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Posted by Herb | Dec 21, 2016 @ 07:02 PM | 44,701 Views
I got this from MRC as an airframe kit only for $159,






It is made out of EPO = Expanded Poly Olefin (which is NOT EPS = Expanded Poly Styrene).

It includes pretty much everything except fan and esc (and of course receiver). I really had no need for another $20 outrunner edf plastic fan .

Seems pretty well made for what it costs, the overall near-scale outline and the paint job look pretty good.

More importantly the ducting is actually pretty decent compared to some other FW offerings !

For some reason all the ones I have seen in person crashed badly, nevertheless the F-104 is generally a decent EDF (or turbine) flier.

The original F-104 had an overall length of 16.66m and a wingspan of 6.36m,


whereas the model has 1.403m and 0.656m respectively, giving a scale of 11.88 (length) to 9.70 (wingspan), or on the average ~10.8 scale.

Here's a video of how mine flies (it gets faster as the batteries warm up) :

F-104 Starfighter 70mm EDF with WeMoTec MiniFan EVO (1 min 32 sec)


F-104 Starfighter Freewing fast & low Flybys (0 min 36 sec)
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