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Posted by ios | Feb 12, 2008 @ 04:59 AM | 6,396 Views
Didn't actually realise how huge this wing was going to be until I put it together

Tomorrow I'll install the servo fairings, and glue skins & flanges to the wing - maybe even start on the wingtips.
Posted by ios | Feb 11, 2008 @ 06:19 AM | 6,495 Views
I've begun building the new wing. So far I've cut out the airfoil section ribs out of 2mm balsa sheets. I've also cut two ply ribs (inboard rib 1 & 3) which have two copper rods running through them to support the two sections when joined in the middle - while the spars support the rest of the wing.
Posted by ios | Feb 06, 2008 @ 06:31 AM | 6,514 Views
I've decided to build a larger version of the Aviona Evolution that I previously built and have been flying. This version will be roughly 25% bigger with a wingspan of around 1.9m, and separable in the middle for easy transport. I plan to use the same fairing layout as the current model, only that I'll be fitting standard sized servos instead of micro sized servos.

I have now printed the enlarged plan of the original Aviona, which will form the basis for the wing design, while the fuselage will differ from the original Aviona in that it will have a motor mounted up front, and an extended tail section, much like the current Aviona Evolution.
Posted by ios | Feb 02, 2008 @ 02:25 AM | 6,639 Views
During the holidays in late december I took the Aviona Evolution to Mildura with me when visiting my parents to have some fun and show it off. Unfortunetly I had decided to fly on a windy day on an inadequately small football oval, which was surrounded on three sides by roads.

The flight went well; I flew it at around with half or less throttle to keep the speed down and kept it low and away from the roads. Unfortunately at one point I was making a very low and tight turn, against the gusting wing, and before I realised, the nose dropped and took a soil sample!! I should have increased the power when turning against the wind, perhaps even pulled up a little, but put simple I ran out of airspeed and stalled when my wing was at around 70degrees bank angle.

So I spent the first couple of days just before and just after the new year building a new fuselage, and so with that oppertunity, I was able to take some pictures of the fuselage build. Notice the damage on the old fuselage next to the new build.

The new fuselage is actually a little longer in the front than the previous because I wanted to shift some weight further forward - as the previous build required a little lead to bring the CG forward a little.

I've been flying the new Aviona Evelution now for around a month, and its an absolutely superb flyer.
Posted by ios | Nov 19, 2007 @ 03:10 AM | 6,424 Views
So Iíve been flying Aviona Evolution (as Iíve now christened it!) for about two months, and I finally decided to take pictures of it at the park.

Its really brought me great joy (as well as blood, sweat and tears!) taking the original plan and finally evolving it into what it is today.

So thatís what Iíve been doing with my flying wing over the last year or so. Iíve skipped a lot of the details because I just wanted to get started with this blog, and share my experience - and Iíll slowly be adding more as time passes.

I hope you enjoy this blog
Posted by ios | Nov 19, 2007 @ 02:34 AM | 6,376 Views
Pictures of the Flying Wing Ready for Flight.
Posted by ios | Nov 19, 2007 @ 02:20 AM | 6,523 Views
Unfortunately I havenít taken many pictures of the fuselages I built. In the early days my obsession was for round fuselages built of ply and balsa laminate bulkheads and balsa stringers and skins. This didnít work very well, as I continually damaged them on landing.

Only recently I decided to switch to a square fuselage with an extended tail section for the vertical fin Ė therefore separating the fin from the wing and reducing the likelihood of damaging the wing if the plane flipped onto the fin. Below are pictures of the resulting plane.

I should note that ever since this iteration, I havenít had a single accident on landing, so Iím extremely happy with the result. The plane also flys like an absolute dream. Its extremely responsive at both high and low speed, very maneuverable, as well as having extremely easy handling and landing characteristics. The huge wing also provides suburb gliding characteristics.
Posted by ios | Nov 18, 2007 @ 06:46 AM | 6,745 Views
At this stage I wanted to improve on the design of the original Aviona Wing by adding feature such as servo fairings, and provision for screw attachment points. The following is a series of pictures of the new Wing Build based on the original Aviona plans, but with specific modifications to suit me.

I never took pictures of the fuselage, but the first two were similar to the one on my previous post....Continue Reading
Posted by ios | Nov 18, 2007 @ 06:35 AM | 6,568 Views
In a nut shell - I proceeded to build the Aviona, with a couple of modifications to suit me. Firstly, I wasnít going to put massive servos into the plane like the plan suggested Ė as such I decided to install mini servos into the wing, behind the spar. The other modification was the installation of a small brushless electric motor and ESC into the fuselage. I must admit, I also did a little interpretation in regards to how I was going to attach the vertical tail to the wing which worked out well. See pics.

Unfortunately Ė I didnít take many pictures of this build . Interestingly, it weighed a little over 500 grams ready to fly! Unfortunately Ė a combination of my lack of flying ability, speed and response characteristics of the model, resulted in a tendency for this plane to flip on landing and subsequently brake the vertical tail off on numerous occasions. I must have re-built this model (the fuselage only) around five or six times before on one sunny afternoon, I nose dived it into the ground after having lost it in the sun Ė lesson learnt! I must say that on impact, the motor actually went through the spar!..

I was determined at this stage to start again,Ö

To be continuedÖ.
Posted by ios | Nov 18, 2007 @ 06:10 AM | 7,228 Views
In an effort to find the ideal plane I could build - which I could carry in the car and fly in small areas Ė I went searching for (free!) plans on the internet.

What I found was a tailless flying wing which I totally fell in love with. Being tailless, it would take up a minimum of space in the car which was great, but also, in my opinion, this plane looks superb. The downside was that the plans didnít include a powerplant, as it was a tailless glider as suchĖ but this was just a detail which I would deal with a minor modification!

Anyway, I wanted to pay tribute to the inspirational design that sparked my interest in flying wings with a series of attachments here .

My appologies but I can't remember were I found it,...

To be continued....
Posted by ios | Nov 18, 2007 @ 05:47 AM | 6,572 Views
Hi Everyone,

I've been a member here on RC Groups for around a year and I have found it to be one of the most informative, fun, interesting, and entertaining places on the internet. So I've descided to give something back by actually starting this blog of my experiences and perhaps meet and help others with similar interests.

But first, just to get things started, I wanted to recap some of the things I've been doing over the last year.

I have to admit, I still consider myself a novice rc flyer - around a year ago I was learning to fly my trainer at the Greensbourgh Flying Club in Melbourne, Australia (Hi Guys !!) - see pics of my Trainer.

But because I drive a relatively small car, and work and travel was taking up alot of my time, I wanted to scratch build a small model which I could keep in the car and fly pretty much opportunistically. Some of the criteria I had in mind wasn't ideal for a novice flyer, but thats another story... The plane had to be small (1.2m wingspan), electric (no mess) and at some point I decided tailless!

To be Continued...