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Posted by LYNN UAV | May 12, 2020 @ 04:40 AM | 6,562 Views
We have a 6 -axis multi rotor A8 from ART-TECH, how to choose the industry video+data+control transmission ? 5 improtant factors to choose it !
We test 5 products , I am glad to share some experences for you.

1. The distance: the distance is the basis of price . To the multi-rotor, 10-15km is best , becase of the flight time is 30-40mins.

2.The frequency: we need the 1.4G (1427MHz-1447MHz) . Finally, we choose one perfect products that OWN 800M+1.4G+2.4G all ,that's wonderful:D
You can set different frequency by yourself , WOW, i made it whice means 1=3 sets transmission. LOOK PICTURE 1-Meastro 51 is great!

3.The interface:This is base on your gimble camera interface: HDMI/NET/SDI/AV/UART/SBUS...

4.The price : about $1900--2100

5.The test data: the best distance is 16.9km, but the sales tell me noly 15km:p LOOK THE PICTURE 2

SO, we choose the Meastro 51, that is really great!