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Posted by mxracer33x | Jan 15, 2015 @ 02:44 PM | 9,707 Views
**********This ended up not being a 100% fix, so take it what its worth.*******

I have a good friends 200 SRX here to try and alleviate the POD failure. This is a brief overview of how I went about replacing the Stock Dual ESC's Tail ESC with a readily available HK AFRO 20A ESC. There are a lot of options, but I wanted something with a fast switching rate (Simon K Or BLHeli) and easily obtainable for others. Everything done was aimed at being easily maintainable and would use as many stock parts as possible.

Stock ESC on Frame -

Stock ESC Wiring -

Remove the Stock ESC shrink wrap. I retained the Label for use later. For this install I remove the Tail motor output wires and the 4 wires going to the Receiver. The yellow wire is the Tail motor signal, and will be wired from the new ESC. The larger Orange, Red and Brown wires with Female plug are the Tail motor wires, also to be on the New ESC. I did not reuse any of these wires.

I soldered in a longer lead for the Main motor ESC connection to the Receiver (This ESC will sit farther Forward). I used a X" length wire with Male Futaba Connector.

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