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Posted by NoobRc | Today @ 06:31 AM | 168 Views
I don't have a single video of me flying. People have asked me to post a video now and then. More importantly, I feel that reviewing a video will really help me develop the "art" of flying.

Right now, i think i can do most if not all of the maneuvers you can look up in the basic 3D / XA realm - KE, KE spin, pop top, snap roll, inverted, harrier, hover, blender etc.

What i have not learnt yet is how to combine my skills into a routine that not only has stunt but also show. Make it look good, connected.. not just a recipe of stunts I can do one at a time, re-setting in between. There is nothing like video feed back to help yourself, I learnt that in a couple of other situations.

So I finally dove into getting a video cam. Looked at various styles, felt a hat cam was best for me. Ended up getting the following:

1. A baseball cap with a quick mount - go pro buckle style, velcro adjustment in the back

2. A grab bag of mounts / connectors for go pro, including a 180 deg

3. A Yi 4k plus camera - with a touch screen, wifi, and awesome phone app

4. A waterproof housing for the Yi - it was really the only way to get the Yi connected into a buckle mount. But good thing as well.

Next step was to figure out how to do a video end to end. I first got a couple of videos with my dog Teddy chasing and occasionally (almost) grabbing my yard foamie. Its a TwistedHobbys MXS-C 32 inch foamie that gets replaced every 4 months due to abuse. I fly...Continue Reading
Posted by Maksimuzz | Today @ 02:09 AM | 273 Views
3.1 Accelerometr

The sensor is designed to measure of a linear acceleration. As an accelerometer a device ADXL202E (Analog Devices) is used. This is a two-axis accelerometer with output in the form of pulses, the duration of which is proportional to the acceleration. The pulse width is measured by a timer. Only one of the axes (X) is used to measure of the aircraft inclining. The Y axis can be used to calculate the lateral acceleration and its compensation by trimming the rudder position. This feature while is not implemented. This axis(Y) shows the position of the "ball" in the corresponding angular velocity sensor and airplane sliping (For example, Yak-18T, EUP-53).
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When turning (under the turn of the pilots is understood any course change of the aircraft), the pilot to reduce the slip usually levitates the pedals and holds the ball in the center position. The drift of the accelerometer when measuring the slope is shown in picture. As you can see, when drifting into the refrigerator for 15 minutes, the drift was -5 degrees.
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3.2 Gyroscope

The key element of the panel of any aircraft is the horizon. It is usually built on the basis of a mechanical gyroscope. It shows the roll and pitch of the aircraft in the instrumental flight mode. This project uses the MEV-50A semiconductor gyroscope to measure aircraft roll. However, unlike the classical gyroscope, semiconductor gyroscopes measure not absolute roll, but its derivative - angular velocity. This...Continue Reading
Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Yesterday @ 11:20 PM | 357 Views
here i ramble about flying my E-flite Ultimate2 bipe, Blade 130S fix after crash, and my latest thoughts on RC Helis

Well, i logged a few more flights with my E-flite Ultimate2--this time with additional weight to balance for its lack of crappy OEM nose-cone.

She flew great! Landings were fine (tall grass leads to nose overs but who cares)

She does not seem as fast as my E-flite Sukhoi SU-29MM. I imagine her weight runs down a battery quicker than the Sukhoi. Still, i enjoyed the Ultimate's large size & easy flight.

Changing the Main Gear on my Blade 130S Heli was a breeze thanks to JJInvertedProduction via YouTube

I test flew the 130S today and she seems okay!
-Am going to replace tail rotor (has a nick)
-Drink Coffee
-Check Servos and glue servo motors
-Check Swash
-Trim Flight
-Chase a Bee

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~
For anyone unaware, i crashed my 130S at fairly high speed in grass. Yesterday i slowly replayed the video... my 130S bounced about 2-feet in the air after impact
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~
Holy crap, if that was a 180 CFX it woulda been a smoldering pile!
Lesson: Use Idle-Up modes for FFF. Practice Sim to cure dum thum

I am so glad i have my 130S flying again. We missed her. I do want an additional larger Heli but am happy with the 130S for now.

You know, I should get a few extra batteries. These micro-size Helis do not fly very long. I set my timer to 3min in...Continue Reading
Posted by lawrence4 | Yesterday @ 10:37 PM | 362 Views
Wingspan: 768mm
Length: 926mm
Weight: 154g (W/B)
Motor: TURNIGY 1811 2900KV
Propeller: GF 5030
ESC: HIModel FLY-12A
Receiver: SPEKTRUM AR6110e 6ch
Servo: EMAX ES 9051 x 3
Battery: Dualsky 2S 400mAh > 6mins
Wing: 3mm EPS
Body: 1.5mm EPS
Tail: 3mm...Continue Reading
Posted by Rural Flyer | Yesterday @ 09:31 PM | 368 Views
The video was shot at 1080p / 30fps, EIS - on, WDR - on... waiting for a better SD Card to handle 1080p@60fps...

