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Posted by stevenmurrell | Apr 22, 2011 @ 02:45 PM | 6,130 Views
We fly at a small site here called Bluff Park. It is located just inside Long Beach, CA just north of Belmont Shores. It is a smaller bluff with a public walkway against the rail, against the bluff, that is very much used by folks just "enjoying" the afternoon.
We have been flying there for years. I myself started flying there in 1982 and crashed in to the bluff many times before actually making my first real pass, upwind and back down. That was with a Mark's Model 72" Wanderer. Back then we used to worry about the city shutting us down because of all the planes that ended up on Ocean Blvd., or in the backyard of the Nunnery across the street. The use of powered planes was very much frowned upon because of the sound, and speed that the power planes made, plus they really didn't need a "slope" in order to fly.
The same still holds true with the electrics of today. A couple of months ago I was out to the bluff for the afternoon and there wasn't a whole lot of wind, but there was a little. A bit after I got there several guys came up with their EDF jets. They were hooking bottle rockets to them, flying erratically and very dangerously. They were starting off out of control, looping their aircraft (not intentionally) over the grass area at the top of the bluff, diving nose first and with full throttle in to the ground (just missing people), setting off the bottle rockets on the planes, while in flight (no idea where the rockets would go), and generally...Continue Reading
Posted by stevenmurrell | Mar 02, 2011 @ 03:24 PM | 6,454 Views
Well, I have been flying again for about a month now (actually about 3 but only had wind in the last and this last weekend was great! My tigerlula is quickly becoming my favorite little flyer. Last Sunday I was doing rolls, split S's, loops, and quick inverts.
It is amazing how much you loose when you haven't flown in years and years. It is also amazing how fast you start getting it back. The Scrappy probably wasn't the best little wing to "remember" on but it sure did make "sensitive controls" a part of normal flying!
I am almost ready to go flying other places than Bluff Park, but not until I get "the sign" up.

Update 06/03/2011
So went from loving the alula (great for slow flying, floating, loops, really lite lift) to the Scrappy (with an added 3-4 oz. fast, agile, snap rolls in a blink, nice carry through) to the Tuff Plane P51D (after adding more ballast, nice pumps, smooth rolls, flies well inverted) and will try out my newset toy (RTF ME-262 from nauga, thanks Dave) this weekend. The ILL2 still has flat spin issues when applying left aileron but haven't given up hope on it yet. I had forgotten just how much i LOVE this hobby! Still have 5 other kits waiting in the garage plus the new Shadow, once I get it...........
Happy Flying to all!...Continue Reading