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Posted by tigroot | Jan 08, 2012 @ 11:22 AM | 4,137 Views
A few pictures from the F3K team select contest I flew in. The contest was 3 days from 9/30-10/3. The winners attended the word championships in Arboga, Sweden from 7/4-7/10. Prior to the contest we got 10 inches of rain. Conditions were brutal for flying hand launch, cold windy and very wet.
Here's a link with contest info: http://olgol.com/F3K-Trials-2010/

Here's another link to the senior results from the world championships in Sweden: http://www.f3k-wc-2011.se/DynamicFil...f%20Senior.pdf...Continue Reading
Posted by tigroot | Jan 08, 2012 @ 10:52 AM | 4,192 Views
Some pictures from NATS 2011. We had 2 days of F3K, 2 days of TD and 2 days of F3J using 1/2 mono and 1/2 nylon. Whew! lots of flying but had fun.

Also visited the USAF museum in OHIO on the way up, very cool I recommend....Continue Reading
Posted by tigroot | Jan 08, 2012 @ 10:36 AM | 4,127 Views
Some pictures from NATS in 2010. We flew hand launch for 2 days and TD for 2 days....Continue Reading
Posted by tigroot | Aug 11, 2009 @ 07:02 PM | 6,019 Views
Here are a few photos from this years 2009 soarings nationals. This was my first time attending. What an outstanding event. If you've never been you should add it to your calander. We were there for 6 days: 2 days TD, 2 days F3J which I did not participate in and 2 days of hand launch. I enjoyed watching and learing on the F3J stuff. TD was awesome with over 90 pilots attending, Jim Deck did an awesome job as CD. The lift was really big as well as as some of the biggest sink cycles I have ever experienced! Handlaunch was great as well. We flew on the same site as TD and F3J so we just moved our tent down the line some! The handlaunch conditions were challenging as the wind got up each day and most pilots flew with 1-2 ounces of ballast. Lots of top flyers landing way out and some very short. It made for a great contest! Denny from Polecat Aero was the CD and did a great job....Continue Reading
Posted by tigroot | Aug 06, 2008 @ 05:23 PM | 7,252 Views
Here are some picts of new PERFECT for me and Cliff. I Love the color choice for both. Bottoms are naked carbon. Craftsmanship is typical Samba, very good! I finished the yellow one first. I'm flying on 72Mhz even though the fuz is 2.4. Both planes are C68 versions. RTF weight is 77oz @ CG of 110. I used JR368 all around and JR3421 for elevator. The plane is simply a pleasure to fly. Very well mannered and responsive, goes where you point it, indicates lift very well, thermal turn bank angle easy to maintain and vary, responds well to camber and reflex. I have no reservations about going after low level lift with this plane! I am using an F3B type winch on 1.2mm mono @ ~150meters to turn. Looking foreword to much more time with it :-)
The ballast system has changed on the newest versions, attached are how the ballast looks. The fuselage tube is gone and only a saddle resides for these to bolt to.The ball on the tube prevents them from sliding past the ring potentially down the fuze during install. 6.75 and 21.3 oz. The wrench and bolt come with the plane....Continue Reading
Posted by tigroot | Aug 04, 2008 @ 07:42 AM | 6,537 Views
Here are some pict from this years Polecat Challenge 2008. We had a blast. If you have not been to a hand launch contest yet, I recommend joining in. There is a wide rang of skill level from the beginner to professional. I fly a Taboo GT and a Vandal, both 4 channel versions.
...Continue Reading
Posted by tigroot | Aug 07, 2007 @ 06:15 PM | 6,267 Views
Here are some picts I took while at this years Polecat Challenge. Had a great time! Enjoyed a smoked Pig named Fluffy for lunch on Saturday while watching Mark Drela hand launch a 3 meter into multiple thermals, that was cool. Great turn out and good to see everybody....Continue Reading
Posted by tigroot | Apr 15, 2007 @ 07:49 AM | 6,806 Views
Thought I would post a few picts of the new Tiger from Graupner. I got plane and all gear from Clifff at Atlanta hobby. I bought as a light weight, easy to launch and zoom around with hooligan plane for kicks. I love all things molded so this seemed to fit the bill, as it was on sale when I got it. There was a review on this plane so just do a search for more detail. Here is how mine is set up:
Motor: 1506/2D/6.7 finned Had to sand down the first 2 fins taper back to fit.
Batt: EVO 3C 3300
Controller: PHX 80
Prop: Aeronaut 16/13
Rx pack: 4C 700Mah aaa (overkill)
AUW: 45.76 oz
CG: approx 63mm
Power: With 16/13 prop: static 107A. Inflight = [50sec motor used 1118 AH charged back in ((1118/5000) * 360 = 80.5A
Battery was just slightly warm after flight. True, unlimited vertical. MH30 provides great speed and turns track very well. Wing seems a littly flexy with it off and one end on ground with hand in the middle. I dont notice it in flight.

