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Posted by old4570 | Yesterday @ 11:08 PM | 505 Views

To play with I have the iRangeX RM601 7ch Receiver .
Ch1 - Throttle
Ch2 - Aileron
Ch3 - Elevator
Ch4 - Rudder

+ You have pins for PPM and Bind as well Ch5 and Ch6

Now my main goal here was to see how little voltage this receiver would work on and I think I learned a few things along the way ...

A) Current is more important than Voltage ...

I have a variable voltage power supply being used to feed power to the receiver ..
To start testing I fed some 5v @ 0.5Amp to the receiver ..

Receiver was initially set to DSMx and bound to my Jumper T8SG Plus ..
Two 9g servos were attached to the receiver ..

I got so many brown outs it was not funny ...
Tried DSM2 and the brown outs were literally twice as bad ..
I jacked the voltage to 6v and left the current to the Rx @ 0.5A
Yeah , you may have guessed , more brown outs ..

I then pushed the current to 0.9Amp and no more brown outs ... ( Bound back to DSMx )
I dropped the voltage to 5v and no brown outs ..
I dropped the voltage to 4.8v and no brown outs
I dropped the voltage to 4.6v and no brown outs
I dropped the voltage to 4.2v and no brown outs
I dropped the voltage to 4v and no brown outs
I dropped the voltage to 3.9v and no brown outs ( Sorry - did brown out @ 3.9v - 0.9A )
I dropped the voltage to 3.8v and got brown outs ( DSMx )

a) 3.8v and the 9g servos were still working ...

So I thought , hmmmmmm , maybe if I crank the current to 1.5A ...

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Posted by yqrninja | Yesterday @ 10:49 PM | 468 Views
Sunday: The task for today is to fiberglass the wing center joint at the root. This is a pretty critical step for this glider. This is going to with stand all the G's pulled. Unlike some old school kits that I have built in the past, there is no dihedral brace. This is where all the pieces literally come together to create a bond greater than the individual parts. Using Painters tape I taped off the border to prevent epoxy from getting to places I don't want epoxy to be. This kit calls for a 35mm strip of fiberglass (Medium), and a 50mm strip of 3/4 oz glass cloth covering the heavy glass strip. I have never used this method of adhering both glass strips at the same time. I like it, it worked well.

If you haven't guessed by now that I am obsessed with weight, I am a big believer that a lighter plane flies better. I have made this mistake before when glassing center joints by using fast cure epoxy like a 5 or 15 minute, I won't make it again. Use slow cure epoxy (thin like maple syrup), use as much epoxy to wet out the glass completely. At this stage you are going to think you have put on too much but its OK, use paper towel to soak up the excess epoxy. This will do two things. Push the cloth against the surface, and gets rid of unnecessary and heavy epoxy. Paper towel is the most important tool for this job. Just be patient, soak up epoxy little by little until the excess is gone. You will be able to tell by looking at it, no shine.

The downside of using thin slow cure epoxy is that it wants to drip and run everywhere. plan for that. Have gloves and paper towel. tape off areas do avoid any mistakes. The Epoxy WILL bleed under the tape, I'm OK with that, small price to pay for saving some weight.. Hopefully the lacquer finish will conceal the bleed.

Fiber glass cloth plus the Epoxy added 9g. . . .This is it, I will NOT be adding additional coats of epoxy to fill the weave for ascetics, this is not about looking good, but flying good.
Posted by RC Roundtable | Yesterday @ 07:51 PM | 551 Views

Episode 65: "Road Trip!" is now live!

In this episode, Fitz and Lee report live from Bomber Field in Texas. We talk about:
-Interviews with B.B. Webber's family (0:57)
-Interview with Barry Raborn, club president of Bomber Field USA (14:09)
-Fitz and Lee part 1 (19:07)
-Fitz and Lee part 2 (40:05)
Posted by Bill M - RC | Yesterday @ 05:11 PM | 633 Views
Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

Bugs 5W & Mobius Maxi camera flight. I mounted this new Mobius Maxi 2.7k camera onto my MJX Bugs 5W B5W to record an aerial video with 2.7k@30fps. For best viewing experience ensure your youtube video resolution setting is on 2.7k, hope you enjoy.

Get this Mobius Maxi 2.7k Actioncam here now:

Bugs 5W B5W flight with Mobius Maxi Actioncam 2.7k@30fps (6 min 44 sec)

Posted by gooniac33 | Yesterday @ 04:46 PM | 637 Views
Got some really early before sunrise footage for you guys....

