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A side by side of the old and the new.
The new version is lighter and massively more powerful.
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I participated my first competition in sport class of F3A Finnish championships league. The competition was held in Espoo, southern Finland. The weather was exceptionally good, which seems quite rare for any local model competition.

The Finnish F3A FAI class hosts some world class pilots. Lassi Nurila won 2016 F3A World Cup and Janne Lappi placed 2nd in 2017 F3P World Championships (indoor). These guys are virtually on the same level with legends like Gernot and CPLR. Lassi is also building the Sensation biplanes the guys are flying - and makes own carbon fiber propellers, which are really work of art.

Despite flying 3D / freestyle plane instead of a proper F3A plane I managed to win the sport class. It really wasn't my best flying, but at least it seems that the winter / spring training paid off. And kudos to Extreme Flight for building really wonderfully flying plane(s)!

As a competition this was really educating. I competed myself, wrote down FAI class scores for one the judges and also read notes to several competitors in both sport & nordic classes.

Enjoy the pics! And more pics are also available at Google Photos....Continue Reading
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Tamiya TT02 - Track conversion

Tamiya TT02 - Track Conversion Stage 1 - BMW M410 Bittydesign - GIT2 (2 min 26 sec)

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When I go to the flying field I ask her if she would come with me, she knows what I need her for, to be there to watch others.
But sometimes she is a pain in the .....
The first time everything went well, she liked and even she had did it right, some kids playing with a dog and she would let me know when they were too close, kids.
But other times it was tragedies, one after another, she wasn't happy but persisted, for me and others safety.
One time it was hot, she was looking for a shade, it's an open field! She was walking one side to the other instead of keeping eyes on others, and talking alone! To her self! It's too hot, I don't understand how and why you like to fly it is waaayyy too hot! Walking and talking, nobody around just the 2 of us, lol.
The next time she asked me to stay in the truck with the AC running, I let you know if someone comes close

Will continue....
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Went and did it, reduced the near 45 degree dihedral of the Gravity Spitfire.
A V-shaped cut down the middle allowed using a weight on top of the upside down wings to hold them overnight, while the Aleene's glue set. The spigot hole things for the 2 retainers had to be enlarged due to the change and they have FixAll glue to hold them (was worried it might melt the foam but set fine).
Just need to make little fillets now for the body to wing join, because the mounting angle is a bit different on the underneath.
It looks FAR better than original.
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i think its the perfect amount of quads, what yous guys think?
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The New DJI Goggles

The DJI Goggles and Mavic Pro are available to order for the DJI Store

Please note this is an affiliate link and if you would like to support me you can shop via it and I may receive a small commission.

Yesterday I receive the new DJI Goggles, After charging for an hour took them out for the first flight and here is my impressions.

The New DJI Goggles. (18 min 53 sec)

Some Thoughts

Image and Colour and Viewing Modes

Colour is as good as any smart phone and is very vibrant and crisp, Image quality is extremely clear in HD mode, virtually zero digital artefacts from the screens in any input
Optics are very good with very little glare, no fogging in the field, the Ocysync signal is just solid with no breakup even at long range, 720P Smooth mode to me is a little lower quality compared to the HD 18080P 30fps mode, this mode is just outstanding and provides a clear crisp image unlike I have seen on another set of goggles , while the 720P Smooth Mode des have lower latency I personally could not see the l difference between these modes and even the 30fps vs the 60fps was hardly noticeable unless you did yaw very fast.

In both Smooth and HD mode the maximum recording mode to craft onboard SD card is limited to 1080P, In Keep Current it allows you to choose the higher resolutions such as 4K however when you do this and it drops the live feed to 720P 30FPS, again while not as...Continue Reading
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I am an R/C Pilot. I have a quadcopter and I have a fixed wing (Super Cub) aircraft. I fly my quadcopter as much as possible. My Super Cub sits in my basement awaiting my attention. My forte is more in the area of organizing things. I am a retired computer programmer/analyst. I enjoy creating web sites. I have done quite a few for me and my clients. I am currently designing one to organize any asnd all the flying clubs in Michigan so that they can display their calendars and other club information for the purpose of expanding their member services. It will lso help these clubs to interface with each other.

