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Posted by bill34207 | Aug 16, 2014 @ 07:55 PM | 24,462 Views
Mine arrived on Thursday and started on it that evening after getting home from work. Finished it up this morning and hoping to maiden it tomorrow.
I've shot a few photos along the way but the lighting un my living room really sucks.

Although this is the thrust vectored version, I have no intentions of using it. That it came with it kept me from buying for a long time but finally gave into the temptation since I'm a fan of the "bug". Personally, I would have rather them (Freewing) used those servos for some working rudders instead.

That said, there was some minor shipping damage but nothing I'd think worth sending it back over. (I can do a lot more damage than that flying it )Freewing still needs to improve the packaging on this one though.

More to come...