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Posted by twinkle | Dec 21, 2012 @ 10:32 AM | 9,698 Views
Just to wish all RCG users a happy Christmas and a problem free new year

Regards emma
Posted by twinkle | Dec 18, 2012 @ 07:14 AM | 9,779 Views
Well , Hi Folks and a Happy Christmas to you all ,
Looking back over the past year , It has been a busy one and fruitful , This is the first year I have writen the blog entries and I hope you have enjoyed reading them
The Falcons and Jackal/Jeckel projects ( 5 models and 3 models ) have swelled the hanger and the other little projects have increased the size of the fleet to bursting point ) Next year will be a fly fly fly year with little building for myself.
The weather has not been up to much and there has been more building than flying but it has all been fun and now Its time to look forward into the new year and plan the new year . I hope to do a bit more flying and building will be reduced unless I build anything for others as the hanger is full .
Dad passed away ten years ago and whilst he was able enjoyed sitting on the side of a hill or in a field watching model aircraft flying , One year while we were on holiday in Devon we were flying a RF5 diesel powered 72" semi scale glider from the side of a hill having had a flight of 20+ minutes the engine died in the silence that followed you could hear a bunch of farmers on the hill opposite cheer and after another 5 minutes soaring I landed it at my feet to get another hugh cheer from the farmers on the hill . That was one of the moments he never left off recalling to his friends I still have that glider its over 40 years old now and in need of a little tlc and recovering . the front had been...Continue Reading
Posted by twinkle | Nov 23, 2012 @ 09:21 AM | 9,511 Views
Hi Folks
Looking at my blog it looked as if I have not been doing anything except the Solar Project over the past few months .
Well apart from the Solar project which was interesting we had some time away in the caravan and went cycling and flew toy planes while we were away .

The Baby Falcon was conceived, born and flown, and a few models were renovated as well as some flying .
A busy summer, really the only criticism was the weather, it really was not a good one.
The Baby Falcon is featured in the Falcon thread and I built a camo Spitfire to compliment the pink ones and I am in the process of rebuilding a global hawk which a friend spun in from 30 feet . At 2.4 meters it looks big and the edf screams on 4s I hope to fly it when the weather improves , at the same time , running concurrently I rebuilt my old flying foamy 23" ultimate that have previously flown as a profile model with skymaster mods the model flew well but it did look awful with the rc gear on the outside so a full fat fuselage was build and the wings rebuilt into KFm4 sections with a 6mm core and 3mm steps .
As a bit of relaxation we took the powerboat down to the local lagoon and ran a couple of 3s lipos through it , then I got bored and went flying so here are the past 3 months in photos and the next project on the board

regards all
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Posted by twinkle | Jul 31, 2012 @ 06:10 AM | 10,861 Views
Hi Folks
The latest projects
After experimenting with the solar panel for caravanning I have installed a panel on the roof of the Bungalow .
Ok its only a small panel but it will give me more than enough free electricity for my own use ( lighting and charging the RC batteries )
The Caravan system uses a 120w solar panel 120Ah battery and a 500 watt inverter enough for the 5 day trips we usually do . Happily running the TV, lights and other small items .
The Home system is a little smaller using 100watt solar panel 160Ah battery and 2 x 300watt inverters This is ample ,since I upgraded to a bigger battery and a second inverter to power the television and HiFi Systems .
The downside of the inverter system is the overhead, with a 300w system about 8 watts and over 18 watts with the bigger inverters this must be taken into account when designing and commissioning the system . A 100% 12 volt only system would be more efficient in the long run as the losses would be minimised .
As you can see at home we already have a wood burner and a solar water heating system and both cut the cost of heating the water and the home .
The Solar water heating is effective for ten months a year and the wood burner will heat the bungalow to 24 deg C with outside temperatures of 0 deg C . the running costs of the wood burner are much less than running the central heating and gives a more homely feel . One advantage of the wood burner is the ash ( which there is only a little), it adds...Continue Reading
Posted by twinkle | Jul 02, 2012 @ 01:01 PM | 10,285 Views
Hi Guys and Girls

Here are the finished Falcon 42" Photos ( 75%)

2822 with 9x4.5 prop 30a esc 1000mah lipo and 4 servos

being just a bit smaller than the 48", it will double as the second holiday model