I am a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics,(AMA) and former member of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR). The web site I am developing will cover all flying disciplines and technology. The site will be called R/C AIR! That's sort of catchy. I think there was a movie by that name about 30 years ago.

I am a card carrying member of the Fraser R/C Flying Club in Fraser, Michigan. I am also a well known member on the web site. I continue to seek out and interface with other related groups, like this one, RC Groups.

If you have any site suggestions, please forward them to me so I can review them. Maybe I can use them in my new web site.

Talk to you all later...
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I read on the forums that quad motors sometimes have resin on the motor wires which must be removed before soldering. I am using Emax MT1806 motors. I assume this must be true because the solder will not adhere to the wire, it just balls up. My Hakko station has no problems with other soldering just this application. The wire is made up of maybe eight strands of wire. Since the exposed motor wires have been stripped to maybe 2mm, - to be attached to the ESC's -what is the easiest way to remove the resin, if in fact this is my problem. Is there a chemical to do this. Help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.
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4.8 ounce build using blue-core foam and MonoKote pattern from CTH Scythe. Foam did not melt with iron on highest setting. Covering worked and plane flies well.
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Eachines latest offering in their range of FPV single screen headsets is the VR D2 Pro , sporting a 5 inch 800x480 resolution screen with built in Diversity receiver and DVR to record every crash as and when it happens. Coming fully equipped with everything the general user needs ( minus micro sd card ) the VR D2 is an out of the box plug and play FPV headset, after simply charging the battery with the included charger attach the antenna's "turn on, tune in and bug out "

Internally everything was perfectly ok
...Continue Reading
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Product review of DJI Goggles Vs. Fatshark. Fatshark has dove head first into its FPV systems. DJI is a leading technology, drone manfucturing company now putting out goggles. What do they both have to offer?
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Had a great day in the heat watching all the thrilling flying action.

Fun Fly - Livermore Flying Electrons SPring 2017 (4 min 9 sec)

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In the last blog, I wrote about the FAA's drone registration ruling being reversed. However, drone laws are of a grey area. They do, in fact, change constantly. With that, police get calls from people who believe that their privacy is impeaded. Such is the misunderstanding of drone usage, especially when you talk about something like a Mavic where the field of view is small and not always defined.

This can be considered more of a video diary of what happens when the police goes knocking on your door. Personally, I would of been one step lower on my approach to communicating with the police. Also, flying where there are a number of houses around does not help as I do not think this person would be thrilled of a drone flying over his property. Sit back and watch the conversation between the police and the drone pilot.
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My latest video where I take a long look at the Hitec X4 AC Pro Charger and what it's capable of. Power distribution settings, lipo balancing charging, storage charging mode, advanced system settings, and the smartphone app that goes with the charger.

Hitec X4 AC Pro Charger Review and Walk Through (27 min 12 sec)

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FatShark Goggles and Diopter Lenses.

I've needed reading glasses for years now for reading or anything close up type work.
My long-sight vision is perfect. For really close up work like electronics I've been known to
wear two or three pairs of reading glasses stacked ontop of each other to see the really tiny stuff.

For FPV use I have a few 7" LCD screens and Mono style Goggle but until recently I tried to avoid
FatSharks or other goggles. For one I thought they were not good value for money and the resolution
until recently was pretty much crap. And secondly I need glasses for close up stuff you can't use goggles
and wear glasses usually or even use many of those Mono style goggle even though some are adjustable.

I eventually caved and bought a set of FatShark Dom V3 (not HD ones) I also bought a set of Diopter Lenses.
They were crap, really crap, worse than no diopter lenses. I wasn't happy at all.

As an experiment I bought a few sets of what they sometimes call Nose Glasses, they have no arms, they
just sit on the bridge of your nose and balance there. I couldn't wear them with the goggle or goggles either.

So I cut up one set and glued them onto the FatSharks and "Voilà", instant clarity, now I was happy

These things are commonly available on e-bay and only cost around $2 bucks a set.
I think I ordered +1.5, +2.0 and +2.5 magnification to try out.
They are cheap molded plastic and probably scratch very easily so be careful with them before and after
installation. At least they are cheap to replace if you damage them.

If you have trouble with Goggles and need Glasses to read with maybe these will help you also

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