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Posted by denispeters | Apr 17, 2020 @ 12:22 PM | 5,230 Views
I was in love with my EF 60" Laser and as the 74" Laser came out it was a must have for me, unfortunetaly I didnīt have the right rc equipment for the new generation of EF airframes and didnīt want to buy it since I already had a lot of stuff, unfortunetaly undersized for the new line of EF 7x" airframes

among it were nice electronics and power train for a slightly smaller and lighter plane like the 3DH 72" Extra 330, I just needed a lighter 74" Laser, a new project was born

I blew up my CAD model of the 60" Laser to required size, redesigned the structure to fit the needs of a larger airframe and ordered a cowl and canopy as soon as they became available as spare parts

Iīm not going to post a lot of text, pics are pretty self-explanatory
Posted by denispeters | Apr 17, 2020 @ 11:41 AM | 4,818 Views
I loved my new EF 60" Laser but hated the relatively short flying times offered by standard lipos and I wanted to use my bigger packs more often, thus decided to build a lighter fuselage for the Laser, my aim was saving enough weight to get the same AUW with my gensace 6000mah 35c packs (coming from my 91" extra) like the original Laser had with standard lipos

I designed and built a completely new fuse out of 1,5mm "aircraft-ply" and 1,5mm balsa, made a new cowl as well since the original was way too heavy

AUW with the 6000mah lipos was approx 2900g, up to 20 minutes of flight time with proper throttle management, original wings, canopy and electric equipment, custom fuse and cowl

I sold the plane with all custom and original parts after 3 years of...Continue Reading