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Hi guys
For a while ago I started a 1/6.5 scale mq9 reaper scratch build project
with 1/6.5 scale I'm going to have a Reaper with 309cm wing span and a fuselage a shade shorter than 1700mm (including the spinner)

Without thinking a lot at the start of the project I just went ahead and chose epler374 for both root and tip wing airfoils,
Then I found Mark Drela's design on apogee and suddenly became very unsure about my choice of airfoil!
So after putting many hours on auto cad and designing the wing I went back to square one and started asking myself is epler374 really a good choice?
I did a little research and found a thread about a Predator project here.
in that thread Mark suggested to use the SD7032 for root and the SD7037 for the tip of the wing. I thought Predator is the little brother for the Reaper I could probably use the same airfoil for my project
The problem is when I look at my auto cad design I need a root which is around 48-50mm thick to be able to get a scale look for my machine and by looking at SD7032 in an online airfoil plotter for a chord of 280mm and at 100% thickness the airfoil is around 30 mm at is thickest section.
I'm not an aerodynamic guy at all so can you please tell me if I increase the thickness of the root airfoil to lets say 150%-160% to get the thickness I want (just for the sake of look) what kind of side effekt I get?
I know for sure I will have more drag but what else?
Is there any other airfoil you could suggest for this project and this scale?

Thank you
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My Giant TF Corsair
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My giant TF P-47 and T-Rex 600 with scale MD- 500 fuse
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Skymaster F-15 Composite EDF 120mm fan/12s

Pilot 100cc Sbach
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Hi there people

for smaller quadcopters / planes or even cars, smaller all-in-one FPV systems have been available for a while now.. Quanum (HobbyKing) has one.. So fo Hyperion & Eachine.. Those are basically available with an infinate nr of 'labels'..

Those all have just a 25mW 5.8Ghz transmitter though.. Only a 600 tvl camera, and most (all?) only do NTSC..
A few weeks back I came across this Eachine MC02 AIO system though..
Link to this FPV system: Eachine MC02 AIO

Here is my review of that micro FPV system:

DutchRC - Eachine MC02 AIO - Micro FPV system 900tvl 40 channel - REVIEW (10 min 11 sec)

channels: 40ch
resolution: 900tvl
output: 5.8Ghz 25mW or 200mW selectable
Input: 3 - 26V
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Saturday Morning Sortie (4 min 1 sec)

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So I watched the highly anticipated Gopro event and I'm left with some good feelings and some not so good ones.

To get the bad out of the way.

1. Something new and different?
The camera offerings miss the mark because they really don't offer much different than what they are currently selling. Yes the Hero 5 Black is water proof and yeah it does have some extra neato features but is the image quality that much different than before? Does it still have fish eye? Does it still have a massive amount of RF interference? (more on that later)

2. Price:
The price of the cameras are still too high.
I understand that GoPro sees themselves as a premium brand but with competition from actual well known premium camera brands that offer zoom and other nice to have features can GoPro really demand such prices?

3. Cheap seats.
There are many cheap cameras that come close to the performance in the minds of the average person. The average person isn't going to spend time doing massive edits or count Mbps. All they really care about is price and there are many cheapo sports cameras on the market that fit into the budget of the average family making $50 grand a year. Next year we will see even more.

4. Economy:
Many people are very leery of the market and the direction of the country this year. All market indicators look bleak as far as consumer spending going into the holiday season. Normally during an election year the market and consumer index does well but not this time around....Continue Reading
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Hope I'm not breaking any rules, I don't think so because this is my blog. I just needed a place to host these photos for another site until I figure out another way to do it.
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This was another busy summer at our house with little-to-no model building. Feeling unhappy about that I took steps to change it this weekend and began building the Kadets left wing.
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My flying club is the Green Mountain RC club located in Essex Junction, Vermont.
Averaging 50-60 members each year on the roster, we promote RC modeling and flying for almost the entire north western area of Vermont. Our club has monthly meetings and fun flys and we run a contest night during the summer. Members try to attend events such as NEAT Fair, Maine Jet Rally, Joe Nall, as well as local events by other clubs in VT and upper NY.
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The biggest fpv event(except drone prix) is on the way.

Gens ace American office,German office and Chinese office would all show up there ,so welcome to stop by our booth and share your opinions and videos here
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First attempt at improving airflow by bending the struts 90 degrees using the
tip of needle nosed pliers, heated with a lighter for about 5 seconds.
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For those who are waiting for discount in Europe,here it comes,5 years anniversary sale,full of surprises for deal of the day,check some category as below:

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Don't turn your head away.
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(US Only)
Hello friend ,

We need 5 reviews for MJX X400 X800 X300C MJX RC Drone lipo battery

Original price:$16.93
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Thanks for your help!
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Walkera Aibao WIFI FPV Virtual Racing RC Quadcopter With 4K HD Camera APP RTF

Walkera Aibao WIFI FPV Virtual Racing RC Quadcopter With 4K HD Camera APP RTF

Product Details

Brand Name: Walkera
Item NO.: Aibao
Color: White
Take off Weight: 570g(with battery)
Main Rotor Diameter: 280mm
Maximal rise speed: 5m/s
Maximal decline speed: 3m/s
Maximum level flight speed: GPS mode: 5m/s
Sport mode: 10m/s
Altitude hold mode: 20m/s
Maximum pitch angle: Sport mode: 40
Flying time: 20 mins
Flying temperature: -25℃ ~ +60℃
Satellite positioning module: Dual GPS
Hovering accuracy: 2.5m (horizontal) 0.5m (vertical)

Frequency : 2.4G
Channel : 12CH
Gyro:6 Axis
Transmitter Battery: 7.4 V 6000mAh
Standby time: 48 hours
Transmit power : 100mW
Receiving sensitivity (1% PER): '-93dBm
The maximum effective singal distance: Above 1.5km

Sensor size: 1/2.3
Resolution: 12MP
Photo resolution: 16M(4640*3480)
Video resolution: UHD: 4096x2160p 25 fps
3840x2160p 30 fps
FHD: 1920x1080p 60 fps
HD: 1280x720p 120 fps
Video format: MP4/MOV
Support memory card types: SD/SDHC/SDXC Micro SD
Working temperature: -10℃ ~ +40℃
FPV system
FPV control distance: 800m
Frequency : 5.8G
RF transmit power EIRP: 200mW
Transmission rate: >6Mbps
Video transmission delay: About 300ms
Transmission / reception power:...Continue Reading
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Rend Lake Warbirds 2016 (20 min 26 sec)

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Ordered some budget Servos ..
Well , when I say budget I mean the cheapest money can buy of Ebay ...

Two servos got here today , I hope I don't have to wait too long for the rest .. Will make for an interesting head to head test I think ..
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Red Tail Mustang (5 min 42 sec)