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Posted by PittSpecial | Oct 31, 2013 @ 10:54 AM | 6,921 Views
For the beginning on this quest of being more careful where one decides to fly out of, especially taking note that many modern wireless devices are operating on 2.4Ghz band......

Here is PART1:

Okay, I have finally finished all repairs and today the cosmetic issues as well. I ran out of Silver Acrylic Paint but, not before I finished touching up all areas of my model that needed it.

I use nothing but, Model Masters Acrylic paints and they are super! Lets not forget the filler material known as Light Wall Spackle!

A few pictures!

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Posted by PittSpecial | Oct 29, 2013 @ 06:24 AM | 6,911 Views
Well guys,

Sunday a bunch of us tried out the High School School Concrete Band practice area near my house and its one nice site that we have used for years. Just recently we have had several issues with RF jamming at one certain area and one nice FMS Henschel Hs 123 1030mm went down at the same very spot my beloved Park Zone P-47D Thunderbolt came down.

I was inverted (many flights prior) and the model was at its turning lap and all of a sudden the Model did not respond to my increased Down Elevator input to keep it level and she sunk downwards and nothing I could do...

We all heard a very LOUD BOOM and I just thought (SHE IS DONE). Walking and crossing the street, we found it at the sidewalk and not bad at all considering the hard hit and very LOUD and nerve wracking thud.

I have no idea how the model right side itself but, we found her on its belly!

I have already started on the repairs and got all the SPARE PARTS!

A few pictures!

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Posted by PittSpecial | Oct 13, 2013 @ 03:22 PM | 6,690 Views
Yes, I am a dummy, a fool and newbie, green as could be!

Just to catch up for those that have not visited Part-1:

I am horrified that I never thought to adjust the control surfaces on this fantastic flying Steven's Aero Cap232 with some sort of Dual Rate option and instead I have flown this model with 100% settings or in other words "RAW" mechanical settings and it is NO WONDER I almost CRASHED this model on my first flight not withstanding the WASH-IN Issues.

As soon as the Cap232 took off on smooth hard surface at my RC Club while no one else was present, I knew that all the preset adjustments I made on the ground was PERFECT! Of course my good buddy Mark S. (Marked) assisted me over the telephone and gave me suggestions to the adjustments, most especially for the LOW RATE on the Elevator.

As I recall, the take-off roll was performed using the LOW RATE setting at 43% on the Elevator, 80% for Ailerons and 100% for Rudder. It took off super smooth and I allowed it to gain altitude and I was amazed how smooth and relaxing it was to fly this model at these settings. I am sure most of you are surprised at me for being so amazed but, I have never used any Dual Rates or Expo on any of my Models (seat of the pants flying!)

Once the model was up 80 feet up, I did try the High Rate for the Elevator at 78% and it allowed a spirited snap rate and tighter loop but, without any ill effect such as a stall, it...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Oct 11, 2013 @ 10:35 PM | 7,420 Views
Hi good people,

Wondering if some of you can help me a bit on a purchase that I made yesterday on a used 40A Cap232 with 54 inch wing span. I bought it in Central Florida, local pickup and just trying to sort out a few things. Early this morning (Friday, 10-11-2013 was the maiden flight for me and I had to be on it at all times just from keeping it from CRASHING so, it was NOT fun at all.) The landing cause the APC "E" 14 X 7 propeller to break and the thick main landing gear wire to bend backwards and the Right wing servo to jam.

Upon inspecting the Wing carefully the wing tip that has some lose covering is just scratching the surface of issues with this model. I bought the model with the mind set that all was okay except the covering on the wing tip and never did I thought to check for any wing warp-age or uneven WASH-IN issues.


1. The entire Left Wing has a warp throughout its length assembly.

2. The Airfoil has more curvature on the bottom than on top. I am sure this model flys excellent inverted!

3. The correct thing to do is saw the wing in half (or in other words remove the entire covering and find out which is the best manner to use this wing airframe with the increased curvature on top). Of course, taking out the landing gear to allow the wing to ride upside down from how it is presently configured, however, this will take lots of time and energies so, presently, I am doing the simple stuff.

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Posted by PittSpecial | Oct 03, 2013 @ 12:21 AM | 6,507 Views
Hello good people!

Just wanted to share a treasure troll of a WORK SHOP that provides 72 Degree F comfort and has everything you can think of to make your own parts!!

Introducing Tom Holmes Work Shop in Central Florida!!

Tom is on the Left!

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