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Posted by DismayingObservation | Mar 20, 2016 @ 10:18 PM | 8,096 Views
I have to admit: I'm actually having fun with the Durafly Auto-G2!

I took the G2 for not one ride today but three rides up and around the pattern.

Flying an autogyro is, to put it mildly, weird. It's a joy on takeoff and flies well, but it doesn't seem to go quite where it's pointed.

Breezy conditions on landing tipped the model to its side each time, but thankfully, no damage. I ordered some of the more vulnerable parts from HobbyKing and, joy of joys, I scored a set of used parts for free from my local hobby shop! They were all that was left of a crashed Auto-G (same as the G2 less the automatic main rotor start system) and they would have either languished in the back for all time or would have been discarded.

Having spare blades, rotor hubs and props on hand both from HK and the hobby shop is a big confidence builder. I also now have a motor, ESC, servos, assorted hardware and even a battery hatch cover.

Landings are what I need to work on and despite the challenge, it's fun to try and land it while remaining upright. Most of the problem may have stemmed from the wind and the fact that the main rotor acts as a sort of parachute while it's rotating.

I might be grounded until a week from Sunday because of Easter, but if I can get it in the air once more, I'll do so.

The photo below was taken back in November before the maiden flight. I'm pleased to report that it still looks the same despite some minor mishaps.