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Archive for December, 2010
Posted by whiskykid | Dec 24, 2010 @ 05:08 PM | 10,583 Views
its been a pretty good year for me, as far as it goes for rc!

well the nexus is awaiting a main gear!

the EXI 250 is a great lil heli!(better then a big mac, I'm loving it!)

realflight sim! Hr's- many, and still crashing, it's the only real indoor heli I can think of! so sense even if theres no white stuff yet, the weather out side,ta say the least is frightfull!

as for the bandit! havn't found floats that fit a 55mm df,in fact still looking for a set of floats for my 250!


and may 2011 be a great RC year! for all!
Posted by whiskykid | Dec 10, 2010 @ 09:03 PM | 10,800 Views

10 yrs,a buttloada reading,some sim time,and some help from the forums, it happened 2day!

I was able ta get my nexus airborn, and in a stable hover,with some side ins, and about 10 r so landings!

it was basicaly my first real heli flight! very kewl!