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Posted by Lieutenant Dan | Mar 02, 2020 @ 01:55 PM | 8,624 Views
Well people, I have sold just about every thing I have posted on RCG's classified pages. and I thank the buyers and I thank RCG for that. but, I have only had 2 people reply on my feedback page. so, if you buy something from anyone please remember to leave feedback, specially if the deal wen't well. thank you!!

I sold a giant scale plane about 3 weeks ago. I sold the plane for a lost of about $190 in investings. the buyer did not leave feedback for me.

so people, it happened again. I sold a 44cc engine and the buyer receive the engine 1 week ago from today,
it's been a week he has had it and the buyer did not leave feed back for me and he did not PM me telling me he receive the engine.
I waited 1 week to post this.