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Posted by whiskykid | Nov 05, 2010 @ 04:13 PM | 10,486 Views

ok yesterday was a red-letter day 4 me!

I took my bandit ta my local flying field, in hopes there was not 2 many peeps, and that there would b atleast an instructer there,as having been a former member I know that if your not a member of the club,are hav your ama paid up! you must hav an instructer at your side.

ok that being said and done,there was an instructer there that had his own edf's, and was more then happy ta check out my lil bandit, he liked it,and after he test flew it on a 1/2 charged batt. and after a recharge,I tossed it inta the air agin 4 him then he gave me the controls(my first time in over 6 yrs) and I flew that thing in circles around the feild,OMG, what a blast(I'm a jet jocky now)

had a lil misshap with a safety barrier,on landing, but no big deal she'll fly with the next weather break!

ok so I hav this ol venom niteranger, I tried ta fly bout 6 yrs ago,and never did more then just hopping on it,and batt. would only last bout 3 min.s and it was recharge time.never had enough time ta get usta the stick's.

ok make a short story long I bought a real flite sim. and been practicing on the heli's,so with some confidence I went dwn ta LHS and bought a 910ma 3s 15c lipo,and made a jumper from deans ta the plug on my VNR and took it ta the local gym which has an electric fly-in twice a mnth,(my first time) and after hoping around again,I took a lil break watched a few fly and tried again,I was able ta keep it in (what I consider a controlled hover)for what seemed like 4ever,but was prob close ta just over a min.very kewl!

so 2 day sense its very fall outside here in the great north wet,I'm taking the time ta fix up the bandit,and more hovering in between wind and rainy periods.

so for now I MEAN IT! get out n fly something,ANYTHING!