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JCpenney christmas catalog from 1989!

They even accepted checks and money orders then, no paypal!
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Pic heli 700 0120crc


Shortly after obtaining my basic R/C helicopter license end of summer 2021 and building up confidence flying scale maneuvers with my T-Rex500 based Hugues500, I started thinking about larger scale-helicopters. The models on my dream list were either too expensive or just unavailable. Vario helicopters seemed the best but way above my paycheck because a new camper had soon to be paid for. Roban helicopters seemed nice but many people were complaining about the lack of support/spares from the German dealer. Next option was to browse through fora for second-hand reasonably priced relatively large helicopters. I wanted overall length to be under 2meter so it would fit in the campers garage. Two 6S5000 batteries in series would be nice to standardise with other planes in my EDF fleet. I preferred a voluminous body for better visibility but mechanical spares availability was paramount.

The acquisition

A few weeks later I made a deal with a Walloon modeller who sold a Funkey bodied Hugues500E around T-Rex700L DFC Dominator mechanics. A first look at the model confirmed it was in excellent accident-free original condition and equipped with quality electronics. To me it looked big and attractive and was sold because the owner only flew it sporadically for years and lately preferred his larger more recent Vario helicopters. He demonstrated the model in rather windy conditions while I took a video of that. Halfway the demo I already was...Continue Reading
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Das Ugly Glider - Part 4

Got the center section of the wing done and hinged the feathers...Will start on the outboard sections of the wing today
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I came across a YT video on how to build a good quality microphone for low cost. He does a nice job on the mic and the circuit I figured could be updated for better performance .

Building a quality USB-C microphone (23 min 34 sec)

I thought of a few improvements:
Low noise is one of the keys to a good mic as you know. Many different paths for noise to enter and different ways to minimize the noise and some other improvements.

1. DCDC converter:
I don't see the need for the big RC filter (100Ω + 2200uF) with huge size electrolytic caps. The dcdc converter only has 33mA max output and the circuit current draw is very little. More importantly is low voltage ripple (from getting into the signal through the supply rails). The dcdc converter is running at 90KHz, that is the target freq needed to reduce ripple voltage. As a minimum a LC filter of 220uH and 1uF would be recommended. In effort to reduce voltage ripple even more, adding a second LC (making a PI filter) is one option. This should do much better for filtering noise from the switching boost converter and USB supply. For the input dcdc rail, low esr (X7R or X5R) 0.1uF and 22uF ceramic caps should be added.

2. IC Amp filtering:
I would add caps placed as close as possible to the IC power pins. A low esr (X7R or X5R) 0.1uF + 1uF ceramic caps on each rail (pin #4 and #7).

3. Max capacitance: The dcdc converter datasheet shows "the maximum recommended output capacitance is 10μF",...Continue Reading
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First impressions on RadioMaster TX16 and EdgeTX.
An article for our club newsletter.

I never learn more than what I learn when I learn I’m wrong. This has definitely been the case for me with RadioMaster and EdgeTX.

Both RadioMaster and EdgeTX may be foreign words to you now, but I’m sure they’ll be as much in the hobby lexicon as Futaba and Spektrum going forward. RadioMaster is a fairly new hobby radio company which was started by two talented visionaries with considerable experience with major companies including Corona, and HobbyKing. These two individuals worked together in HobbyKing upper management for for some time before leaving that post and starting the trading company HobbyPorter. They realized the opportunity to create a transmitter that would be so much more than was currently available so in late 2019 they established RadioMaster. There had been a convergence of technologies that allowed the development of the MPM – or Multi-Protocol Module – which is a transmitter module which allows a single transmitter to selectively use over 75 different protocols including Futaba/SFHSS, RadioLink, Husban, Hitec, HoTT, FrSky ACCST v1 and v2, FrSky D, FrSkyL Flysky, Flysky AFHDS2A, DSM (Spektrum and JR), Corona, and many more used by inexpensive drones and toys. In short – it seems that with the exception of Futaba/FASST pretty much every transmission protocol we see flown at our field can be handled by a radio with an MPM...Continue Reading


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A-10 armament
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The ExpressLRS 2G4 transmitter module ES24TX happy model up to 1000mW, fan, RGB LED and Moxon antenna. Super reception better than TBS Tracer. Range over 30km with 100mW and EP1 receiver.

Happymodel ES24TX Pro Version:
BG Code: PARTS8 -
AE -

Happymodel ES24TX (250mW)
AE -
BG -

Video (EN subtitle) -
HappyModel ES24TX Pro 1000mW ExpressLRS 2,4GHz Modul (3 min 55 sec)

Starter Set ES24TX
AE -

Moxon Antenna
AE -

Cooling Fan
AE -

BetaFPV ELRS TX Module

Inside a thick aluminum heat sink with fan

...Continue Reading
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Was gifted a partially built CHT Albatross by a generous friend of mine, so thought I'd document the build and maiden.
The fuselage was mostly complete, with the exception of final placement of electronics, servos and pushrods.
The aileron wing was assembled, but lacking servos and pushrods. The polyhedral wing was unassembled.
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As I type this tonight, there has been many USA distributors that have discontinued the Dynam line of RC EPP Jets that operate on 3, 4-cells with great results. It is my thoughts that it is perhaps the bigger picture to get more profit margin by the introduction of the larger and heavier EDF jets. These newer EDF jets require 6-Cells and capacities now range into the 5,000mAH (5.0 Amp-Hour) Lithium Polymers.