Edit: Crashed in mid-air at SEFF 2007 needs new wing everything else is fine.
Edit 8/20/07: New Tiger (Red/white) )still have old fuse with servo in tail. I think I like the red better. Had to use an HS125 digi in the tail, it's all I had but fits fine. Power system is awesome!...Continue Reading
Posted by tigroot | Dec 09, 2006 @ 09:24 AM | 7,580 Views
I attended my first Handlaunch contest this year. The ECHLGF was Oct 21-22 in Wilson, NC. What a great flying field the DESS boys have, wish we had one like that at home! Pilot skill was amazing, especially challenging for myself with the variable conditions of wind, overcast, mist and even rain. I enjoyed the contest pace as well as the unique flying tasks. All up last down was cool as well as the keep the last two. Meeting and chatting with some of the top pilots was nice. Alot was learned and much fun was had. I had a blast! The hotel I stayed in left alot to be desired. I would not take my wife to somewhere like that but I didn't care. I have stayed in worse back when I did power unit installations and traveled alot. Here's looking foreword to attending another HL contest in the not so distant future, maybe Polecat.. Oh yea, finished 4th in Sportsman and 17th overall out of 25 pilots....Continue Reading
Posted by tigroot | Dec 08, 2006 @ 05:52 PM | 7,551 Views
Here are a few designs I created this year and late last year. I'm using Autodesk Inventor for modeling software.
Posted by tigroot | Dec 08, 2006 @ 03:57 PM | 7,773 Views
Some photos of the RW2B. This is an F5B class plane made by STRATAIR in Austria. Wingspan is 1.9Meters, AUW is 2017Grams using 14 IB4200s. Servos: Dymond D60 A-F and Digi Hitec 125 for the tail. Motor: NEU 1509/1Y/5.2. With some help, I made the full flying elevator removable using carbon rod and tubing. Constructon is top notch, using full carbon for the wings and Kevlar/Carbon for the fuse. I'm always amazed how well it will thermal for an F5B class plane.
Posted by tigroot | Dec 03, 2006 @ 12:24 PM | 8,038 Views
I've been flying the Pike-e for about a year now. Power system is a Neu 1509/1Y/6.7 PHX 80 with 12GP2200s. The batteries are a hinged pack 6~6.This has full carbon F3B 80g/dm wings with ballast tubes (yea). AUW is 105oz. ouch. However, thinking about going to Lipos soon. Could save probably 15oz easy. The quality is outstanding, almost perfect. I highly recommend this plane. It handles well and responds good to camber changes. Servos are JR368 digis for ailerons and flaps. Not sure what servos were factory installed in the tail but know they are digital and pretty sure they have metal gears. I like how the e-fuselage has a canopy instead of the slp-on nose cone. Allows non-techinical battery changes.

Update: 5/21/07 Changed to 1506/2D/6.7, EVO 3S/3300 LiPo. Moved Rx battery all the way up behind Rx fo balance. AUW is now 92oz! With CG at 115mm, this thing in insane! Climb is about the same or slightly better, near vertical....Continue Reading
Posted by tigroot | Dec 03, 2006 @ 10:56 AM | 7,854 Views
Thought I would post some picture of the trip I took to Nuremburg, Germany in 2005 with a couple friends. This was my first trip overseas. We had a great time, the German food was different but good. I liked the sausages w/kraut and especialy the great beer. Was cool to listen to the different languages being spoken. We stopped by the toy show since it was in town, lots of cool stuff there. Did some shopping and took a train ride to Regensburg. The exchange rate was not that great....Continue Reading