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Posted by ced_toulouse | Mar 20, 2014 @ 05:33 AM | 4,222 Views

After seeing the F3F world record fall every year in Taïwan, this year, I decided to go to the Typhoon Race to make my personal best and try to tackle the W Record!

the first question that came to me was which glider should I bring up there? is any of my glider capable of a 25s speedwise and structurally?

So I had a look at the F3B speed vault, as the best time are in 12s for 600m, it makes the glider capable of 20s for 1000m!!! (of course with more turns, it is a bit more) so which glider are the fastest according to F3B:
1- FS4
2- Fosa
3- Shooter

As I already have a Fosa, I bought a FS4, and a Shooter to check on the speed potential, and the structure. I already knew the FS4, and I wasn't gonna make a mistake, but I was very interested in seeing what the Shooter would do in F3F...

to be continued...