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Posted by DPlumpe | Jan 14, 2012 @ 02:31 PM | 7,466 Views
I'm a friend and fan of the late Hurst Bowers - a great modeler and true Southern Gentleman. He co-founded the highly regarded Flyline Models kit company, was inducted into the AMA's Model Aviation Hall of Fame, and left us with about 80 model designs that I know of. I keep a list of his designs to preserve his work and promote his memory.

I've done parts layouts and had parts lasercut for some of his designs. So far I've done build threads on three:
34-5/8" Buhl Sport Airsedan (April 1966 Aeromodeller)
39" Kinner Sportster (Flyline)
39" Farman Moustique (Flyline)

These are all good fliers, though I had to modify the Buhl Sport some and the Kinner could use some washout. The Farman is my favorite electric flier!

And Dick Everett's built the 30" Lincoln Sport bipe (June 1975 Flying Models) from my parts.

-Dave Plumpe