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I came across these earlier this year at the AMA Expo East. They are made by the following company,, run by Dennis Andreas. I grabbed a couple to bring back home to fool around with. A few weeks later I took them an indoor free flight event I was co-CD'ing and they were a big hit. I gave some to kids who came through, and a few to other modelers. They really do glide very nicely indoors, an easy 30-40 feet nice and level.

They come in foam sheets very similar to depron, but a little more flexible. The sheet is a about 11 by 14 and has 5 pieces laser cut into it. The pieces pop out and go together very easily. I've used Foam Tac and tape to put them together. I'm going to experiment with making them a bit lighter, not that it really needs it. Also, I think I'll make a notch to let these be launched with a rubber band/catapult.

I ended up buying 100 of these they were so much fun. We'll save some for give aways at events, perhaps for some classroom/Cub Scout demonstrations as well. They would be a great little fundraiser too at events for clubs, they are less than $2.00 and could easily be sold for $3-5 bucks. Id' rather have this than the small balsa planes that break almost immediately.

We had some fun painting a few up with some old paint and stickers we had laying around. We'll use these as our display models at events.

Once built, the plane is about 13.5 inches long, and has a 10 inch wingspan.

Dennis can be reached here. I have an order in for some more of these which I believe he makes to order. Shipping is pretty reasonable too depending on how many you buy.

*I paid for these items, I'm not affiliated with the company in any way other than buying from them and enjoying their products.
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Non OSD Video -
AR Wing- Third Attempt at Longrang FPV (5 min 14 sec)

OSD Video -
AR Wing- 3km Longrang FPV- UNCUT / OSD (5 min 14 sec)
...Continue Reading
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Hello all,
first I am so happy I found you guys because I am sure I will need your experience.
I am very new at this, just starting.
I got a super cub S and I tried it once and guess what I crashed, so I fixed it and spoke to some of my friends who's suggesting me to get a simulator and learn on it.
can anyone please advise me if it would be good to get a SIM and witch one for a beginner like me. Any suggestions?

thank you in advance
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This is my own personal blog with my own personal commentary. I am not writing in an official AMA capacity. Any official AMA comments can be found here:
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Halloa people

so yes.. We FINALLY have a new action camera from Foxeer.. The Box 1 was discontinued quite a while back..
Anybody know Why???
The new one is here now though, so let's not complain

Link to the cam: Foxeer Box 2 - 4K action camera

So in this topic I'll be posting my findings on the new camera!

Let's actually start with some complaining anyway! :P

Foxeer Box 2 - 4K Action camera! - Anti Shake EIS?? :O (10 min 48 sec)

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I ordered some F949 flight control boards some time ago .
Finally got around to trying one .

The board offers 4 channels , Thr - Rud - Ail - Ele
To use the 3rd servo , one simply plugs in a micro servo into the spare 3 pin slot . ( Sorry , which plug ? ) ( Measures 4.8mm x 2.5mm )
Anyways , 4ch capability .

Protocol = the old Flysky protocol used by the 9x and other transmitters .
Only fly in the ointment is the need to rebind the Tx to the flight board every time you want to use it .
This is probably because of the Factory Tx , which sends out a bind signal on start up .

Still , a very interesting board for RC projects that might need 4 channels . Especially Micro Models maybe around 500mm span .
The old V911 boards are just about gone , or simply premium priced . A F949 board just might be what the project ordered .

F949 control board (0 min 27 sec)

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there are 2 choices:
1-if it doesnt break, dont touch it.
2- better try to make it so does not break!
which 1 you choose?
the truth is, both have valued points.
and we do 1 or the other all the time
lets consider 1 situation:
you have been flying certain plane without making any change or 'improvement' and it has been doing just fine...
or another: something has happened to you and you want to take measures to prevent it to happen again (or some say that this or that failed to them so you better do something to prevent it to happen to you).
so, what will you do?
i have some planes that have been flying without fault and keep them as they are.
on the other hand, i have had some failures with a plane and try to prevent that to happen again by doing whatever i can.
isnt this confusing? why 1 with 1, and another with another?
what do you do?
are we a puzzle or what?
or is this a matter of probabilities and risk factor?
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This my first official night flight caught on camera with my E-flite Night Radian RC Glider.

It has Flite Test stickers on it and is a FT 2M Powered Sailplane.

E-flite Night Radian RC Glider - FT 2M Powered Sailplane Night Flight (4 min 55 sec)

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Fantastic Remote Control Bluetooth Speaker Truck!!! A great gift for your kid.
Control the bluetooth speaker truck with a remote controller - lot's of fun is quaranteed for your kid!
Item Number: E669-003
Product size: 33.5*11.5*16.5cm
2.4GHz control - bluetooth speaker, simulated sounds, stage lights, stage rotation

Double Eagle (China) Ltd. is a professional toy manufacturer, with over 30 years of history, specialising on the manufacture of RC and functional toys.

For business enquires: [email protected]
Bluetooth Speaker Truck!!! (0 min 57 sec)

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barn bando and one pack wonder at new spot (4 min 59 sec)

Nothing too crazy 🤪
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I purchased a spare cowl and made a ply firewall to fit a 55 mm O.D. Aluminum Turbo Spinner. A yoke and collet matches it and holds 10x6 folding blades. A bungee ensures positive blade retraction. Extension is symmetrical avoiding start up imbalance loads. Heat damage from the sun warped the black painted plastic and it was removed and replaced with clear .012 inch thick plastic from a pastry container. Canopy glue was used to glue the clear to the white plastic and for screening over the turbine duct openings.