Test flown today , the bigger than standard control surface give good response
and handling
Ideal Power to weight ratio
This is the first time I have used a 2822 rather than a 2812 motor
full test report in the depron falcon thread

regards emma
Posted by twinkle | Jun 18, 2012 @ 02:45 PM | 11,085 Views
Hi Folks
Just a new addition to the nest a 42" depron slope soarer
couldnt find one in the scratch builts so I designed this one myself
KFm 4 wing made of 3 6mm depron pieces and the fuselage
built on a pair of pine longerons with 6mm depron tailplane and fin
2 channel 3 servos 315 sq inches and 17 ozs . wing loading of 8.5 oz sq ft

The wind turned up in the right direction today . 17mph .
great test flight . I was surprised how aerobatic it was with the small control surfaces 1" ailerons and elevator. loops, rolls and inverted flight without problems the KFm 4 worked well . if anyone is really interested I will describe the build fully . (Its a days Build from start to finish)
Have built a KFm 3 for more marginal conditions with 1.5 " ailerons and 48" span
fitted servos now the wing is complete and waiting to test fly when conditions improve
Here is the KFm 3 wing photo added 3/7/12

Built on Falcon Technology and the forerunner to the Funmaster see the falcon thread
Both slimline versions of the falcon but using KFm wings and doubles as a test bed for new wings using the now stock 42x7.5 wing sizes for holiday models

regards all emma
Posted by twinkle | May 21, 2012 @ 06:04 PM | 10,765 Views
Here are the pre test flight photos of the depron falcon @ 85%

here is the thread

Model has flown full details in the thread

regards all
Posted by twinkle | May 08, 2012 @ 06:24 PM | 10,297 Views
The Semi scale PC6 is finished and has been test flown

The main differences are the undercarriage which has been simplified and the wing chord which has been stretched a little giving 2 square feet of wing area and 14 oz wing loading and currently there are no wing struts fitted .
Finished in Air America livery it looks the part and its test flight followed in July when the winds and rain went away
2812 power 8x4 prop and about 200 watts it is a nice sport flyer.
fitted with a 3s 1800 lipo and has space for a 4000 lipo as well to increase its flight time to a little to over 30 minutes.
at 40 "Span it makes a nice 1 piece model to carry in the back of the car although the wing is detachable and is secured with two 6mm nylon bolts.

only changes will be add differential ailerons and move the cg rearward slightly The battery will be moved into bay 2 below the wing there are 2 hatch under this model and the battery going into the middle compartment will cure this problem .The aileron differential is easy to cure by moving the arms and stretching the short push-rods .
Posted by twinkle | Mar 09, 2012 @ 11:19 AM | 10,144 Views
Here is the first of the new holiday models at 30" span 6.5" chord based on a 1/2a ugly stick with a flat bottom wing

spec is 30" span wing area 195sqin weight 450 gms 2812 motor 18amp esc 7x4 prop 3s lipo (24oz thrust ) and 4 channel radio. wingloading approx 11oz/sft
Based on the Das Not Ugly on the website but built in depron and ply/balsa hybrid fomers with balsa ailerons with a conventional fin and rudder

My Flight Box on display with everything I may need ...

Test flown on 12/3/12 :- flys well, will make another .
Posted by twinkle | Feb 28, 2012 @ 04:58 PM | 9,777 Views
This little model started life as a profile model I found originally on the internet but it was not a success , after it spent 23 months sitting in the garage.
I decided to put a full fuselage and a kfm wing section I made my own canopy by pulling a lemonade bottle over a plug and fitted a 2812 motor and a 3s 1000 lipo
the worst bit was installing the esc above the battery in the nose .4 servos completed the model and I fitted it with 2" wheels .
What a difference its now a treat to fly and will perform aerobatics but not 3d although it will prop hang . The bigger wheels allow it to take off from grass .
Im glad I didn't scrap it .The model is covered in sign vinyl and weighs 550 gms giving it a 12oz/sqft wing loading.
Posted by twinkle | Feb 24, 2012 @ 06:52 AM | 9,301 Views
Well its almost Spring here and its 2012 a new (to me) caravan has been delivered to replace the elderly one .more powerpoints have been added to make model flying easier whilst away and the next step is to make the overhead model rack. after that my next job will be to design a new caravan holiday model which should take up less space when its not being flown and be easily repaired if the inevitable happens. I will make two so i have spare parts ready for use . it wold be nice to have a two part wing and removable tail and to keep me on my toes a 3s lipo and a 2812 motor .
I'm thinking of a kfm2 wing section and making the u/c removable but the whole thing must be quick to reassemble and look like an aeroplane and fly in conditions up to a 15mph wind . any ideas please summit a reply

