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Posted by Noryork | May 09, 2020 @ 09:21 PM | 6,819 Views
Looking for parts lots and complete or parted out machines. Not willing to pay new pricing but will pay a fair price for unwanted parts and/or machines!! Picture is an example of a parts lot that I have bought recently. Thanks for your time!!
Posted by Noryork | Mar 22, 2017 @ 08:50 PM | 8,035 Views
Here the collection of pictures of my Vkar Bison and Helion Select Four 10TR starting from the day I received the Bison including modifications I have done to both since I have owned them. I have also included the videos of my son driving the Bison in the snow. Please be sure to click the "View all images in thread" on the right side just above the picture to see all my pictures instead of just the small amount in the preview below. Reading