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helow friends, i made this video in the first test i made with the new reciver and ESC intalled some days ago.

Works much better than the original controller, more sensitive and responsing forme

[First Test] Feilun FT011 + FS-GT3C + new ESC @ Es Xarcu ibiza beach (6 min 48 sec)

SongoLand Video

see a full review and more tips an vide in this thread:
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Making some liners and other bits to complete some Taipan Tyro 2cc engines . Decided to chrome them . Built the power supply out of Strictly IC magazine ,works a treat ,battery powered , I litre tank will do up to 40 size if one is careful with the heat in the tank . Had to tig some of the cases .
Have updated my tank and power supply since 2017 , my son told me it looked like an environmental disaster area , also work holding has improved and is not so hit and miss as to where and what extra got plated .
The power supply is now 240 volt , just plug in , very convenient . The tank is bigger and easier to heat and control . Can go up to 15volts and 40 amps . Parts mounting is a lot better and so masking has improved . I can now do a lot more larger sizes of jobs . Is a whole lot easier to work with and control heat , current , and voltage .
I do spend a lot more time on jigs and fixtures , but have made them so that one top part can do a range of lower parts and sizes ....Continue Reading
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A few of the bits I give my granddaughter a hand to make for her school and now uni projects . We made the bits for the metal bits dress then she wouldn't wear it in the fashion parade so got her girlfriend to wear it . I was really upset ,didn't know she had a girlfriend that could make it look that good .
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Just a little daunting until one gets started,then worked out fine !
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Here is a review of a nice little fpv transmitter I am checking out,the Gool RC TX40. This a lightweight and affordable tx that works great for fpv needs,the unit works really well during my test run.I am going to take it out to the feild next for full fpv testing and see what kind of range I get from it and how solid the signal holds up.From what I found in this test run this looks to be a good performing little unit

GoolRC TX40 5.8ghz 600MW 40 Channel FPV Transmitter Review (10 min 15 sec)

You can find the Gool RC TX40 here :

Here is a 20% of promo code: DSLYKLH7 good till Oct.31
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Part 2

First car I ever built. Enjoy

RC Cars Roam a Tiny Toronto | Part 2 (1 min 16 sec)

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DJI Phantom DRONE FLY AWAY DANGEROUS (19 min 48 sec)

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I am having issues with fpv dropouts using my quanum 200mw vtx. I have checked connections and the video doesn't go staticy and then drop out it just drops out completely for a couple of second. Does anyone know what could be causing this? any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Morning Mist -FPV Freestyle
A video of some fpv freestyle on a misty morning that later turned to thick fog and soaked my mini quad!
Frame: Diatone 250
Motors: Multistar 2204 2300kv
ESCs: Afro 20amp race spec with oneshot
Flight controller: Naze 32 rev 5
Battery: HobbyRC Race spec 1400mah 4s
FPV camera: Runcam 600tvl ccd
Vtx: Quanum 200mw 40ch
Props - 5x3x3
Morning Mist -FPV Freestyle (4 min 21 sec)

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The Mavic is the result of research and development as well as trial and error. The concept on the beginning of this product is a classic example of a newer vision of UAVs and making them more accessible than before. Check out this fascinating glimpse into the product development process from the design table to the store front:
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Freestyle FPV is heading in new directions for 2017.

Introducing the Dragon Tail Slider. Fpv's newest freestyle challenge. Can you hit and slide the entire length and do a trick after getting booted off the kicker at the end? See video from the first ever FPV Dragon Tail slider by Drone Camps RC. Enjoy the crashes and the carnage.

What kind of FPV terrain park ramp, rail, kicker, or slider will you make? - Don't forget to press record!

Freestyle Challenge - Dragon Tail Slider by Drone Camps RC (7 min 22 sec)

Produced and Directed by
Justin Davis, Drone Camps RC
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Had the third flight with my DJI F550 hexacopter. The first thing I did was to fly to the edge of the forest in distance... turned out to be at 700 m range. The video link was flawless. I'm very satisfied with my VTX/VRX performance so far. I get bit nervous when flying beyond LoS (which really is anything beyond in excess of 200 m), but hopefully I'll soon try to reach 1 km, weather cooperating.

Here is the video of the "long range" trip:

FPV flight #3: 700 m range reached (DJI F550 hexacopter) (3 min 13 sec)

Unfortunately, the Eachine DVR that's integrated with their LCD8502D diversity receiver is really crappy and barely usable. It records video at some non standard framerate (worked out as 16.9234 fps for me), which makes it difficult to match with the primary video. What a shame. Below is an example of what it records (taken on my FPV session #2). It took me the whole evening to be able to match the video with the GoPro footage and even then it's not perfect. Also there's noticeable tearing in the picture.

Second DJI F550 FPV Flight, with DVR recording this time (repost) (4 min 35 sec)
...Continue Reading
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Some explanation is in order before I begin.

I'd received this little entry level hexacopter from Elliot, my contact at GearBest, for an official RCGroups review some time ago. This is the ordering page:

Unfortunately, it didn't work properly. Elliot said they'd investigate and he said to go ahead and keep the model in the meantime.

It would work fine for a few moments and then it would become nearly uncontrollable and crash, even indoors. That's why the caps atop each prop - and one of the props itself - is kind of "doinked." Lots of unintended upside down landings will do that.

I figured a bit of troubleshooting might be worth the effort since this model has received some good online reviews. Off the shelf after months of no use and out of the box it came, still looking for all the world like a Christmas decoration rather than a hexacopter.

No other "toy" multirotor transmitter of mine shared the same radio protocol, so a flight test with another transmitter was out of the question. The only other option would be another battery, one with a name brand and a high discharge rate. As I nurgled around with the model straightening out one of the soft plastic props, I seemed to remember that the supposedly 800mAh flight battery came down kind of hot. Six brushed motors equal a lot of current draw...and inexpensive li-pos are sometimes a bit overrated. Another similar pack I had on hand yielded...Continue Reading
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Well I have finally got my hands on a ERATIX after a very long search. Located it on Craigslist of all places and was picked up as a BNF with 4 batteries. Was a excellent deal. Also picked up the FMS F3A Explorer at a swap meet. Have a AeroBeez 48" Extra heading my way also and the next on the list will be a PA Addiction and a trailer. LOL

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Hello I am looking for a sebart angel preferably bnf ready to go. I would like one that is lovingly used or a new one. I do happen to live in wisconsin toward the south. If you have one please respond to me in the forums chat bellow.
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DM009 RC Quadcopter Full Review (12 min 40 sec)

Where I got it:

Here is a great flying quadcopter, the DM009

It has a bunch of cool features like one key return, flips, lights, automatic landing, and if you turn the transmitter off in flight, or loose range it will land on its own, a really awesome feature! No more falling out of the sky.

I was really impressed with how fast it would go on high rate, how tight the flips were, and how proportionate it felt on the sticks. Great flight times too! Add that to the spare props and an SD Card and a reader and you have a really great package. I'm having alot of fun with this one!

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- Looks cool
- Flies awesome, very solid feel!
- Extras, SD card reader, SD Card, spare props
- Triple rates so you can have it as responsive as you'd like
- Long flight time
- Strong, I've flipped it over on landings a couple times, no broken
- Great feel to the transmitter
- Automatic landing if out of range or TX is turned off on accident.

- One light burnt out
- I couldnt get mine to take pictures or video in flight, Ill keep playing
with it and see if Im doing something wrong
- No US adapter for the charger

DM009 RC Quadcopter excels in anti-interference thanks to its transmission frequency of 2.4GHz. RC enthusiasts can control several DM009 drones nearby. Your pilot skills can be greatly...Continue Reading