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Posted by patternpilot1 | Dec 19, 2010 @ 03:22 PM | 5,823 Views
Hi All,

Many of us flew these classic plane as we grew up back in the 60's thru the mid 90's.

There is a new group that has been formed called Classic Pattern Association with the following website. We have a free mail list and a area to join CPA.

Here is the CPA mission statement:

Classic Pattern Association Mission Statement:

To promote and organize non-turnaround style precision aerobatic competitions which reflect the celebrated pattern era from the late 1960s to the mid 1990s.
To revitalize classic pattern sequences and aircraft designs currently relegated to obscurity while welcoming innovation and new technology.
To foster an inclusive environment with simple rules where pilot skill is the ultimate arbiter.
To facilitate the sharing of new and old ideas related to pre-turnaround pattern.
To preserve RC Precision Aerobatics' rich heritage, one maneuver at a time…

Our goal is FUN !!!!

We also have a a forum site at

We also have a CPA store thru both sites.. Coffee Mugs, and more soon.

Hope you stop by and join the forum site (free) and talk about the good old days of pattern flying.

scott cpa#2