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Posted by Sweetrex | Aug 26, 2013 @ 03:51 PM | 7,101 Views
After a couple weeks of trying to sell my Great Planes Revolver, I decided to just fly it. I was apprehensive about flying it because I read that it is fast (it is...very fast) and I hated to think that I could ruin such a beautiful plane in a split second.

So, as the story goes in the GP Revolver thread, the thing is a rocket ship and very hard to slow down. It's a hefty bird and seems to want to stall at a higher speed than I'm accustomed to. This is going to take some time to figure out. The maiden flight went off without a hitch. It was the part about stopping that threw me a curve ball! I attempted 3 landings and all were way too fast so I pushed it out a bit further and made my approach longer. I think I almost had the speed right on. When the wheels touched down, I made a small correction with the rudder to put me, "back on the straight and narrow". I think the gear is too narrow and I either caught the wheel pant or bumped the wingtip. On top of that, she bounced back up and when it came down again, sheared the gear clean off. So, if you're still reading this, the damage was a broken propeller and a repair of the landing gear. Of course, I'll be repairing with fiberglass and either next time it will hold up or it will tear the entire bottom out of the fuse. We'll see next week...
Posted by Sweetrex | Oct 21, 2011 @ 04:05 PM | 7,734 Views
Well, I hate to say goodbye to her but I really don't have an interest in flying this plane anymore. It makes an awesome trainer and aerial photography or FPV ship but I just don't have a need for that anymore. I posted it a few weeks back and have had 0 bites. Kinda disappointing actually. Anyway, If you're interested, here are some pictures and you can contact me directly by PM.
She's never been crashed, hardly flown, practically brand new...I bought it about 4 months ago. Bought it as a PNP version for $299.99 but I'm including an AR6100 receiver and 2 E-Flite batteries. Total price...a whopping $275. The catch is that I'm not really interested in shipping it so if you're in Las Vegas, send me a message!
Posted by Sweetrex | Jun 16, 2011 @ 05:23 PM | 8,211 Views
Just wanted to post a couple pics of my new Funjet.

HET 3W outrunner
5.5x5.5 prop
4S 2600mAh Turnigy Nano-Tech
HS-55 Servos

I decided on the old Funjet because it was considerably cheaper. Also, I've never flown one before but from what I've read, even the old one performs well. We'll see this weekend. I had it ready to fly last week but at the last minute I decided not to fly because the cheap, Chinese hardware (the pushrod connectors) was not instilling confidence.
Posted by Sweetrex | Mar 07, 2011 @ 12:12 PM | 8,167 Views
Had a great weekend for flying. The weather was nice, especially following two weekends of high wind. That's probably the only complaint about the weather here in Las Vegas. The wind is horrible a couple of times a year. other than that there's nothing better than 45+ weekends a year to fly.

I maidened the Squall on Saturday. I thought I was ready and indeed my body and mind were ready but the plane had a different plan. I failed to follow my own cardinal rule of flying...never fly a plane knowing that something is not set right per the instructions or your better judgment. I knew the throws were set too high, yet I thought I knew better and flew the thing anyway. Talk about a corkscrew! I think it rolled about four or five times before it got behind me. When I turned around to see where I was headed, the sun blinded me and I lost sight of it for a millisecond. Not that seeing it would have helped me at all. By that time I had already flown over my comrades and was headed towards their vehicles. I was in emergency mode long before the sun got in the way.I finally ditched it away from the crowds and thankfully no one seemed too alarmed or shook up. I had plenty of altitude but when you don't know if it's right side up or upside down one move of the elevator could mean a save or a lotta trouble. Fortunately, things went well for me. It is repairable and hopefully I'll have it back out again next weekend...we'll see.

