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Posted by slingshots | Jul 21, 2017 @ 01:13 PM | 18,121 Views
When you have trouble binding or it is not binding and the blue light on the FC is blinking. You should try doing the whole binding process from start to finish as described in the manual. Here is a video link to what the problem might look like.
I had this problem and fixed it as described. If you guys have any more questions, let me know and I will see what I can do. I have 2 Convergence's so I have had some problems. Could someone PM me if they used this idea and it worked, I do not want to make a idiot out of myself.

Convergence VTOL AM (0 min 7 sec)

Post more later.
PM with Q & A
Posted by slingshots | Jun 01, 2017 @ 01:03 PM | 19,304 Views
Part 1
I just got my broken a-10 in the mail( i got here on rcgroups thanks aring) it has a badly broken nose and and popsicle sticks to reinforce the nose. I took some of the popsicle sticks out because it would weight it down to much. I then glued the top pieces together and pored boiling water over the nose, where the the nose had broken right where the plastic end stopped. I then glued that together, after the glue is done drying I am going to remove a few of the other popsicle sticks. as for the bottom i took some fiber i cut off some push-rods and poked it through the foam under the servos so i can attach the bottom part, then on the bottom i glued in a strip of fiber at goes from the servos to the front to prevent it from breaking in many pieces.

Part 2
I just took out more of the pop sticks and replaced it with more fiber. first I installed more fiber on the bottom and took off some of the clothes pins and put them on the top, where i took out two more pop stick pieces. I am going to leave the pop-stick square in the nose there because that makes it so it will not flex. On the bottom I attached the piece with the plastic gun parts and had the fiber that was mounted under the servos hold it in.

Part 3
I have just cut a hatch to the electronics that is meant for access to the electronics, because i am going to glue down the bottom and top half's so it will be more durable, with the reinforced fuse and then the half's glued together it will be A LOT MORE...Continue Reading
Posted by slingshots | May 31, 2017 @ 02:33 PM | 19,311 Views
I have just started to build a flat foamie model the has a WS of 5in.
I am making it out of a foam sausage package that i washed and used.

Part 1: design
I did not want to have to redesign an inter jet so i just looked up the f-35 3 view and copied it and printed it.

Part 2: Modification
I took the 3 view's and cut out a few parts to charge the appearance of the F-35 (the trailing edge has a flat edge and so does the elevator, the nose was extended, just a bit).

Part 3: Cutting
I just used a razor but if you had a hot razor(or wire) you could do it that way to. I first cut out the side and top view of the F-35 out of the piece of paper and taped it down to the foam carton. next i cut the foam using the outline of the F-35.

Part 4: gluing
first I glued on the to of the top side of the BJ-01, then glued on the twin rudders, next I will glue on the bottom side of the BJ.
Now with the bottom panel glued on it looks like a real jet.

Part 5(optional): Painting
I am not painting it, but if you were to make one and paint it, first you would need to paint one side then dry it completely before to paint the other side. Now if you were to get really serious about appearance you could trace the outline of the cockpit and other surfaces.

I have a Freewing F-35 that has a 60mm ducted fan that sponsored to idea

If you have any questions just PM me.


it includes an extra set of main and tail blades and 1 battery and charger no power supply
i will also trade for a eflite edge 280 and eflite inverza 280

Thanks Matt