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Posted by KCV6 | Feb 15, 2014 @ 12:53 AM | 29,784 Views
There is a bit of talk going around (has been for a while) about improving video quality by fitting an Neutral Density (ND) polarizing filter to the front of camera lenses when using to record or FPV with that camera.

For a while now I had been using a small tinted plastic Polarizing filter sitting between the GoPro lens and camera housing. I decided to finally use some decent plastic ND polarizing filter that would be fitted to the outside of the plastic GoPro case.

Initially I removed the plastic lens and seal but found I had internal reflections from the plastic case edges. It was acting like a light pipe and even bright light on the back of the case was piped to the edges of the GoPro lens causing a halo effect on the image. I fixed this by simply putting the rubber seal back in.

Picture quality is great and if you can easily get hold of the filter sheet this is a "well worth the effort" modification.