On a positive note, the 36 Lightning flew exceptionally well. It will do a vertical take-off although I need to practice a bit with that. I think it's all about timing. the first thing it wants to do when it comes off the ground is roll to the right. I think if I let it continue to roll, it will do a complete roll and have enough speed to make the ailerons responsive and pull out of it.
Posted by Sweetrex | Mar 01, 2011 @ 12:45 PM | 8,208 Views
Well, I finally moved into a house that I could carve a portion of the garage out and say, "It's mine." Actually, I think my wife said, "Get this stuff out of the house." Either way, it's mine.
I was lucky enough to be able to put all of our storage stuff into one of the three car garage spaces. That left me with a two car garage to do what I wanted in. Although it's not done, I don't know if it ever will be. I've found that over the last month, there will always be changes to make. Whether it's putting up more hooks, rearranging the tools for better access, or moving the table around. The point is...I can do what I please with it and it's a relatively large area compared to what other people are working with. Any suggestions for a better arrangement are welcome.

I also added some pictures of new planes I've brought into the stable. The kids in the pictures are just decorations. I was thinking about hanging them up from the ceiling and the walls....Continue Reading
Posted by Sweetrex | Feb 09, 2011 @ 02:26 PM | 8,325 Views
I haven't posted anything in my blog lately so I thought I'd update it...

I really didn't think anybody really cared to read about my boring life but apparently YOU do. Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this right now. If you choose to go on to the next blog, just know that you've already added one more "view" to this blog post so it's too late. You might as well finish reading.

I got caught bringing new tools into the "man cave" the other night. I was walking in the garage, the wife opened the door and there I was, Home Depot bags in hand, looking as guilty as ever. I immediately dropped them and picked up some non-consequential item on the floor. Too late. Busted. Fortunately for me, my wife is cool like that. And even though I know she knows, she didn't say anything other than, "Whadga get?". Did I feel guilty? Yes. Would I go it again? Ina heartbeat. Sometimes even I need some lovin' from the bank account. JK. I love my life and my wife.

We have alot of new members at our club this year. So far I think I've emailed about a dozen emails to new members. That's good. It shows that there are still people interested in the hobby. The only thing I wish would change is that "Eyore" (That's what I call the depressing employee at the LHS) would quit recommending litlle "toys" for the newbs. There's nothing worse than telling a guy he wasted $100 on a, "Wattage POS-380" and now he has to spend $...Continue Reading
Posted by Sweetrex | Dec 20, 2010 @ 01:53 PM | 8,601 Views
So I took some time this weekend to finish up the Ultrafly Furious. Thanks to Charlie at Ultrafly for a fabulous offer and excellent communication and shipping. Everything came as expected including the bag of nails which I will now use to build a deck off the back porch . Actually, that's what my wife would want me to do with them but I think they'll just get tucked away in my collection of nails, nuts and bolts. They might come in handy some day.

The Furious went together really nice. Nothing too complicated or can't be figured out with a little past experience. The only part of this build that I didn't really enjoy was putting the tail feathers together. The EPO foam is kinda flimsy so it makes it harder to work with. Like some, I used the screws and backplates provided for the control horns. A nominal amount of weight for much assurance. Unlike many other, I assembled the connecting rods on the main wings per the directions. After evaluating the method outlined in the manual. I think they will be strong enough for their intended use. I guess I'll find out soon. For the battery compartment lid I used coroplast. It is secured with a spare servo arm I used as a latch. All control rods were made out of the metal rods provided. (saved the CF rods for a future project)

No flight report as of yet. The weather has been rainy and windy.

Model: Ultrafly Furious
Type: EPO Foam Biplane 3D Trainer
AUW: 12.2 oz (including battery)
Motor: E-...Continue Reading
Posted by Sweetrex | Nov 02, 2010 @ 09:19 AM | 8,795 Views
Minot, North Dakota that is.

From what I've been told this place can get down to -90 degrees in the dead of winter. So I guess I'm lucky that the weather predictors say it's been a mild Winter so far. I'm experiencing the pleasure of visiting our Airman, Zach. He's spent 2 years away from home and this is the first time I've seen him in those two years. Actually, I hope to drag him back home with me on Friday so he can get reacquainted with his mom, brothers and sisters. That will be a great surprise for my wife. I've got 4 more days here and then it's back to "the grind".

