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Posted by kiwi_craig | May 04, 2020 @ 02:27 AM | 6,061 Views
Blade 230sV1 power up. Trying several different main motors to give the bird a bit more punch.
First up was an Xtreme production X400. First up was an upgrade 2627 4200 KV motor for the old esky honeybee- King2 cp heli. Rated for 20amps - 240 watts. Not quite as powerfull as the 250CFX/300X/300CFX main motor. nice motor and the cooling fan works well. I went with the stock pinion = 10% plus gain on head speed.

Power was pretty impressive but it overloaded the esc under hard power. Esc would go into a reduced power limp home mode and had to unplug - replug the battery to reset. tail hold was struggling. Clearly to much motor.

Decided to drill out a 13t pinion and went with a trex 250 motor 200watts / 17 amps. Testing it,it could still trigger the esc brown out.

Out with the stock esc and in with a trusty turnigy plus 25amp esc for the main and a dys opto 20amp on the tail. This is the 6th blade dual esc setup (200srx, 130s, 230x3 , 250cfx). I have had 5 units fail on stock birds- I think the stock stuff is pretty marginal frankly.

Beautifull smooth spool up now and the pulsing tail is significantly improved.

I mount everything on the under side of the chassis, the more powerful motors are taller than stock and the esc wiring needs to route clear.

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Posted by kiwi_craig | Dec 02, 2019 @ 02:05 AM | 5,444 Views
This is a review of the Microheli V950 billet swash, rotor head and blade grips with their HD feathering shaft and stiff head dampers.

Firstly the packaging, instructions and finish on the parts are all first class. Everything went together smoothly and without any issues what so ever.

A close review of the parts, as you maybe aware these are all based on the Master CP heli rotor head, there are some significant benefits in using the Master CP rotor head geometry, there are a number of subtle differences and when all added together cures one of the biggest bug bears on teh V950 and that the pitch jump just off mid stick. I've compared the stock V950 pitch changes and the master CP pitch change and we know the MCP setup cures the dreaded pitch "bunny hop" or yo yo effect that plagues the V950. See the comparision table from my testing

The Master CP geometry gets rid of the bump in pitch just off mid stick. The swash ball position from the servos is narrower meaning more travel across the swash. The blade grip ball position is also narrower meaning more total travel across the grips. Means a faster responding rotor head. it's all subtle but my good it works.

Others have asked what i use for the double end servo to swash links, I just use the swash to grip links, buy a couple of sets. lower arms use Blade 4mm ball ends, easy to find from various blade models - can get a pack for the 450X is straight forward enough

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Posted by kiwi_craig | Nov 23, 2019 @ 07:57 PM | 9,063 Views

For some time now i have developed alternative tail blades for the 200SRX / 230S / 250CFX, initially to get around the weak unit on the 200 that broke anytime you touched grass and then to get more thrust onto the tail of the 230 and especially the 250 to combat the weak tail - screaming tail motor deal.

Inital setups used 3" quad props in 3045 and 3053 pitch, both worked well on the 200 and 230 but still stuggled with the 250.

I had tried a 4025 2 blade prop on the 230 based huey and found it worked well but the prop itself was rather flexible and i was apparent that more pitch would be good. I tried a 3 blade 4045 bullnose quad prop but these where to heavy and the motors overheated so that set the upper limit.

I then spotted some very nice folding 4" 2 bladed quad props from microhel in 4045 pitch, these needed a simple adapter and worked perfect on the huey scale bird and the 250 CFX. It pretty well cured the wild tail yaw on the 250.

I relayed details to microheli on the 2 blade setup. They in response came up with a 3 blade cf setup with a span in between the stock unit and the 4" two blader prototype I developed. The MH team have sent me there new CF folding 3 blade unit to test.

Intention is to bench thrust tests each setup on a stock 230s tail and compare max thrust levels.

Lets look at the various setups.

Have to say the build quality of the Microheli folding 3 blade Carbon Fibre unit is stunning, these is a very nicely made high quality part.
check them out here:

with the 30% off sale this unit is a total bargain !
Posted by kiwi_craig | May 18, 2019 @ 06:30 AM | 4,559 Views
Like many others first flight of the stock 130S was a bit lack lustre, the machine bogged down easily in higher G moves and generally felt heavy and under powered. Nice flier but needed more pep.

Seems that going for the longer 180 CFX blades didn't really suit the machine either at 150 - 153 - 155mm lengths didn't work.

By chance I also fly an XK K130 this has really nice stiff CF blades at 143mm long that fir perfectly into the 130S. The blades are noticeably stiffer and the handling is noticeably improved. and it suits the stock tail boom length. I upped the tail I setting by 20 in the Tx - Rx

The machine picked up allot more speed and way better performance all round. seems this is the magic length and the stiffer CF suits the heli perfectly.

