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Posted by twinkle | Jun 15, 2014 @ 05:41 PM | 30,962 Views
Hi folks

The weather has started to turn , I have rebuilt the slope soarer and for our holiday I have built a slighty smaller electric trike with 20" wheels all round
the advantage is that it will fit in the boot of my estate car with room for a folding bike as well , this new addition has all the real features ( Under Seat steering , disc brakes and rear suspension and multiple gears ) of an expensive fullsize trike with the built-in option of electric assist , the use of a geared motor means the pedalability with out assist is the same as a normal trike without the overhead of turning an electric motor all the time , Slightly lower in power as the motor came fromm a scrap electric bike with the e-hub built into a slightly larger rim , to compensate the brushless motor has been given an upgrade from 2 12v SLA batteries ( 24v system ) to a 37 volt 9ah lithium battery and a 36v 10 amp controller this has balanced the disadvantage of building the motor into the larger rim .
I hope to spray the new trike at the end of the month after a couple more weeks of testing , this one will be racing red with black trim and a cream seat .