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Posted by twinkle | May 21, 2012 @ 06:04 PM | 10,758 Views
Here are the pre test flight photos of the depron falcon @ 85%

here is the thread

Model has flown full details in the thread

regards all
Posted by twinkle | May 08, 2012 @ 06:24 PM | 10,292 Views
The Semi scale PC6 is finished and has been test flown

The main differences are the undercarriage which has been simplified and the wing chord which has been stretched a little giving 2 square feet of wing area and 14 oz wing loading and currently there are no wing struts fitted .
Finished in Air America livery it looks the part and its test flight followed in July when the winds and rain went away
2812 power 8x4 prop and about 200 watts it is a nice sport flyer.
fitted with a 3s 1800 lipo and has space for a 4000 lipo as well to increase its flight time to a little to over 30 minutes.
at 40 "Span it makes a nice 1 piece model to carry in the back of the car although the wing is detachable and is secured with two 6mm nylon bolts.

only changes will be add differential ailerons and move the cg rearward slightly The battery will be moved into bay 2 below the wing there are 2 hatch under this model and the battery going into the middle compartment will cure this problem .The aileron differential is easy to cure by moving the arms and stretching the short push-rods .