If anyone can point the way to a hobby shop here in the middle of nowhere that would be great. There's got to be someone who flies planes out here. If I lived in this part of the country (Heaven forbid), I know I'd have a runway and pit area in my backyard. LMK.

To answer the question I asked in the title of this post and in the words of the locals..."Freezin's the reason".
Posted by Sweetrex | Oct 21, 2010 @ 04:59 PM | 9,229 Views
I suppose I could go on and on about how utterly ridiculous Barack has been with the airspace everywhere he goes but I think more than a few of us have been inconvenienced by his reindeer games.

OK, I get the need to protect our fearless leaders but c'mon! I can't even begin to imagine the terror and destruction my Parkzone Cub can do. Everything that flies is banned within 10nm of the Caesars Palace! and then there's a second area that encompasses 30nm. That's the whole freakin' valley!! What's up with that? Is he really doing such a sucky job in his position that model airplanes have become a problem? How is Joe Parkflyer supposed to know about this? and can they really track a 40" wingspan, EPP foam model? Does our country have the time and energy for this? Well, I'm going to show my respect for this notice anyway by NOT flying on Saturday morning (besides that, don't have time for federal prison) but it still "Twists my Nonner" (that's South African for you know what).
Posted by Sweetrex | Oct 14, 2010 @ 02:52 PM | 9,224 Views
I have a really cool story that I think everyone should know about...

Several weeks ago I was cruising the classifieds for some deals. While looking through the advertisements I saw a "wanted" ad for a Ritewing Demon 40. I reviewed the request and began a PM conversation with the advertiser, iceman77. We conversed back and forth and it became evident that I had exactly what he was looking for. So the conversation progressed into emails and eventually a deal was worked out.
Now came the tricky part...as we all know, sometimes these deals go sour and there has to be a huge level of trust on the part of both parties. Especially when you're dealing with someone from out of the country (no offense to those good r/cer's Who live somewhere else). I found out that "iceman" was from Mexico. Immediately, flags were going up. Can I trust this guy? He wants to send me a payment sight unseen and trusts that I really have what I say I have. hmmm. What could this mean? So I took my chances. He paid half up front via paypal and said he'd pay the remaining balance when he picked it up...here in Vegas.That's weird b/c I just happened to catch this wanted ad for a plane I had, the guy was willing to send me a payment AND I didn't have to ship it b/c it just so happened that he was going to be in Las Vegas, NV in a couple of weeks! Man, I almost turned down the deal just b/c it seemed too coincidental. Well, I'm glad I didn't because this story has an awesome...Continue Reading
Posted by Sweetrex | Oct 13, 2010 @ 11:08 AM | 9,084 Views
Here's a link to the build log I just started. Enjoy

Posted by Sweetrex | Oct 12, 2010 @ 11:03 AM | 9,191 Views
America has become a country of people who are interested in knowing, "what is going on behind the curtain." Hence, the reason why UPS and FedEx have become a more and more popular way to ship packages. Every package gets a tracking number and that tracking number is updated at least everyday depending on where it is sent from and the total travel time between sorting stations. Either way, the package can be visualized and practically mapped as to where it's been and the exact date when it will be on my doorstep. Drivers are courteous and prompt and wouldn't dare think to leave a note on your door without ringing the bell and knocking first. I'll admit, they don't always wait at the door for you to answer and often times they are driving off before you even get to the door but hey, it's there on your porch the day it was promised. Why are they so dedicated to their jobs? The answer is accountability. If they don't do their job or somebody complains about how rude they were or the package arrived a day late without reason, somebody's gettin' in trouble. Besides that, I am a firm believer that they are proud to work for a corporation that is reliable, fast, and accountable. Which brings me to the US Postal Service...

