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Posted by jofrost | Dec 17, 2011 @ 08:14 AM | 8,448 Views
My sincere apologies to all that registered on my website . The overwhelming amount of spammers and cost/time restraints with maintaining the site were a bit much for me at this time .

The Funbuilds will continue here on RC Groups as long as the moderators will allow us Thanks to all who participate . Any that have questions , suggestions or concerns regarding Funbuild contests , please fell free to PM me here on RCG .

Thanks again for all the support !

Posted by jofrost | Mar 22, 2009 @ 11:17 AM | 10,761 Views
Recently I got back in touch with an old friend whom I hadn't seen in almost twenty years . He showed much interest in electric flying so I decided to push his interest a bit further by putting together a GWS Pico Stik slope glider with a bunch of old gear I had lying around . Even will get my old Futaba 3ch Skysport Tx . to make sure he has a nice "RTF" when all is ready to go .

The gear I used was

-Old Lens RC 17T BL CD ROM motor
-GWS 8x4 prop w/prop saver
-( 2 ) GWS Pico Servos
-Futaba 114F Rx
-E-Flite 2s 800mah lipo
-T-Bird 9 ESC
AUW : 7.1 oz.

In any event I got it up and running . Still want to do a bit more testing before I let him try her out . I will probably hook him up to the "buddy box" and see how it goes .

Here are a couple picks from todays super windy "maiden" . Sometimes I never learn or am too impatient to wait for calm weather . At any rate it worked out well and made it back in one piece

More on my friends training/flying later...

Posted by jofrost | Mar 02, 2009 @ 07:00 PM | 10,587 Views
I know not my typical scale model . Was looking to make something for the front yard , so I whipped this up from balsa scraps . My first design a success ( yippee ) Flew ok , but need a calm day to fine tune . I call it the "Thing"...

AUW 2.8 oz .

Gear :
5g outrunner
6amp Castle T-Bird
2- 3.3g servos
Corona Rx
4x2.5 prop ( GWS )
2s 250mah lipo
Posted by jofrost | Sep 28, 2008 @ 11:55 AM | 11,556 Views
Here is my scale build of Jeff Bosleys P40 . The construction is "stick & tissue" and went together beautifully . AUW is about 10 oz. and is designed for the popular "Blue Wonder" outrunner motor .

See my detailed build thread here :

The graphics are vinyl from Callie Graphics

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Posted by jofrost | Jul 22, 2007 @ 09:32 AM | 12,685 Views
My first "scratchbuild" , and one without very much scale documetation available


See my prototype build here :
Posted by jofrost | May 28, 2007 @ 06:30 PM | 12,010 Views
Heres a pic of my Dumas Waco YMF-5

And the latest off the board 4/18/08 Dumas Aeronca C3 ( Pat Tritle design )

See the Aeronca C3 build :

And the short lived Easybuilt Models Westland Lysander that suffered a bad maiden ( to be repaired )

Lysander build :