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Posted by ace8063 | Jan 02, 2014 @ 03:32 PM | 2,764 Views
I have recently created a new type of frame called Cube X8 for multicopters.
The frames that are already in the market lack one vital component, and that is mobility.
The frame I have created is designed to provide durability and portability providing ease of transportation and handling.
As seen in the attached picture, you can easily fold the motor rod and carry the entire frame using the handle.
This not only gives comfort in carrying your copter but also saves space to make it portable.
Furthermore, this frame is designed to be compatible with the NAZA control board.
The design also allows gimbles appropriated for GoPro cameras.
Filming with this frame comes easy as none of the frame comes into the field of recording when using cameras.
The frame is currently made out of aluminum due to current funds.
But, the frame can also be made with carbon material. Currently a hard cover that protects the unitís control board, GPS, and rotors is being developed.
Please contact me for further information.

[email protected]

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