Stiffer CF blades for 1/2 the price of the stock plastic flexi blades.

I added white film wrap to the black CF blades and red tip stripes, visibility is as good as stock.

Batteries: the new GNB 450 batteries suit this guy down to the ground, sold 5 1/2 minutes fly time and good power delivery solid as up to around 5 1/4 minutes then you can feel it was back a fraction. Did push them to 6minutes but that resulted in 3.6V in the cells.

having fun with the new battery and CF main blades

CF tail boom next !

Blade 130S park fly (9 min 12 sec)

Posted by kiwi_craig | May 18, 2019 @ 01:54 AM | 4,977 Views
Like many of you, I found the blade 230s/250 cfx tail / tail blade to be pretty hopeless; poor hold and screams like hell when worked hard.

I really like the 250 cfx but the weak tail was quite frustrating - 45 degree tail blow outs are common

Blade just transferred the 200 srx tail blade, which was marginal even on that smaller bird, into the 230 /250. In the 230 when up you update the main motor, and the 250 even stock, tail blow outs are common.

The stock prop has a flat pitch and relied on lots of rpm to generate thrust. Problem is the bigger rotors on the 230 and especially the 250 need more holding power than what the stock prop can deliver hence the screaming tail syndrome. Dia is oddball as well at 3 1/4 “

On the 200srx I had great results using 3” DIA three bladed 3045 quad props and these also worked well on stock 230s but was working hard on the 250cfx. Even the 3056 wavy profile blade was working hard, so time for a revision !

I have been looking at 4” props but the majority are too bulky and the typical bull nose end profiles are to aggressive and overheated the tail motor. round end 4045 2 blade units are hard to find

I spotted some great looking folding 4045 twin blades props and with a bit of simple adaption these work great on the 250. !

These are also going onto the Huey and as355 scale birds

Further more being a folding design, busted tail blades are a thing of the past. The blades are stiff and generate...Continue Reading
Posted by kiwi_craig | Sep 14, 2018 @ 03:40 PM | 11,683 Views
Okay there are allot of complaints that the XK k120 min board has electrical reliability problems, and yes at times there are burn outs of tail motor plugs and the like. In my opinion most of the problems stem from fact the main board and the esc are hard linked, and the the main board cantilevers out past the the main chassis plate, any nose in "landing" results in direct impact to the main board and leveraging of the rigid links to the esc, this results in cracking of the board tracks and a dead board. Most off the time the factory sponge foam, whilst stuck to the chassis still has the protective paper in place on the board side so the board isn't actually fixed, it is solely flexing away on the two mounting screws.

the fix is simple, remove the board and esc unit, cut the hard esc links between the main board and the esc with side cutters

remove the black spacer blocks and further trim the links down close to each board.

Solder on flexible wires, I used plugs in between mine for ease of installation.

Mount the main board on double sided sponge foam and position just above mounting screws, do not use the screws, all they do is transfer vibration into the board.

use double side sponge foam tape and fix the ESC to the under side of the main chassis plate

connect your new wires - plugs

You will now have a way more reliable set-up.

On mine I extended the main chassis plate so it is longer than the main board, any nose on impact is now absorbed by the chassis rather than the main board.

been reliable and lots of flights and crashes without issue. Also seems that there is better power flow with cooler running servos and reduced motor temps are well. Winning all round and no down side.
Posted by kiwi_craig | Aug 22, 2018 @ 06:15 PM | 10,957 Views
Spektrum radio user - DX8 gen 1.

If you find the stock gimball sticks - springs overally stiff and have experienced the issue with the springs dropping off if you loosen the adjusters to far (with a pita that is) then here is the cure !

fit 4 by taranis springs, you need to order four of the below (even though it shows 4 springs in the picture the price is per spring.......)

springs is a fraction shorter so doesn't drop off the mounts at the loosest tension setting, and the spring is softer, feel is noticeable lighter and smoother, and now closer to my Devo 10 stick in feel = NICE

pictures to follow
Posted by kiwi_craig | Jul 23, 2018 @ 05:36 AM | 11,803 Views
really nicely made billet alloy cruiser, excellent detailing and great build quality

flies superbly once dialled in

auto return to home and auto land function when it detects low battery power is pretty awesome, worked perfectly.

looks fantastic cruising around the field thats for sure.

HobbyWOW JC300C #2 (4 min 32 sec)

HobbyWOW JC300C (7 min 31 sec)
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Posted by kiwi_craig | Jul 07, 2018 @ 11:34 PM | 12,008 Views
Okay guys, walk around video and detail photos

this is a very nicely made heli, enjoy !