Hence, my beloved and discontinued "White" Dynam Turbo Twin 64mm EDF Jet that operates with just a 3-Cell, 2200mAH, 35C, Lithium Polymer still is operational today and I was lucky to find a true gentleman who sold me some hard to find parts for my Dynam Turbo Jet. (Picture attached).

A few have contacted me saying to provide a video showing the performance and most importantly the landing of this very nicely designed EDF Jet by Dynam so, here it is:

Dynam Turbo Jet 64mm EDF at Moon Port Edited 10 28 2014 (3 min 44 sec)

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Das Ugly Glider - Part 3

Very productive day...and very pleased with the the fuse assembled and dry fit the tail section...I'll be darned if it doesn't look like a little Ugly Stik...The Tab-A-into-Slot-B method made the assembly so easy...I guess I'll start on the wing tomorrow
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Hope everyone had a great week. Our family met at Grandmother's house in Arkansas, she has a 10 acre field which was very nice for flying in. Wish I had brought more planes!

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🧐Yep Les Amis,
Mais Kcec ? Bacta ! Lol. Voici enfin l'explication de la petite vido publie sur le groupe LES TAZOUX il y a quelques jours. Mais en premire partie de vido, je tenais vous montrer mon nouveau kit de tournevis de prcision et surtout, vous faire profiter de l'offre actuelle ! ... Prenez soin de vous (et des autres) et merci tous pour votre soutien .

Un prototype à pas cher ! Et le JIMI JM - GNT80, le TOP pour l'atelier et le terrain !!! (20 min 48 sec)

🧐NOTATAZ : 19/20 Mon kit de tournevis Prfr !!!

- JIMI JM - GNT80 ( 30 avec le coupon BG309445 ) :
- Train d'atterrissage ( coupon Parts8) :
- Kit de vis M2 :
- Kit de vis M2/M2.5/M3 :
- Gilet chauffant :

- TABLEAU DES PROMOS ET COUPONS 2021 RC et ACCESSOIRES (remis jour quotidiennement, en utilisant ces liens, vous aidez la chane, ) :
😋 Tableau provisoire pour le BLACK FRIDAY :

- Si Vous voulez aider la chane avec un don (tous les dons servent alimenter les vidos en produits ou matriel ):

Pr...Continue Reading
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The left motor went to valhalla while slinging the DSLR 10 miles. Thus another day went to rewinding a motor with 20 turns of 26 AWG. The PETG motor mounts are taking the heat nicely, letting motor after motor fry. The retaining ring was documented to show future lion it was properly reinstalled. Those retaining ring pliers have proven essential.

Some notes during the replacement were crash damage to the bottom panel. The 1.6mm tread tire still delaminated. The next step would be 250C printing, but delamination doesn't seem to have any impact unless it picks up a branch.
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Piggy backing fets has been done by many. Link shows XP-3A as an example.

Pic is one I did for Genius CP around 2012 2014. Most recently did a MX-3A.
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I believe this feature of the MX-3A ESC is unknown to most. This esc in its stock form is programmed to accept pwm input of 1kHz, 2kHz, 4kHz and 8kHz with a simple modification. Simply add R1 and R2 resistors (form a voltage divider), value is 1K, size is 0402. This size resistor is "small" but can be done with most ordinary iron with a sharp tip. I have soldered many components this size with a dirty old 40W Weller soldering iron.

Hint, find any copper rod, rivet or similar of correct diameter to fit your iron and sharpen to a point, round point ever so slightly. Clean and tin as it heats up.

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After being discontinued, I got lucky and feiboa still had the molds to build me my favorite jet of all time. This is the actual jet, I got lucky a second time when they also had a pair of retracts still available....Continue Reading
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Thanksgiving week here in the north east and for the second week in a row I was able to "double dip " and get in 2 flying sessions in one week

Tuesday started with a couple of inches of fresh snow and a forecast of 15 mph winds and 36 degrees - Perfect to get a old flying buddy who had moved down south and was back in town for the holidays out for some fresh air....and get some stick time on a good combat wing {His current slope plane is a Goldberg Electra }.
I downloaded the Knife Edge model from my radio to his and out we went,I knew it would be a good day,my buddy the red tail hawk circled us as we walked up the hill .
The wind at the top was less than predicted and vectoring ,not the greatest conditions especially for a newbie ...
I launched and trimmed the wing , flew around scouting the lift and showing him how to search and cruise.
These Knife Edge wings are very efficient , if allowed to run they will slice thru sink and climb in even the lightest choppy lift that we often have on our hill as the wind vectors around.
I handed him the transmitter and coached him for a bit,after a couple of minutes he was doing well by himself so I asked if he was good with me putting my plane in the air,he said yes so I jogged back to our gear and grabbed my plane hoping he would still be in the air when I launched .
No problem - he was doing fine and enjoyed the game of hide and seek as the lift ebbed and flowed around and out in front of the hill .
After about...Continue Reading