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I bought another new plane; when will it end?

Thanks to Larry out in MO; he mailed the kit on a Saturday, and I had it on Tuesday. THAT'S FAST!!

Anyway, it was just a $50.00 kit, quite the bargain. It's K&A's Mini One, a very small, low wing, aileron/elevator sloper. It has forward swept wings, with high taper, and should be a "blur" on the rolls.

I find it amusing that I've bought other planes, costing over 10 times as much, that I still haven't made my maiden with! I've already started construction:

Fuse is built, and 3oz glass twill went on last night. The wings were sheeted night before last with West Systems, and now have a pine LE and the balsa tip blocks, and balsa sub TE drying with PU glue. I love that stuff, so sandable!

Will post pics later.

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A lot of great planes of all shapes and sizes. Some of the scale ships had AMAZING detail!!! 3D/freestyle event was outstanding as usual. Quite a few sponsored pilots attended. Some of the heli pilots were really wringing out their ships. Both the 3D'ers and heli guys did tricks I never imagined possible.........and probably will never be able to do I might add. The pics showing the KC Chiefs practice field (where the event was held) speak for themselves...even saw a couple of the Chiefs players working out. ...Continue Reading
Posted by Calle | Mar 18, 2006 @ 04:47 PM | 2,735 Views
you will find images, videos and a complete building report of the zenith evo epp at
Posted by hyper7 | Mar 18, 2006 @ 04:41 PM | 3,825 Views
16 Zagis.
Posted by mohillbilly | Mar 18, 2006 @ 02:19 PM | 11,895 Views
Moving sucks..............

Well I recently got moved from San Diego, CA. to Whidbey Island, WA. In the process many of my planes were damaged by so call Professional movers. Since then I set up a new workshop and started repairing and building again. Check back to see new pic's of planes in the works etc.

Have a good one Mo.
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Finally got this site up and running. Trying to add a forum and proper blog software but since it's being hosted by the lame I'm having a terrible time getting the software configured. Don't use these guys if you want to do anything interesting with your website. I'll be getting a new host ASAP.
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Meet my folks.......
Posted by dan duesentrieb | Mar 17, 2006 @ 03:51 PM | 6,090 Views
scale 1/5
front and rear suspension with 1/10 car oil shocks.
front susp. telelever system like some full scale BMW motorcycles
telelever arm made from magnesium
rear susp. pro-link progressive linkage
single sided swing arm, mv-agusta style-chain adjustment by excenter
front brake disc (stainless steel) mounted on rim as known from Buell bikes
floating front brake caliper
epoxy/glass fiber brake pads
OS Max 21 engine with custom exhaust
main frame monotube style made from 30x30mm aluminium profile
engine mount subframe: 1.5mm stainless steel sheet
rear frame made from 5mm magnesium sheets
fairing: something between bimota 666 and BMW RS1200R
tires: GRP soft
gear calculated for 90 km/h @ 30.000 RPM
fuel tank: 75ml from traxxas 1/10 car
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Yesterday, I did not know what a blog was (Probably something slimy living in the kitchen sink?) today I got one! Man, that's progress - you can't stop it.

Wonder what I can do with this blog? Can I show pictures to others? How much memory may I chew up before the webmaster will close my blog? How do other users find out about what's in my blog, and about the fact that it exists at all?

Until I learned more about that, there will probably not be much traffic around this place ...

See you in the forum,

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Anybody know for sure?? Lest try this thing out....
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Black Eagle weekend Volksrust, South-Africa
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Cannot upload video
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Winter is coming to a close and every time I see water, or the evenings hush to a dull roar of dead-calm nothingness... I keep thinking I need another amphibian to commit flight and reprise efforts put into Twinkle.

For the longest time I've needed to build a classic looking thing-of-fancy (not scale at all), and more recently it's been of a float plane amphib configuration. The idead also flirt every now and then with it being a canard. Over time it will probably take on a few configurations based on the classic fuselage theme with common parts and construction style. But for now... here's where my thoughts are for...

...the Floaterline Special