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Posted by buster7467 | Nov 27, 2009 @ 11:52 PM | 3,993 Views
I have been interested in RC vehicles/aircrafts since 1986. I actually used to pickup the issues of radio controlled action magazine around a year before. Then i went on a vacation trip with family to Daytona Beach. While i was down there i stopped by one of the local hobby shops. After looking at all the rc vehicles, i decided to purchase a Tamiya LunchBox offroad truck. I ran it over that winter and that is when someone opened up a local hobby shop and it had an indoor track. I think the first time i went to watch the races. They was running some bolink chassis cars. The track was a tri-oval concrete surface track. I would take my Tamiya there and run it on the track just for fun. I then got a RC10 buggy when they first came out and a few of us ran those at the races and that is when i really got hooked on RC's. I have had numerous buggies and trucks and onroad cars since then. I have had a couple boats and planes but i have been mainly into helicopters. I have been flying them for almost 7yrs. And i still have alot to learne. I have owned 11 helis and hope to own alot more in the future. As of right now i only have my Gaui 200V1 heli and love it. It is my favorite heli that i have flown to date. It does not take a big field to have fun with. I will add pics and other updates on my fleet later. I became a member on here in March 2004 and have made alot of friends on here and hope that you have too. Just remember to have fun and dont take everything you read in this forum to seriously. Too much gets takin out of context and fights start. Remeber if anyone gives you a hard time on here just hit the ignore button. This hobby is supposed to be fun not cause arguments.