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Movement is being made with the FAA to get the Apollo-XI RC flying field back up and running. Thank you Jason for staying on top of this for us all.
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Why ow why in a whoop frame,guess it will be in all toothpick frames soon.

Eachine Cinecan 85mm 4K Cinewhoop 2-4S FPV Racing Drone BNF/PNP F4 PRO V3.0 Caddx Tarsier Cam DVR

Brand Name: Eachine
Item Name: Cinecan 85mm 4K Cinewhoop
Wheelbase: 85mm
Size: 115mm*115mm*55mm
Weight: 66g(without battery)
Weight:91g(with Original 3s 300mah Lipo battery)

Spare parts specifications:
Motor Mode: EX1103 KV7000
Stator Diamter:11mm
Stator Length:3mm
Shaft Diameter:Φ1.5mm
Motor Dimension(Dia.*Len):Φ13.5mm*15.5mm
No.of Cells(Lipo):2S-4S
Flight controller (Frsky version) CRAZYBEE F4FR PRO V3.0 Firmware target: CrazybeeF4FR
(Flysky version) CRAZYBEE F4FS PRO V3.0 Firmware target: CrazybeeF4FS
(No RX version) CRAZYBEE F4 PRO V3.0 Firmware target: CrazybeeF4DX
MCU:STM32F411CEU6 (100MHZ, 512K FLASH)
Sensor: MPU-6000(SPI connection)
Board size: 28.5 * 28.5MM
Power supply: 2-4S battery input (DC 7-17V)
Built-in 10A(each) Blheli_S 4in1 ESC Dshot600 ready
Frsky version Built-in SPI Frsky receiver with telemetry(D8/D16 switchable)
Flysky version Built-in SPI Flysky receiver with telemetry(AFHDS/AFHDS2A switchable)
No RX version need to add external Receiver
Built-in Betaflight OSD(SPI Control)
Built-in Current meter Max 70A
Current meter...Continue Reading
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hi dear friends :

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2019 New: remote control toy farm tractors!!! Ride them around your garden, farm or flat. Hot summer is not a problem any more as the tractor with sprinkler barrel will cool down any surface you like!!! If you live in a city or town you can play with it by sprinkling the water and writing numbers, letters of either words on the ground. In the video we managed to write number 8!!! It was fun

Double Eagle (China) Ltd. is a professional toy manufacturer, with over 30 years of history, specialising on the manufacture of RC and functional toys.

Item No: E355-003 Tractor with sprinkler barrel
Item No: E356-003 Tractor with a bucket
Simulated sounds and lights
Remotely controlled water sprinkler
Remotely controlled bucket
Scale 1:16
Battery: 3.7v, included; radio control batteries are not included (2 of AA 1.5v)

For more remote control/building blocks toy products visit:
Business enquires: [email protected]
NEW: Remote Control Toy Farm Tractors (Double Eagle 2019) (1 min 13 sec)

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Dual Steering System
Frame layout symmetrical design
Quick disassembly design
Modular design
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Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

This Frsky Ultralight XM mini receiver with up To 16CH for RC Drone FPV Racing review includes package, contents, specifications, connecting, binding & demo flight video clips.

Get this FrSky Ultralight XM Mini Receiver Up To 16CH for RC Drone FPV Racing here now:

Frsky Ultralight mini receiver review (7 min 47 sec)

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This was the first RC boat build that I did. I finished her last year.
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I enjoy both building and flying FPV. Also enjoy reviewing the juicy HD footage after flying and sometimes making short video with music. Looking to pick up Ham licence and maybe meeting up with others to fly with. Always had special talent when it comes to electronics. I also enjoy the challenge to learn things I don't know how to do and can sometimes get a bit of tunnel vision focused to learn or figure out the puzzle.
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After many years of concentrating on building a post and beam garage and servicing cars, house systems etc., finally resuming r/c. Many if not most planes need a little finessing to get them in good shape. The flashback kit I bought here (as jim e) and the canopy was crinkled, never said a word to seller ) was hidden by instructions in sealed sleeve so not his fault) and then proceeded to make it worse. Have to redo magnet system or use another method to secure canopy (Velcro?). The foam sportser is ready, just do not like how the motor goes wild if you turn off the tx while battery is hooked up-probably the airtronics rx so may change. My fry sky equipment is now "legacy" but still should work okay. Here's to hoping to,learn knife edge after 37 years of flying r/c. Oh and I hope to get a lot more organized!!
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Air Masters RC Airfield
North Bend, OH
Friday, June 14, 2019

It was a windy day - 15 mph with 30 degree crosswind - but I wanted to try out a second camera on my EF 95" Extra 330SC-E. This one was taped to the the top of the canopy facing the tail.