the aircraft in the caravan is an own design based loosely on an ugly stick but looks like a pre ww2 trainer
Posted by twinkle | Feb 23, 2012 @ 04:37 PM | 9,527 Views
The New Jeckel has flown and has been finished in camouflage. After the test flight we modified it by fitting an undercarraige as the cost of cr props would make it an expensive model to land . It is lighter and still retains the same motors as the earlier versions . We fitted this model with differential throttles as we did not fit rudders to this one after several flights and problems we have fitted conventional rudders and removed the differential throttles the rudder servo has been fitted to the taiplane and an extension cable routed to the receiver .
This model also had a KFM 2 wing instead of my usual clarke Y section . The disadvantage was the transfers , these were difficult to make as they cover the step. The wires to the booms fitted in the front section of the section.
This version has a shorter tail moment than the earlier pair and a 5 inch longer wingspan. More photos are posted in the Jackal thread.
This version weighed 750 gms now with the bigger battery pack to balance the servo at the tail it weighs about 900gms .
Posted by twinkle | Jan 31, 2012 @ 09:53 AM | 10,071 Views
Many years ago a young Chris Foss the man behind Chris Foss Designs apppeared on the local slope clutching his new design a solid wing balsa rc glider with 2 channel radio control . That must have been in the mid seventies at 6ft span (1.8metres )with its narrow wing the aspect ratio was 18;1 it became a great success and was kitted by micromold a local company
with its original 6mm thick wing, it flexed and how and the mk 2 model appeared on the slope with a 10mm thick wing carved from 100mm x 900mm balsa sheet with a spruce spar. Now over 30 years later I decided to build my own from what I remembers of the original and a few modifications ofcourse.
Here it is modified and brought into the 21st century with flapperons and just a hint of dihedral with 4 servos and rx and a 900mah nicad it weighs 24 ozs. The wing loading coming out . You guessed it to 12oz sqft its great in most conditions
and we use it to go for a walk along the downs ( some call it crosscountry)
the nicads give a good hour in flight and the upward deflections of the flapperons
kills the lift for a landing steeper appoach . it looks nice in the air and although the wings have a little flex in them, they haven't broke yet
finished in doped tissue with a little trim , it looks the business in the sky
The high aspect ratio wing adding to it's grace .
Posted by twinkle | Jan 30, 2012 @ 02:52 PM | 9,291 Views
Here are the photos of the Jackal and Jeckel together to show their main differences
although the span is similar te Jackal has a constant chord wing with tapered ailerons where the Jeckel has a taper wing with constant profile ailerons .
Both twins are powered by the CF2812 motors with 3s1p 1800 Lipos and 20amps escs almost 3lbs of thrust and 250 odd watts of power using 8x4 counter revolving props. the Jeckel has an extra servo for the flap. .Both weigh almost 1kg and the wing loadings are 12oz/sqft
In Flight the characteristics are similar the built-in undercarraige of the jeckel make the model sit lower but still has enough ground clearance to take off and land on grass .Both models need to be flown "to the ground " The trike u/c gives good ground handling and both models get airbourne in a short distance and have plenty of power for aerobatics . The jeckel with its hugh booms has that transporter look and it is agile and was not affected by cross winds .

Getting the wiring into the jeckel was no joke with 3 extension leads going to each boom and power cable of 20 amp rating there was not much room in the centre of the wing and the weight of the wing doubled with all that copper.
the jeckel is very much a one piece model although it will come apart for servicing I have a boom brace which stops any twisting when the wing has been removed
Posted by twinkle | Nov 15, 2011 @ 12:09 PM | 9,460 Views
Hi Everyone
Welcome to my blog

Having been taught to fly over 35 years ago and after a rest of a few years I
decided to return to model flying . Since my original attemps at electric flight in the early eighties with brushed 540 motors and nicads .The brushless revolution together with the Lipo has changed electric flight for the good
I enjoy most aspects of modelling and as one of my other hobbies is caravanning I like to mix them often flying out the back of remote caravan sites and farmers fields . The last model I built was the Jackal twin with a few modifications with plenty of power with 2 cells and wow with 3 its a fun model to fly. The next model will be its little sister at 2/3 size and a kfm2 wing section so far i have not built a model using this type of section balsa and cut foam has been the materials we have always used and Depron is a material I need to master although i have now built 3 models with this .
I still own models built in the 70s and one day will restore them.
And yes I do fly a Pink PRU Spitfire (GWS) everyone thinks its girly
and a pink thunder tiger Spit without undercarraige both 3s
the TT spit has a fantastic sound with its 3 blade prop.
Finally my depron and foam pattern ship fitted with a 3630 motor and 30A esc
at 1 kg with a 3s2p 4000 lipo it flies stable and well even in a wind

here are some of the photos