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Posted by FeiJi | Apr 27, 2012 @ 07:54 PM | 4,400 Views
I built a new wing based on the BluCore Wing of joining the beveled leading edge with tape. I made my wing a little longer root and tip chord, thinner wing. Also used a single piece of foam for the bottom wing, then attached two top halves. Used a carbon rod but it really didn't need it as the wing comes out stiff anyway. Also I am now using lamination to strengthen the middle of the wing and try to keep the nose from going soft. Need an indestructible nose cone. Using small vinyl wing tips. AUW is 400 grams, kind of porky. Aluminum motor mount made from aluminum angle stock attached to airframe with zip ties. Love zip ties.

Had to move motor way forward as I only have 900mah battery. Need some lighter motors and heavier batteries. Always something else.

This wing seems floatier than the Blucore wing I built but not as aerobatic but it may be that I still don't have the trim and cg worked out yet.

I left the paper on this wing then discovered the heavy plasticized paper weights 60 grams so I built another wing without it and stiffened it up with laminate. Very light and strong. That will be my Boneyard 2 wing. I want to try the Armin wing construction next.

Anyway, its great that anyone can make these things. I like the fact I can have a new wing in 4 hours. The idea of a flying wing is so simple and cool.

Update 4/30: my vinyl tip stabilizers flew right off on the first toss. Hotglue does not seem to adhere to vinyl very well. So cut some Assassin type tips and flew...Continue Reading
Posted by FeiJi | Apr 05, 2012 @ 03:43 AM | 5,389 Views
Had an idea a while back to build a delta wing with the elevons built within the wing structure rather than on the trailing edge. I haven't investigated the effects of the in-wing elevons on aircraft performance but the maiden flight turned out smooth and effortless. It takes a little more control surface authority than usual but that is the only negative I have noticed so far. I really need to fly the plane more then remove the trailing edge of the plane and restore normal elevon function and compare the flight characteristics. If anything, it looks cool and the airframe structure seems a bit more robust.
I modeled the delta originally on the 1B1M delta here in the forum, added a step to increase rigidity, added a vinyl vertical stabilizer (not entirely vertical so don't know what to call it - sinusoidal stabilizer?), a couple of chop stick nose gaurds, and the internal (jailed? cloistered?) elevons. Used dollar store type foam board. Around 350 grams, 900 mah lipo.

The plane is underpowered so will replace 13 gram 2200kv and 5 inch prop with 1800kv and bigger prop but even now if flies pretty sweetly.

In the video notice the eclipse of the sun provided by a keychain hatcam.

Inwing Elevon Delta Foam RC Plane (2 min 46 sec)

Update 4/12: much as I like this little plane, I need the electrics to do another quick project then will come back to this one. Need to order new motor for this one.

Update 4/15: put in 1800kv motor and 7 inch prop and it flies much longer. Forgot to set throws longer so had to put radio at 100% throws to get it to come back down. Will put on larger vertical stabilizer to see what effect it has.