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Posted by jstreet | May 08, 2020 @ 12:21 AM | 4,992 Views
My wife and I use to fly rc planes together alot. I had built a Carl Goldberg gentle lady kit and she loved it.also refused to fly anything else partly because I had built that just for her. Several years back a fire destroyed all our stuff and almost me.i tried several times to get her to try something else but she will not. So i looked and found a kit on ebay and built it for her.it was almost ready for her to fly it then a real kick it the teeth.last week someone broke into house and took the Lady. They got bunch of my stuff but I don't care so much.i can replace in time if I choose. Here is the thing. She has cancer.doing chemo for about a year now and doesn't have alot of energy latly.the cancer is aggressive, has had one breast removed and all the lymph nodes in one arm area on same side.its called triple negative cancer which means that there is not blockers to slow it down or stop.she liked to get out in sun and fresh air but gets tired real fast walking around.flying was great because I could set up chair and she could sit down and relax outside while flying.her treatment and doctor visits take up our finances so I can't afford another glider kit at this time or know where to get one besides ebay.any suggestions on this.no insurance. Just no money at moment to get her flying in the near future.what do I do