The original 720p cam has been refitted into pill-box and mounted as a "Fixed" ground/deer cam.

Turnigy Eclipse 2k on HS 100 Flight Test (5 min 26 sec)

Posted by coldblood808 | Yesterday @ 09:29 PM | 385 Views
The cost of living in "paradise" permeates in pretty much everything around you if you are are a resident in Hawaii. Being born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, I really never new what the cost was until I got older AND with the coming of the INTERNET! Until then, you just accepted how things were and what they cost. Until the digital age came about, my only reality was through printed magazines, catalogs, newspapers and tv! As a young modeler, I tried to read all the model magazines that the library and newstands had to offer. That was my modeling world.

Then with the coming of the internet, things changed...a lot! I was no longer limited to what Hawaii had to offer. I didnt have to wait for the latest issues of the model magazines or to get the latest catalogs, I could go online and see the latest and greatest things that were hitting the market! I now had access to what the world has to offer, except for those dreaded words, CONUS and lower 48 ONLY! I am beginning to believe that the word CONUS is actually two words..Con Us!

I have recently started to sell off some of my decades worth of modeling equipment that I feel that I no longer need here on the RCG classifieds. While researching shipping costs on the USPS website, I was surprised to find out shipping via Priority mail costs the same to ship from my zip 96720 to New York 10001 as it would if I shipped from the west coast 90001 to 10001. I haven't tried the reverse but I would...Continue Reading
Posted by FPV.Model | Yesterday @ 08:38 PM | 415 Views

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Posted by tailskid2 | Yesterday @ 06:35 PM | 471 Views
Very happy to report my smoke lasted over 7 MINUTES (20oz of oil) because I changed muffler and used a Atomizing smoke oil injection nozzle from 'Crankcase'

Go to https://www.flyinggiants.com/forums/...d.php?t=196895 for a thread of his method of SPRAYING oil into the muffler as opposed to POURING oil into the muffler!

Posted by kydawg1 | Yesterday @ 06:26 PM | 467 Views
Posted by Jackpot3minus | Yesterday @ 06:25 PM | 463 Views
It's a matter of want, not need lol.
Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Yesterday @ 05:44 PM | 537 Views
2 new good specials at the Gearbest 4th Anniversary sales today.

Firstly the fatshark Dominator HD3 full kit (not core) is $399 here. In addition to the Core pack it includes: Zipper Case; 7.4V 1800mAh LiPo Battery; Power Cable; AV Cable; Cleaning Cloth; Connector; Mini HDMI Connector.

Mavic Air Single version is $799 here

All other specials are here (9 of my picks and counting for the Anniversary sale)
Posted by DismayingObservation | Yesterday @ 05:39 PM | 529 Views
No chance yet to fly one of them, but I now have two "new" models for relatively little time, effort and money.

The rebuilt Flyzone SkyFly 2 is ready to rock and roll! Weather, repaving of the club's runway and a major two-week tennis tournament which put the kibosh on an alternate field all came together to keep me grounded, but I hope to take it up on Sunday...if it doesn't rain. The very stiff control surfaces may have led to the demise of the original servos. No problem! I had two nearly new 9g analogs which not only fit, the control arms had the same splines. Hinging the elevator and rudder of the new tail section with CA hinges was easy enough to do and it stands ready for its maiden flight. I even found the original nose wheel in the parts stash. I thought I'd lost it.

Also reborn is a Rotor Concept HPQ1, better known as the LotusRC T380. It was my first big quad, I paid way too much for it, it's been a money pit since then, it's been sitting idle since goodness knows when and that same company has the gall to sell it on Amazon for 400 bucks as I write.

That love/hate relationship really began when the motor driving FETs fell off of the FC like so many rotten teeth. I won't bore you all with details, but it eventually wound up with a new FC from Multirotor Mania and ESCs from Armattan. The motor shafts kept pulling out of the endbells whenever I went to tighten the props, so I paid good money (waaay more than I wanted to spend) to have them pressed back in and secured.

The end result? Quite satisfactory! The PID settings needed attention, especially the proportional since it was constantly over-correcting in hover. Really twitchy. After some tweaks via Cleanflight, it's nearly perfect. The really nice thing is that I now have two models which had some money sunken into them placed back in service.

Pictures to follow.