F-16 Afterburner before sunrise at LFE (9 min 11 sec)

F/A-18 afternurner flight before sunrise at LFE (8 min 45 sec)
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Posted by mlilasic | Yesterday @ 04:37 PM | 669 Views
Posted by PlaneAndSimple | Yesterday @ 02:05 PM | 708 Views
Got the maiden flight done this weekend on the Phoenix Models Super Cub I started building in April of this year. Got 2 flights in on Saturday. It flies superbly, required about 3 clicks of trim to the left for straight and level flight. Video link below.

-Phoenix Models 107" Super Cub (tower hobbies)
-Dle 35ra
-Falcon scale vintage 18x6 prop
-EME onboard starter & controller
-Spektrum Ar9350 receiver
-8x Hs5645 Hi-Tech servos
-1x Hs 77bb low profile servo (choke)
-B&B specialties smoke muffler
-Sonic Tronics programmable smoke pump
-B&B smoke fluid tank
-Electrodynamics power buss & power backR
-GT Power nav lights
-2x MPI 6v switch with meter
-Dubro 6in pneumatic mains
-Sullivan proflex fuel tubing
-Spektrum 3000mah 6v NIMH (receiver)
-Turnigy 5000mah 6v NIMH (power buss)
- Turnigy Graphene 2s 2200mah lipo (starter& ignition)
- 2000mah 4.8v NIMH (smoke pump)

Link to video:
Posted by GroundControlRC | Yesterday @ 02:02 PM | 790 Views
Glue & Fly Series - Maiden Flight of our Latest F-22 Micro V1.5 Airframe

Here is a link to the Video:

I'm always a bit nervous performing Maiden Flights via Line-Of-Sight.
My Line-Of-Sight skills have greatly improved over the past 3-4 months but I still have a long way to go.
The All-Up-Weight of this Micro Parkjet is 119 grams with a 2S 450mah 65C LIPO.
The Thrust-To-Weight Ratio with this 2S LIPO is 1.3:1
This is our trainer setup for this Micro Parkjet.
For an Intermediate to Advanced setup all you have to do is replace the 2S LIPO with a 3S LIPO ;-)
The 3S LIPO we will be using is a 450mah 65C LIPO as well.
I will post additional flights of this Micro Parkjet in Trainer Setup and then it will be time to perform the Re-Maiden with a 3S LIPO in the Intermediate and Advanced setup ;-)

My observations on the Maiden Flight:

* The Parkjet was slightly tail heavy
* The fact that the plane was a bit tail heavy made the controls a bit twitchy
* After the 4 minute flight the LIPO Cells were at 3.7v per Cell
* Estimated flight time with this setup should be approx. 6 minutes if your in the throttle a lot like me ;-)
* With a Micro FPV System operating at 25mw it will probably be around 5 minute flights ;-)

I'm pretty darn happy with the way this Micro Parkjet flew on the Maiden Flight!
If someone with my Line-Of-Sight skills can fly this Micro Parkjet on it's Maiden Flight and also perform basic Acrobatics with it and not have any problems, then a seasoned Pilot will certainly not have any problems ;-)

Stay Tuned ;-)

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

Happy Flying!

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Posted by visioneer_one | Yesterday @ 10:01 AM | 814 Views
Originally Posted by vimy g eaou
And like you, I was shocked at the price of these SMPS's compared to what they used to be.
I also had a pair of DPS-1200s die after using them off a generator. They were in series, and the generator is an inverter type

Lol at the prices on these now. Blame the cryptocurrency nerds!

I replaced them with some DPS-750s, also in series. These are cheap for now at around $19 off of eBay.
(turns out that I didn't really need 900+ watts to run half my charging station)

Also - I've bought 6 of these and converted them to run in series. The conversion procedure is identical to the DPS-1200s


turns out that there are different types of DPS-750s which are not compatible with each other. pairing incompatible ones in series invariably - and quickly (literally within minutes - kills one of the two supplies.

went through three PSUs before I discovered that little nugget of information I thought I was doing something wrong when floating the ground or maybe they were just dodgy from the start but Nope not quite - it just so happened that I managed to pair up incompatible ones. Twice.

the last set I converted and paired up for 24V a little over a week ago. They passed my initial testing and worked as expected for this past weekend's charging activities. So far so good.

if they continue working I'll tear the vinyl off of them and post pics as to...Continue Reading
Posted by TMac54 | Yesterday @ 09:28 AM | 811 Views
Good Day to All!
This is my first "blog" post and am not sure how this is really supposed to work, but I'll give it a shot. First, a little about my journey.
Started flying quadcopters for the first time ever in January 2018 as a result of my purchasing quads for my sons & daughter to fly. I thought they were cool and my children would love them. turned out--I loved them too and wanted to give them a shot! So, Line-of-Sight I went, learning basic flying skills and attempting to do so with my first quad (a 5-inch) in my backyard. That didn't go so well, as you can imagine.

