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This was our third attempt at taking out the Elusive Roland. It was a good battle until the weather got the best of us.
Dogfight in the Rain BF 109, Fockwulf 190, Vs Hawker Hurricane -
Dogfight in the Rain BF 109, Fockwulf 190, Vs Hawker Hurricane (7 min 47 sec)

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Overview of C17
New Aerosky Hexacopter Prototype Overview (5 min 1 sec)

Stay tuned for a New video of the C17!

Mid-Air Collision Attempt Part II fockewulf 190 vs F6F
Mid-Air Collision Attempt Part II fockewulf 190 vs F6F (3 min 15 sec)
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Mid-Air Collision Attempt Part II fockewulf 190 vs F6F (3 min 15 sec)

We had some interesting response to our collision video so we decided to try again. Well this time weather got in the way and we had to cut things short. But hey, at least there was a few crashes.

Actually this was just a normal day at the field. We weren't able to film the trojan crash, since the panic made me click the shutter of the camera (it stops record).

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New Exceed Racing Terrain 10 Short Course Truck Overview (6 min 37 sec)

You are looking at the newest short course truck derived from the Exceed Racing Factory. This is a complete ready to run short course truck. It includes a brushed waterproof electronic speed controller with proportional forward and reverse function. The electronic speed controller pushes power to a high torque 550 canned brushed motor. The power delivery is enough to spin the tires and perform massive dirt power slides like a scale trophy truck would. Aggressive all terrain tires mated with beefy off road wheels ensure traction and control in a variety of landscape conditions. The Terrain Truck platform consists of a shaft driven? 4 wheel-drive system, geared differentials, aluminum upper deck chassis, aluminum drive shaft, metal axes and oil-filled shock absorbers with progressive springs to tame any terrain. The steering mechanism is handled by a high torque servo allowing aggressive all terrain driving. The entire chassis is enclosed in a durable composite roll cage with scale driver and co-pilot included. Dirt, sand, snow, mud, rain, this truck will smash through it all.

This truck is ready to run. It includes an Exceed RC 2.4ghz radio control system for optimum driver and machine communications. It also included a 7.2v 1800mah Ni-MH battery and charger.

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This is the latest sample from Aerosky The C-17 Hexacopter. More info coming soon.
New Aerosky Hexacopter Prototype Overview (5 min 1 sec)

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Well Bobby decided he would take Roland down in a surprise attack. His plans fell short with a slight loss of focus. Anyways, just wanted to share this quick clip with you guys. We were surprised at how well the 109 held up with two crashes. Unfortunately we didn't film the mid air it had with the Tigermoth.

BF 109 vs F6F Hellcat Mid Air Collision Fail (3 min 24 sec)

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Airfield elevates the electric ducted fan jet plane to new heights with its new Sonic Piercer jet. The Sonic Piercer is a 800mm wingspaned plane that stretches about 940mm. Its fuselage is designed around a 64mm electric ducted fan unit driven by a screaming 3850Kv motor. Airfield took its foam engineering expertise and developed efficient intake and exhaust ducting allowing this potent combo to produce large amounts of thrust when powered with a 11.1v 2200mah battery. The result is a compact sport electric ducted fan jet plane with exhilarating performance and speed.

The Sonic Piercer possesses a level of fit and finish that is every bit as impressive as its performance. Quality EPO foam construction allows the entire skin of the plane to be smooth and slick. The sleek fuselage comes with decals pre-installed making build time much faster. The wings are semi symmetrical and have winglets designed into the tips for extra stability in turns.

The plane also features a working rudder to get that nose up during moderate to slow speed banked turns. The wings are reinforced with a carbon spar and has built it balsa sliders underneath to protect the servos if you just happen to have a sketchy landing. The wings are also attached via magnets to make transporting that much easier. The elevator is a full movement horizontal stabilizer giving it...Continue Reading
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Check out this clip of the Dynam Hurricane coming soon to

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Hello Everyone! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday. Enter Xheli's Giveaway for a chance to win a S107 for your kid! Good luck!

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Here's the latest creation from the Nitroplanes "Skunk Works" dept, AKA Roland's dept. It's basically two fused mustangs, but the outcome is striking and it flies.

F-82 Twin Mustang RC Plane Takes Flight (3 min 39 sec)

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Happy Holidays!! Here's your chance to win some Great Prizes!
NitroRCX -
Huge Holiday Giveaway Drift Car Rock Crawler (2 min 22 sec)

NitroPlanes -
Nitroplanes Holiday Giveaway Huge Prizes (2 min 7 sec)
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