Every time I have a package delivered through the mail, something always gets lost, stolen, damaged or is late for no reason. I want to give you a brief example of my last experience with the post office...
A while back, I traded a guy on RC...Continue Reading
Posted by Sweetrex | Oct 08, 2010 @ 11:15 AM | 9,204 Views
My wife was gracious enough to let me put my new wing rack up in our room. To me it really doesn't look too bad (especially since my work table is a mess) but I could tell by the reaction on her face that it wasn't her idea of the perfect wall decoration. But hey, that's why I love her. She's willing to accept me for who I am...a nut case.

Well, here it is in all of it's glory. Made of 1/4" PVC and pipe insulation for cushion. I suppose I could add a couple more slots. These are kind of spaced out too much for the Ritewings but I'll work on it later. For now I just needed a place to put them as they were cluttering my space.
Posted by Sweetrex | Oct 06, 2010 @ 12:47 PM | 10,092 Views
So I was working on a construction project one time and a Superintendent said to me, "Marco, you can't walk around all the time with your head in the clouds, thinking about your model airplanes and helicopters." What an IDIOT. He sure was wrong about that. Not a day goes by that I don't have at least 5 hours of thought about my airplanes.

Does anybody else have my disease?
Posted by Sweetrex | Oct 04, 2010 @ 12:39 PM | 9,485 Views
Here's a picture of me and the family this year. Believe it or not, it's not ALL of us. We have two older sons as well. Zachariah serves his country in the Air Force and Matthew passed away in 2005 after a hiking accident at age 15. Yea, every time I look at a building or a high voltage power line I try to imagine what 100' feet looks like and try less hard to imagine falling from that height. I guess I'll forever be plagued with that.
Posted by Sweetrex | Oct 04, 2010 @ 12:01 PM | 9,491 Views
I built my first night flyer this weekend. I went out to fly on Saturday (beautiful flying day BTW), and guess what?...I broke the prop before I even got airborne. Of course I didn't have any supplies or tools with me since I didn't intend to spend all morning there. I spent probably 30 minutes setting up and about 30 seconds "flying". I don't even know if you can call it that. Anyway...

Since I wasn't able to do much flying this weekend, I decided to build. And fortunately for me, my wifey was more interested in playing Sims 3 than hanging out with me. That was cool though. I spent the ENTIRE day playing with my new toy! It's mostly built now. I've added some additional markings on it to make it more easily identifiable in the day time since I'm going to need to fly it in the light first before I venture into the night. I had lots of fun and got plenty of practice with the soldering iron.
Posted by Sweetrex | Sep 29, 2010 @ 05:33 PM | 9,267 Views
I really enjoy reading everyone else's blog so much I figured it might be nice to give others some insight into my hobby life...

I'm currently a 30 year old Business Development Director for our Family's construction company. If you're wondering what that means, it means I know where all of the hot places are to eat in town, I can talk your ear off, and I know how to swipe that company credit card faster than Lindsay Lohan on a shopping spree. All kidding aside, I try to solidify relationships and get business from our clients.
I am married with children. 10 to be exact. No, I'm not old enough to have fathered them all myself but I am their Dad. They range everywhere from 21 to 2.5. 6 girls and 4 boys. I was hoping to even the score with the last one but I guess that just wasn't the plan. So I got my princess, Sophia. (She's a Daddy's girl)

I started flying in 1995 with a Tower Trainer 60. It was a fantastic plane which quickly ended it's maiden flight after only (I kid you not) 5 seconds in the air. A good climb out and then a quick roll to the right and then it was all over.
Now we can fast forward to Winter 2008. My brother came up with this crazy idea to get Helimax Rotofly's. Another huge disaster. The heli costs about $150 and after two months of crashes I put it away and never looked back. The good part about it though was that I was bitten by the R/C bug again. I've had several helicopters including a Hirobo Shuttle ZX and a Trex 450. I've had a...Continue Reading