This was the fourth flight of the day, the third with cameras. It wasn't my best sequence work - the negative snaps exiting the P Loop were both off - but it was the only flight that I remembered to clean the splattered bugs off the canopy before takeoff!

These videos help me spot all of my errors that I miss from the ground.

IMAC 2019 Intermediate Practice - June 14 (10 min 7 sec)

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I have decided to start a thread on the new The DJI ROBOMASTER S1 Educational Robot.

This will be a place where users and owners can post, share info and tips on using this new product from DJI, I will be getting one as soon as I possible can and will be keeping this thread updated with any help, support and relevant information that I can as time goes on.

As this is located on my blog I will be posting any videos I make on it from my channel and moderating this thread my self. The S1 is an educational robot, I welcome everyone to post their own user experiences, build logs, issues, problemss in this thread as you would in any other thread, however any Anti DJI post ,Politics and anything I feel is not in keeping with this being a educational tool and helpful to people will be removed.

I also ask everyone to post in a helpful, supportive and family friendly manner as this product is aimed at young people as well as adults, let’s all help each other, learn from each other and work together to get the most from the ROBOMASTER S1

If you would like to support me or my channel you can order the DJI ROBOMASTER S1 from the below affiliate link.

Introducing the ROBOMASTER S1

DJI’s first ground robot based on the ROBOMASTERS Robotics competition DJI Sponsor in China.

DJI - Meet the RoboMaster S1 (3 min 14 sec)


The RoboMaster S1 is a game-changing
...Continue Reading
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2019.01.27 (Sun)

2019.02.03 (Sun)
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This is my Unboxing for the brand new ZOHD Orbit Neon 900mm FPV Night Flying Wing.

ZOHD Orbit Neon 900mm FPV Night Flying Wing Unboxing (9 min 35 sec)

Here are my review notes for this Glow In The Dark Night Flying Wing:

- The LED Lights are amazing
- Assembly and setup was super quick and easy
- The special biodegradable foam is incredibly smooth
- Comes with easy launch gyro settings with 3G and 6G options
- This Orbit Neon has the latest and greatest gyro settings

- I don’t see any cons yet but I will update this as I find them over time.
Posted by AlexWilliams | Jun 15, 2019 @ 03:07 PM | 512 Views - Lookup Database to search any UPC, EAN and ISBN code to find product. Gigantic barcode database of products - 116,803,453 bar codes. is the largest UPC/EAB lookup database where you can search a broad range of UPC numbers.
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maverick 3-the ultimate
the maverick 3 is basically the same as the previous 2.
when realized that i couldnt find another way to improve its performance by design, i tried to improve its structure.
so the only change is the fuselage, which is now carbon fiber/kevlar.
i found the magellan 2 meters the most suitable. and it is (or was) available at the time.
Magellan-E - ICARUS
The Magellan electric is the continuing effort in development after the popular Carbon D-light and Koleos series of electric gliders from ICARE.They are based on the same moulded carbon D-box technology that made the Carbon D-light so successful. This type of construction results in a very strong, light wing and a very accurate airfoil shape over the leading edge - the most important part of ...

it ended up being stronger, with more room, and more streamlined. and still better performance!
i had to modify it extensively due to that it has a longer tail moment and shorter nose moment. the solution was to move the wing back 30mm. this required substancial changes, but works fine. also the tail is designed for v and mine is t. the end is wide open so i made a fairing to streamline it. but it worked fine.
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Decided to do a slow flyer / glider tug.......Everybody has a cub, or a Citabria, or a Cessna I picked an Auster AOP.9.....