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Posted by Airman74 | Apr 08, 2013 @ 04:45 AM | 21,717 Views
Well,,, I did it!!! Finished my first ALES ( altitude limited electric soaring ) contest. For those not familiar ,, its an electric sailplane contest where each contestant has a small chip between ESC and receiver that shuts down the motor at either 200 meters OR 30 seconds whichever comes first,, then a timed flight ( usually 10 minutes ) follows where 1 point is given for each second up to 10 minutes with one point subtracted for each second past 10 minutes,, then there's extra points for landing as close as possible to center of a 10 meter circle
For a max of 50 extra points graduated in 1 meter increments. Because most e sailplanes are capable of reaching 200 m in 30seconds means almost anyone can be somewhat competitive,, and in fact I was surprised by just how competitive the PZ radians were. I'd never ever flown in any kind of a sailplane contest in all my years of flying sailplanes ,,,,, except for my crazy AMA sanctioned attempt at a national open class slope duration record back in 2001
I managed to break the previous record of 12 hours with my 12hrs and 30 minutes,,, but not the same as this very specific task of ALES. I wasn't sure how I'd like flying with such a specific task as my goal,, but turns out I LOVE it!!!
Adds a whole new demension,, and forces me to become a better pilot,, and it was a blast talking and hanging out with all the great guys out at the Sacramento valley soaring society. So there I am out there with my brand new 2 meter poly pulsar you...Continue Reading
Posted by Airman74 | Mar 25, 2013 @ 12:32 PM | 21,758 Views
Well after about 4 yrs after my latest RE entry into RC planes again,,, I've finally come back to my roots, so to speak, this is high performance RC sailplanes. Decided I needed to get a decent sailplane radio,, was deciding between the AT 10ch and the Aurora 9,, found a really good close out deal on a A9,, thanks to AEAJR,, and got it ,, $320 including 2 receivers,,, flew the crap outa my radian and to a lesser extent the radian pro,,, but these two planes only made me long for a TRUE high performance sailplane. ;-),,, so,,,,, I gots my sailplane radio,,, now I need a plane,,, so don't Wana break the bank first one out,, so I get the new E Flite mystique ,,,ALOT of plane for the money,, a tad bit high on Wingloading but not bad,,, and MAN,, what a nice looking plane!!!! I'm not exactly the worlds greatest builder and I don't particularly enjoy building,, so doing a Fullhouse build like the mystique was quite daunting at first,,, but then I started getting back into the swing of things so to speak ,, and kinda a fun.
So I take her out first few flights go great!!! Great flying plane!! Great speed range with camber changing,, fairly aerobatic ,, lands nicely with about 55deg of flap travel ( stock is 25) ,,, so then,,, then ill fated 2nd outing ,,, had her up about 500ft put her into a shallow dive to check my change in CG,, she keeps going down even tucking a little,, give a little up elev,,, nothing,,, give more,,, still nothing,, at this point she's picking up speed very...Continue Reading