add more later and try to add all my planes to the blog. Thanks for looking.

Well things have changed over the past few years and I'm flying more gas models now. Loving my 87" SHP. Here's kinda of a update on what I have for 3DHS planes and what I have sold off. It's not that I didn't like them, I just have my favorites.

The bigger planes are taking over. They fly so nice!
2-2012 Gonna be a fun year! 74'' Edge is the newest of the larger planes. Beautiful plane!
The EPP foamie line is a blast. Never had so much fum with profile foamie planes.

A few changes. Only have the following planes form 3DHS.
104'' Slick, 103'' 330sc, 87'' SHP, 74'' Edge, 72'' 330sc, 47'' Edge.

That's it for now. The 84'' Bigfoot will arrive in Late July 2013. Looking at the 60'' Yak 55 and 100cc Yak 55 as well
to add to the Hanger.

Sold my 72'' 330SC. Had alot of fun with it, but the time came to let it go.
Looking to try something new down the road from 3DHS.

So, my line up goes like this.
74'' Edge 540, 84'' BigFoot, 87'' SHP, 103'' 330SC, 104'' AJ Slick.
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