Got a Hubsan to learn indoors. Better. Got a QX65 to learn FPV. OK, I'm hooked! Got a Diatone GT-R90. What a blast! FPV simulators--yes, plural! This process has taken me several months, but I have enjoyed the journey and learned a lot and continue to learn. I hope I will always! This stuff is SO Much Fun!

So, I wanted to start this blog by passing on some of my lessons learned over the past several months, beginning with my thoughts on a Beginner FPV Drone "Kit." Looking back, there is a much better (and cheaper) way to get started in this hobby with better equipment than I did. Here's my stab at it:

BEST BEGINNER FPV DRONE KIT - Racing Drone for Beginners (22 min 39 sec)

Posted by Bill M - RC | Yesterday @ 09:21 AM | 808 Views
Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

Mobius Maxi camera review. This Mobius Maxi 2.7k Actioncam review includes unboxing, overview, features, functions, settings, various test clips & an aerial video from a quadcopter drone.

Get this Mobius Maxi 2.7k Actioncam here now:

Get the Mobius C2 Actioncam here now:

Mobius Maxi 2.7k Actioncam review (26 min 14 sec)

Posted by scousethief | Yesterday @ 08:43 AM | 837 Views
You know you want one

Smallest Flying Sports car -Koncepto Millenya- (3 min 1 sec)

Posted by scousethief | Yesterday @ 07:19 AM | 870 Views
This will be a relatively simple test between the various DVR's that we use for recording FPV footage , there are of course some restraints that we have to take into consideration when testing which i will try and explain as i go along.

To make a clean comparison i will -- as far as possible-- use the exact same equipment for each test only swapping out the DVR , there are of course some like the Stack-X and the Split that require their own camera.



The original Eachine TS215 DVR
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Posted by lawrence4 | Yesterday @ 02:51 AM | 948 Views
3mm foam.
DSMX receiver build in 3A BL ESC.
Eflite 180 2500kv motor
GWS EP-5030
Line servo x 2
2S...Continue Reading
Posted by yqrninja | Sep 23, 2018 @ 11:51 PM | 979 Views
Saturday nights job is to carve out the foam at the wing roots in order accept the wing bolt blocks and join the wing halfs. I think primarily this is to provide some support the wing bolts and prevent crushing. Blocks are less than 5g. Carving the blocks only takes a few minutes on the belt sander. Happy with the way it all fit together.

Supporting one end of a wing up with a scrap piece of foam, up to the blue print specs to get the right amount of dihedral, and epoxying it together. This time I needed a thicker epoxy, lightened with some micro-ballons. I was careful again not to go crazy with the epoxy when gluing wing half's and blocks. It is tempting to squish in a lot of epoxy and glue it together. Lots of epoxy does not equal more strength. I measured the before and after weights, the epoxy cost me another 1.6g. Strength at the wing joint is the job of the fiberglass center joints. (Tomorrows job).

Also.......I found a wonderful beer by Black Bridge Brewers, these guys know how to make an IPA. Outstanding. I can have a beer on a Saturday.
Posted by XionUAV | Sep 23, 2018 @ 11:33 PM | 978 Views
Another plane I picked up used and cheap. I like cheap planes like this because there's less attachment, which is good because this one snapped over and went in inverted on its first launch. Mostly my fault for not throttling up enough when tossed. I will admit that I'm jealous of the guys who just underhand lob this one and the EFXtra and they take off perfectly smooth and level. Still working on that one. Just need more practice. Normally I prefer to overhand throw so a plane is already one mistake high at launch. Of course that didn't help much the first time.

Stock motor and ESC running an APC 6x4. Motor is kind of noisy. Not the best quality. Will probably swap it out with something better later.

Nothing really new here since there are already bunches of videos and other info on this plane and its successor. Finally tossed the rebuilt Racer yesterday. Used a 4S with a quarter ounce of weight taped to the front of the battery to get the CG at center specs. Didn't notice anything odd with the control surface travel (the elevator was centered at neutral) but right after launch it started climbing excessively, which was clearly abnormal. At cruise throttle it would climb, stall and drop. Full down would produce mostly level flight. Low throttle and full down trim was required to get a hands-off cruise. Up elevator would snap it over into a rolling loop. To bring it down controlled I had to either keep it in a banking turn or would occasionally roll it over and do a...Continue Reading
Posted by yqrninja | Sep 23, 2018 @ 11:26 PM | 985 Views
Friday evenings job is to glass the wing edges. This is to support the carbon rods to the tip extensions. I will be building the Odyssey in the dihedral configuration. Using as little epoxy as possible. Wet it out then using paper towel to pick up the excess. I am using slow cure epoxy from a company called Raka (, I had some left over from another project and it is wonder stuff to work with, high viscosity compared to the hobby store stuff. This should allow me to keep the epoxy pretty thin.