First look HobbyWOW JC300C Heli (6 min 2 sec)
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Posted by kiwi_craig | Jul 07, 2018 @ 08:22 PM | 11,649 Views
Quick update on the dual emax esc setup, works superbly all round, can't fault it.

video of spool ups and check hovers in the garage, rather windy outside so no park flying today...........

used the simonK versions, 12 amp tail 25 amp main. totally plug n play, the good thing about SimonK software is it figures what is needed motor timing wise and applies that automatically........ NICE.

Blade 250 CFX dual emax esc (2 min 35 sec)

Posted by kiwi_craig | Jun 17, 2018 @ 04:16 AM | 12,339 Views
Picked up a cheap 250 CFX that needed a bit of a going through. Motor had tired bearings and squealed like hell in idle up and several other little gremlins tweaked feathering shaft, slight tweak in the tail tube and sloppy feathering shaft bushes. Chassis / servos / canopy all mint.

Motor - ran okay just sounded terrible in idle up, had a high pitched squeal out it went, pulled it down and yup both bearings notchy as hell and showing signs of wear on the shaft - time for a replacement.

In with a Turnigy 2627 - 4200kv. went up one size on the pinion - 13t to counter the minor drop in Kv value 4500/4200 x 12t = 13t and went with a steel lynx gear - nice. The Turnigy motor comes in a nice plastic case with plug ends, shrink-wrap and a spare main shaft and a couple of 0.5M pinions - 11 and 9t.

Initial run up was nice, then down the park and the main motor esc gave up....... this is the third blade 2 in 1 I've had smoke the main motor circuit, had a 200 SRX go, then my 230S went out and now this one in the 250 CFX. No warning fine one minute - stop the next and the ESC is smoking hot......... I'm figuring they are crappola quality wise in the main motor circuit components........

Another aspect I really hate in the 230 and the 250 is the mule kick these esc give on start up. this is why so many people have hassles with these things tipping over on spool up.......... I did my own 2 esc...Continue Reading
Posted by kiwi_craig | Apr 07, 2018 @ 07:00 PM | 12,049 Views
USB -DSM2 DSMX Satellite binding tool. Guys, don't know about you but man I have a bear of a time trying to get DSM2 DSMX satellites to bind properly......

I spotted this nifty little USB tool that allows satellites to be bound direct, no receiver in the middle, so figured what the heck, lets give it a go

It works blipping superb, bound 5 units last night that I was convinced where defective - faulty, every damn one sparked into life and bound easy as ! I have spent countless evenings trying to get these 5 units bound with multiple receivers, two different radios till I was tearing my hair out.......

One tip I can advise is that some Sats needed to be plugged into the USB unit first, then plug the unit into the PC USB port - hit bind on the radio and job done every time ! I'd say any 5volt USB power source would be fine, doesn't have to be a PC, no software or any thing needed just plug n play

best $4 I've spent in a long while thats for sure !
Posted by kiwi_craig | Jan 05, 2018 @ 04:40 AM | 13,868 Views
After flying several smaller helis with triblade conversions, you can find my builds in my blog, decided to convert my sweet flying 300x using the new microheli setup for the 250 cfx, it uses a single swash locator arm similar to the 300x / CFX setup.

Given the 250cfx is a 300CFX chassis with a 230s tail i figured its odds on going to be an easy swap into the 300X as well

Nicely packaged and clear instructions, easy to assemble the rotor head.

Letting all the loctite curing overnight and will fit up and check the pitch range etc tomorrow.

Enjoy the parts pictures and assembly details for now. ...Continue Reading
Posted by kiwi_craig | Dec 07, 2017 @ 04:40 AM | 13,552 Views
Gartt 450L canopy, $12.99 delivered from banggood, really solid, nice paint finish, blippin bargain...... Has a nice almost wrap around ala goblin look.

Has a slot opening on the underside perfect for air flow up over the esc unit and to get airflow up over the motor as well.

Bargain !
Posted by kiwi_craig | Nov 06, 2017 @ 11:39 PM | 15,423 Views
As some will know there was a range of "issues" with the 2 in 1 esc on the blade 200 SRX tail motors, from my delving into this I have generally found the issue was more related to the wiring plugs, especially the slim line plugs in the tail rear section and people fitting the tail blade on backwards = instant motor over heat..

Others have added a standalone esc which I have done with success but have looked to go one step further and go dual stand alone esc's on brushless heli etc for ultimate tenability especially once the gutless main motor is ditched for some more respectable power wise ! 0n both the 200 SRX and the 230 S.

Builds in progress are:

Conversion of Blade 200srx with single 2 in 1 esc to initially a separate tail esc and then two aftermarket esc’s with replacement higher spec main motor (performance build).