Dive performance with power off is increased due to reduction in prop drag. With a 4S 1500 100C pack amp draw is only 33 amps with 470 Watts of power. On a 20 second full power climb at 80 degrees (SAFE selected On) she climbed to an estimated 1000 ft and after trimming for a 200 ft left hand circle stayed at altitude for 10 minutes power off!

An ISDT BC 8-S shows battery remaining in percentage and in voltage. It can be viewed while running up the motor while straddling the fuselage from behind the prop.
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This is the latest version of RX5808 Pro-OSD diversiy receiver for Fatshark Goggles. And it supports PIX , WPRO58 and Achilles.

3. (OSD function need to pay for use, recommanded)

Please check the following pictures.
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DustOff #6 - HK FW190 WarBird Kit - Too much Wind & Crash!

Here is a link to the Video:

Well, I certainly debated with myself whether or not to launch this plane.
I's pretty draggy and has a large profile for the wind to push.
The wind was 5-8mph on the ground and felt like 10-15mph approx. 30 feet in the air.
Plus, the wind was 90 degrees to my runway ;-)
This is one of those days where I should have packed up and gone home.
Needless to say I didn't pack up but I did crash.
If I didn't fly in significant wind I wouldn't be flying much at all where I live, so I'm marginal often in the wind ;-)

This Kit is discontinued but they still have the F6F Hellcat ;-)

Here is a link to the kit:

H-King F6F Hellcat - Glue-N-Go - Foamboard Kit

Here is a link to the Review of this plane:
Review - Hobby King Focke Wulf FW 190 Kit Plane (18 min 8 sec)

Here is a link to these LIPOs:

Here is a link to the Review of these LIPOs:

Here is a link to the Servos:

My Power Setup for this plane:

Motor: Grayson Hobby 2212 2200kv
ESC : HobbyWing 30A
Prop : Gemfan 8040 Composite
LIPO : 3S 2200mah 25C (172 grams)

Thrust : 1070 grams
AMPS : 26.5 (approx. 20 amps in flight at full throttle)
AUW : 582 grams including Micro FPV System
Thrust to Weight Ratio: 1.8:1

See you in the Air!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

See Us On Youtube | Patreon | RCGroups | Facebook
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I recently acquired a the Top Flite Elder 60 Biplane kit but it has no plans.
I am seeking the plans for this model
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***Remote Control Mercedes Loader Truck***
High quality rc toys for kids and hobbyists.
Double Eagle (China) Ltd. is a professional rc toys manufacturer, with over 30 years of history. We have a very wide range of rc toys and detailed high grade replicas.

Mercedes Loader Truck
Model number: E352-003
Model Name: 1:20 R/C Mercedes-Benz Arocs Timber Truck
Size of vehicle(cm):38.5*21.5*17.0
Remote control boom
Simulated lights/sounds
Simulated woods included
RC distance:25m
The original rechargeable battery and charger included.

For more product info visit:
Business enquires: [email protected]
Remote Control Mercedes Loader Truck!!! Fantastic RC Toys For Kids (Double Eagle) (1 min 29 sec)

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Name: oQjdYVxHZdSTvSQk.gif
Views: 0
Size: 1.63 MB
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Frequencies and Bands:

This product is equipped with dual displays with a resolution of 960 x 240.
Adjustable sight distance is ensured. It is compatible with 5.8GHz band that is popular on the market.
The diversity receiver module enables stable image quality.

The real-time video recording using a trans-flash (TF) card allows you to share your happiness with your friends.
With an attractive appearance, the product is compact and light in weight, which is designed based on the facial structure to ensure comfortable wearing experience.

New version upgrades with USB,you can charge it with power bank directly now (from 11.07)

Input power: DC 6-28V, DC12V/380 mA, maximum charge current: 300 mA
Display resolution (dual display): 960 x 240
AV output terminal: Ф3.5mm, video output impedance: 75 ?, audio output impedance: 10 k?
DC socket for input power: diameter: 6mm, inner pin diameter: 2.1mm
Class of the TF card: class 10, maximum size of the TF card: 32 Gb
Micro USB interfaces allow convenient file saving
Optional battery: 3.7V/1500 mAh, 80mm x 19mm x 7mm (L x W x H)
Adjustable sight distance: min. value: 58mm, max. value: 63mm
Product size: 175mm x 102mm x 68mm (L x W x H)
FOV: 40 Degree
Total weight: 278g

Dual display with a resolution of 960x240
Adjustable interpupillary distance(58-63mm)
Double receiver modules ensure stable image quality
Compatible with universal 5.8GHz band emitter
Supports real-time video recording using 32G TF card
Attractive appearance,comfortable wearing experience

Package included:
1 x SJ-RG01 Goggles
2 x Antenna
1 x Power cable
1 x AV cord
1 x Battery (1,500mAh)
1 x Userís manual
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This is a new product that will be out soon, here in this video over the possible specs that are good and the ones are not that good. Please tell me what do you think about it.
Caddx Tarsier Preview (8 min 22 sec)

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Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

Win one of 2x Makerfire Tiny Whoop Mini FPV Indoor Racing Drones with HD Camera BNF compatible with all Spektrum and multi protocol Radio Controllers.

1. Like and follow Makerfire's fan page here:

2. Tag 3 FPV friends in the comments below this Giveaway post in this group here:

Thatís all and good luck

Entries close on Monday 27 May at 24h00 GMT. I will draw Two Lucky Winners randomly in a lucky draw and announce the result on Tuesday 28 May. Makerfire will ship these prizes to the winners from their warehouse in China to any international destination.

You can also get this Makerfire Tiny Whoop Mini FPV Indoor Racing Drone here:

Makerfire Giveaway - Win one of 2x Makerfire Mini FPV Indoor Racing Drones with HD Camera (1 min 12 sec)