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Posted by twco | Jan 29, 2017 @ 05:44 PM | 11,221 Views
Its time to catch up with life and put some toys away for good. I take care of my mother and she has slipped into the confusion state of life and demands all my attention and my health isn't playing fair to boot Don't want to see good stuff just wasting away when I know there's someone that will appreciate playing with them.

Thanks to all who traded with me and been a online friend at RCG. Its been fun reading the different opinions and snappy remarks that fill my day with a smile. I'm not leaving but my time spent here will be drastically cut back as soon as I can relocate some of my goods.

Special thanks to those with the kind words and helped me when needed.

Best to all, Ted
Posted by twco | Dec 29, 2016 @ 04:41 PM | 11,118 Views
I'm still kicking but just not been very active due to my health and your not being ignored if we've sent pm's between us.

I Have 2 people that have wants that I just can't get to and feel bad because can't do anything but leave them in limbo. My apologizes and as soon as I can get around I will do my best to get these things together.
Posted by twco | Oct 28, 2016 @ 11:54 PM | 11,306 Views
As they say,s when life sends you lemons, make lemon-aid. So when you can't get to the flying field... Just break out the mini's Pretty much what I done in the past few months due to the health issue and still having fun.

Flying mini heli's is where I started and though it was time to fire them since they were just sitting there and so was I. Two of my favorites are the HammerHead Blade which is now out of production and the Extreme Stunt. They work well in small areas and give me the option of scale or acro flying. Doesn't take a lot of skill so not much chasing the copters around which is a plus for me.

RSI Extreme Stunt kkk

HammerHead Blade kkk

Now on to the quads. I have a couple of home built 250's but still lean toward the Blade Nano QX 3D. Small enough for for the back yard but not so small that it can't handle a little bit of wind. Acro's well in tight spaces.

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Posted by twco | Mar 17, 2016 @ 09:09 PM | 13,100 Views
There comes a time when we are all faced with the fact that life comes to and end and should prep for those ending days. I'm at the stage of life right now. I have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and go though times where breathing is impossible. Had such an episode last night (3/17/16) where I though it was over for me. I don't care how many time you go through episodes you never never get use to them a the panic sets in and makes it worse.

On top of that I have had 2 back surgeries and still suffer from nerve pain from my mid back to the tip of my right foot. Feels like a million needles being jabbed into my skin even when water is running over it. On high mega grams of morphine That helps but it never make it go away completely. The morphine is a depressant which also messes with my breathing. So I'm on oxygen most of the time and having to be on it more often.

I'm not looking for sympathy as I did this to my self from smoking for over 40 ys and have learned to cope the best I can.

I have met some great people here on RCG and have learned so much from the site. In all that I have done in my life RC planes has been the best. and quite rewarding.

Will really miss training the kids most and seeing the look in their eyes when they solo and land uneventfully.

Going to be here a bit longer I hope and will start sharing builds as I go a long.

BIG THANKS to all of you at RCG ~Ted
Posted by twco | Sep 22, 2015 @ 02:08 PM | 14,285 Views
Another bad rap for fpv and quads. If this is old news sorry and let me know where you guys are discussing this thanks.

High Spy Drone has a commercial on TV to entice people to spy on their neighbors and fly in areas that are dangerous and in a illegal manner.

It's the perfect way to fly over and spy on your neighbors
TeleBrands Corp. is taking the bad media hype for drones to market the High Spy Drone. To preserve the true intent of FPV we need to contact our State Representatives and get this commercial banned from anywhere possible.

Matt Wilder on

This has to be the most irresponsible and damaging representation of our RC flying hobby yet.... more
You can view the commercial on their site;

I forgot which TV network I was watching and want to start a list of networks running this commercial to give to my State Rep.

Please post the TV network and approximately what time you saw it thanks ~twco
Posted by twco | Jun 03, 2014 @ 01:09 PM | 17,612 Views
I'm 58 yr of age,was fairly active in community sports and now disabled with major back problems. I have spent many hours in autocad, Roller Coaster Tycooon3 and worked on the Theme Park Studio simulation game till my last surgery which make it hard to sit for any lengthy amount of time.

So on to RC...
As its happened to most I received a $16.00 3ch helicopter for Christmas and BAM! I was hooked. Almost memorized with that floating piece of wonderful electronics. I had to have more. I have a small fleet of helicopters ranging in size from the mini's to the 53" QS8006 and BR6508. Of course had to to do mods to get them to fly but they are what the are and was driven for more from watching videos.

Enter Quads...
Did the research and built my 1st 450 quad with KK2.1 and fell farther in love with RC and now had to have a tricopter so off to HobbyKing to buy the X900. This got the attention of my son (30 yrs of age) and gave him his own 450 quad and FS TH9x. So outside of fishing my son and I have a new bonding time with RC's. Now the neighbors take notice and stop for friendly conversation which led to me giving away some of my less used heli's.

Can we fly planes?
We decided to try an expand into planes and edfs which is where we are currently and some of the neighbor kids stop by to see whats on the hobby table and fly a copter or two.

Can I help...
Some of the kids are showing great interest and wanting to help in model building which...Continue Reading