Conversion of the blade 230 S to two aftermarket ESC’s with upgrade higher spec main motor.

200 SRX tail upgrades
Initial findings on my two blade 200 SRX’s – additional tail ESC, both are running three bladed heads, one with a stock main motor, the second with an up spec 210 watt - 4100kv motor (hobbyking EH200).

I have trialled two ESC units on the tails, DYS SN10A and DYS SN20A.

The 10 amp ESC is marginal and has resulted in motor overheating at times and are not recommended.
The 20 amp esc is performing fine and appears to be well suited to this application.

Next stage is to change the main esc out...Continue Reading
Posted by kiwi_craig | Oct 06, 2017 @ 03:37 AM | 14,118 Views
Been really keen to hop this up onto 3s power but the stock props develop a hell oscillation due to the blade profile. When Banggod came out with the 7045 3 bladers i knew this could be something, the 6045 3 bladers where nice and smooth but just not big enough

Ordered up two sets, red and white. The props are marked A and B and the tthreaded prop nuts seem decent and the included grip tool works fine. Clearance is okay to the shell resonably close in the front, miles in the rear.

Fit and balance is really good. Threads on on the prop nuts are good, nuts are marked for left hand and right hand. Seems like an excellent product.

Hover time is around 8 minutes + on 2s. On 3s its as smooth as, no more oscillations and death wooble on spool up, YAY ! Finally a prop that works and has decent flight time. Motors remain cool.

Test fly this weekend but intial indoor testing it seems damn nice.
Posted by kiwi_craig | Sep 30, 2017 @ 01:57 AM | 14,288 Views
V950 Hughes 300c part 3

Rotor head update. Swapped out the stock plastic v950 blades for 2 sets of trex 250 fibreglass units . Online reviews warned that they can vary in weight between matched pairs so to get three matched was a chore - a fair amount of tape on one, but otherwise they balanced out nicely overall. Secondly they are thinner at around 3mm, added blade 450 plastic rotor shims on the bottom then selected thin steel gearbox shims over the top. Bit of effort getting the tracking spot on. They look great and the stiffer section adds crispness to collective and cyclic response. And they are dirt cheap from hobbyking and if you have the patience required to balance and shim them they do provide a nice setup.

Another rotor blade worth investigation is the new lynx Oxy 2 blades , lynx quality and a sharp price.

Replaced the failed stock tail motor with a Walkera Master CP unit, cheaper than the WL part and has the pinion gear already fitted which also matched the 950 setup.

added blue tinted acetate "doors" goes nicely with the yellow canopy.

Overall it is flying really nicely and I can see it being a fun park flier from here on in

V950 - Hughes 300C scale build with triblade rotor head (5 min 6 sec)

Posted by kiwi_craig | Sep 17, 2017 @ 03:00 AM | 14,161 Views
Landing Gear Update

Got the alloy landing gear on, looks great. One thing to watch, you need to feed the battery through from the very rear now ; the rear alloy frame means you can't get it into place from the bottom !

top flying struts to the semi scale tail boom done, the lower struts to come (out off suitable ends) and to find some more scale like rear fins.

overall I think its looking pretty good !
Posted by kiwi_craig | Sep 16, 2017 @ 02:55 AM | 14,758 Views
The triblade is getting a new scale body - Schweizer 300c. Based on some old syma canopies, thanks Murray! the fit up was quite straight forward. Allot of trial fits to decide on the drilling points for the lower front canopy pins.

After allot of trying it just wasnt possible to get the canopy to overlap the rear canopy pins and remain with the battery tray tucked into the lower canopy edge. Hot glued on some plastic hex standoffs to tie into the canopys rear mounts, these are needed as the rear section "fuel drum" vibrate badly if not secured.

See my blog for details of the triblade conversion.

Intial test hovers, all good.

Next stage is to add an alloy landing gear setup and some additional rear stays for a better scale appearance and the boom tube covering and correct tail fin.

The yellow is growing on me and I know it will be easy to see flying....Continue Reading
Posted by kiwi_craig | Sep 02, 2017 @ 01:44 AM | 14,230 Views
Upgraded main motor and tail blade, now ditching the blade 2in1 esc unit. Test unit for my UH-1 Huey build, turnigy 18a plush main esc and dys xm10a unit for the tail. Bench test all plug n play, dead easy. Plush is exactly that, plush with its nice smooth start and 2A bec to power everything. Dys is flashed with blheli so we can tune that in to !

Now to clean it all up, and detail it out , test fly it and fine tune the esc units then fit up into the huey shell.

Now to do the same on my powered up 200srx tri blade with hi po main motor.... A soft smooth start will be great on that as well.